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  1. All getting very interesting! https://stadium4cornwall.blogspot.com/2018/10/truro-city-fc-dicky-evans-q.html Tonight's the night, don't miss it SSS!!!!!
  2. I think that was always the case from the onset!
  3. http://stadium4cornwall.blogspot.com/2018/10/press-release-stadium-for-cornwall.html No wonder there is a meeting next Thursday!
  4. Let's hope the incoming new faces turn things round.
  5. I thought the season was written off by some, for one reason or another, before it even started!
  6. Pleased to see that you and your TISA colleagues will finally have the opportunity of facing the owners face to face and venting your strong opinions to them instead of on social media! I must say it is very strange that Treyew Road continues to be maintained when, supposedly, the Club has been evicted. Do you think the Lidl development has fallen through and therefore there is an outside chance of football returning? Perhaps all will be revealed at the Forum!