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  1. Hardly a big thing to set up an account, it not that hard as even I managed it! Could have always got someone else to post on his behave.
  2. That's OK Kevin, I understand totally. Lots of people hide behind silly names! Just hope the young lad is OK and that there might be some support in place for him and his family as we all have bills to pay. If your off work it's going to make things hard.
  3. If it makes you happy my name is Mike nicholls not long moved here!! So guess this might help in some way.
  4. As I've previously said, I was a spectator at this game, I have no affiliation with either team, I was not at the previous game but the people I was stood with were&when the lunge by your c.b took place they said about the incident in the previous game when the hayle players leg! But the comments by your striker was totally out of order as it was him involved in the in the previous game!! Your views on the incident seem to differ about the the incident, as a group of the Madron players were talking about it after all agree how bad a challenge it was!! Just hope everyone has a better game o
  5. Couldn't see any personal vendetta's going on from the stand, just some hard challenges from both sides & as I said some horrendous ones by Madron. As for the tackle a few weeks before, I can't comment either but think if you ask a few more of your players the ones talking in the bar after, they'll tell you it was in fact a really bad tackle which the player had several breaks& dislocated ankle. Hopefully a better game of football next week,still good to see Madron managing to get a team out after the problems they have had, as we've seen another good club fold this week hope you can k
  6. As ever there are always 2sides in a game. As a spectator there was some great goals and some niggles throughout the game, you seem to have a issue with ref which I think you have no case to with today as I think your side was lucky to finish the game all 11players still on the pitch after at least 4/5 horrendous challenges that could have seen at least 1player even 2get straight reds. Hayle were no angels either hodges did give away the free kick rightly so, but only after being hacked at by 2 madron player in the same incident. As for the penalty and the player flies through the air!!!! When
  7. good job they did stop you Perry, wouldn't have heard the last of it on the bus home if you had scored,definitely wasn't the only time we had to rely on you to come on and try and get us a goal
  8. we did let you on against Bodmin in the cup Perry,don't remember you lasting long though!! But don't think you can remember much either
  9. What standard are you looking at playing?
  10. Yes Hayle were short, weddings ,injuries 2nds away, but cant take it away from mullion a very good side 3rd team players that stepped up were superb& as for lees goal,well says it all deano superb aswell
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