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  1. Penryn AFC are delighted to announce that Glen Patterson will be taking charge of our reserve team in the combination league for the 2020/2021 season. We feel this is a positive move for the future of the club, and I'm very much looking forward to working with Glen, when football eventually returns!! On behalf of everyone at Penryn, we would like to give our thanks to Terry Jarvis for all his hard work last season leading the reserves, and everything he has done for the club!! Welcome Glen! 🔴⚫🔴⚫
  2. Penryn 9-0 St Agnes Reggie May ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Harry Roberts ⚽️⚽️ Bradley Leivers ⚽️⚽️ Jack Rapsey ⚽️ Ryan Reeve ⚽️
  3. Helston 1-4 Penryn ⚽️⚽️ Ryan Reeve ⚽️ Jack Rapsey ⚽️ Lewis Pellow
  4. I'd disagree with that, we messaged 21 players and 17 responded yes within less than 24 hours. Im not 100% sure Dave but I personally haven't heard their squad yet
  5. Yeah they did nominate players, and yes players from those remaining clubs were asked but wernt available. I understand that our selections will bring forward a few comments and opinions, but in both mine and Joffs opinions we feel weve represented the league as best we can whilst also trying to pick a strong squad. And finally.....ofcourse we want to win the game 🤷‍♂️
  6. Me and Joff had a blank piece of paper last night and had a couple of days to select a squad. (Considering me and Joff have spent the last 5/6 years fighting each other I think weve done pretty well lol) We had lots of players nominated by their clubs and sent out a lot of messages last night and today. We feel we have represented the league well with that squad. Out of the 17 men selected, 9/15 clubs are being represented in the match. Plus, in my personal opinion, yes there may be a few more penryn and st day players in there than the rest, but that is a quality squad!
  7. Cornwall u18s VS St Piran West select squad Tuesday 14th January. 7:30pm Kick off at Hayle. Squad- Adam Hayne (GK)- Perranwell Shaun Carter (GK)- Illogan Stu Peters- Illogan Bradley Leivers- Penryn Jake Shaw- Penryn Nick Boase- Penryn Russell May- Penryn Tyler Oliver- St Day Chris Dobson- St Day Luke Hart- St Day Dan Richards- St Day Lucas Potts- Wendron Will Harding- Falmouth Town Cameron Irish- Hayle Gavin Boon- Perranporth Joe Day- St Ives Ross Duncan- St Ives
  8. As Steve said we only found out confirmation of the venue date and ko time today, squad will be finalised in the next couple of days, i will post the squad on here once its sorted 👍
  9. Completely agree Brendan, 2 moments of madness from the keeper! Andy was class act on the line today!! Didnt like to hear a few comments thrown his way when he gave the handball outside the area, undersandbaly frustrating as it led to a 2nd yellow but you've gotta be looking at what went through the keepers head before having a pop at your own lino, for giving the correct decision. Fair play to the well though, they kept going till the end even though they played the majority of the game with 10 men. John Green 10/10 for me. 🔴🌑
  10. mate, if you want to talk about embarrassments, lets talk about the boy Jack in your dugout. When you beat us at our place in the cup, he celebrated in my face... and yesterday during the game he was constantly throwing insults my way for the whole game, i had to chase him down just to get a handshake after the game, making gestures about the size of my nose, calling me the same this as BigBadBarry did until he deleted his comment. lets be clear...my nose is a biggun, but you should be embarrassed to have him as a part of your club! so yeah, i may have celebrated slightly over the top, but my
  11. 🔴🌑🔴🌑🔴🌑🔴🌑🔴🌑🔴🌑
  12. Evening all, Myself and St Days Joff Mallaber have been asked to organise a St Piran west league team to play against the county u-18s. The date and venue haven't been confirmed yet, but the game will more than likely take place sometime in January, week commencing 13th. The league have requested that we offer all clubs the opportunity to be represented in the game, and ask that club managers put forward 5 players they would like to nominate, to either Joff or myself. We ask that all clubs put their nominations forward no later than 2nd of january 2020. Once we have heard from clubs
  13. Not as much as you enjoyed writing that comment!! 👍
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