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  1. You would appear to be right Soccer Follower. I take back everything I said, today, Wednesday 20th November. Note to self. Read your calendar with more diligence. Oops
  2. Hopefully will be done today, almost 2 hours later than billed. Classic Cornwall FA, cowboys!
  3. So should know that running onto the pitch to attack a player is massively beyond the bounds of what is correct or proper within the game. He probably told the Liskeard defender on his way to attack him that he wasn't fit to lace his boots. A classic he has come out with several times and a comment that is equally as embarrassing as his actions Saturday. Needs the book thrown at him here to completely stop this from happening again.
  4. Im inclined to respect Ivory because of his experience and how well respected he is on the local scene. But to say they clearly miss dan lewis who drives them forward (yet still beat bodmin 6-0) is madness. To also say they are average at best and not much better than bodmin is frankly laughable. Saltash have a philosophy and a playing style that they have developed over the last 2/3/4 seasons with a very consistent set of players and their recent success is proof that they have got it right and appear to be one of the very best sides around! Unfortunately on this occasion and very rarely, I have a feeling you could be way off the mark here Ivory. Others may agree with you and I imagine a majority won't. But as you say, it's all about opinions.
  5. I see saltash have added Matt David from Tavistock to their ranks. A quality signing and a player that shows Saltash really are committed to winning the league this year. Another defender in the ranks which now means they have about 6. So my question is, will this be a dual signing with Tavistock being a league up, although Tavi don't like their players doing that. Or is the signing a player who is coming in as cover for a couple weeks until their injuries ease up? Also hearing that Dan Hart is joining them from Launceston too. Another player who undoubtedly has quality but isn't the fittest and doesn't seem to be an obvious player they would look to. But it's another signing that shows intent. I wonder who the 3rd will be? A Liskeard player they have chased for a while? A Torpoint player returning to the club? Who knows..... Good luck to Saltash. They will certainly be there or there abouts come the end of the season!
  6. Good on you Dave! I took a 2 year sabbatical for this exact reason. Opinions are fine, but there is a line. Keep up the good work.
  7. 22 players? I think Mr Stidwell is telling fibs. Absolutely no chance that Godolphin were missing players, players that would usually be part of the match day squad. It seems like Stidwell is making excuses. He seems very out of his depth. I was told a while ago he was offering silly money to keep the likes of Dan Perryman, Harry Eaton, Elliot Rendle and Joe Stone there in a last resort attempt to bail him out! I really hope they get it right down there soon because Tania is a hero down there and deserves better. I hate to say it but I wonder if the current manager is the man to lead the change.
  8. The refs all complain there isn't any respect etc anymore, yet when a player can get away with a stamp like that, the players become invincible. I also took in the St Blazey V Camelford game on the weekend, another fine win for Camelford, but yet again, Bobby Hopkinson didn't exactly cover himself in glory. His language towards the officials was disgusting and guess what the ref did? Nothing! So the rod for the refs back was made by himself. They have the means to deal with it and make their job a pleasant one.... no sympathy from me I'm afraid!
  9. I too took in the Camelford game on Friday evening, a game that wont really live long in the memory due to a lack of any real quality. This was mainly down to the howling wind that made it almost impossible for either side to even attempt anything resembling football. Camelford first goal came from what looked a very questionable free kick on the edge of the Callington box. What wasn't questionable was the strike from the number 20, Bobby I think it was. Didn't he hit it? With the wind behind him as well it flew into the back of the net off the keepers hand. An shot that without the wind behind, he would've struggled to save. What he did save though was a thunderous strike from Bobby minutes later with a fantastic one handed tip onto the bar. Camelford then put themselves in trouble when a Callington player was bearing down on the Camelford box and was brought down, the ref handing out a straight red card. From my angle it looked as though there was a covering defender not far away, but there didn't really appear to be any complaints, so perhaps the right call. At this point it was game on. However, with the wind still having a major influence on the game, Camelford benefitted from the elements to stretch their lead when a long throw wasn't dealt with properly leading to a scramble around the penalty spot and the lively Camelford winger slotting it home. At this point Camelford looked in control but knowing they had the 2nd half to play against the wind and with 10 men, it was still far from job done. Poor decision making and a lack of a real goal threat, mainly from their number 9 and 10 meant the Camelford goalie had very little to do apart from a smart save from a 1v1 where he saved with his foot resulting in a corner for Callington. With Callington seemingly looking to see the half out and keep it to 2-0, this assumption is based on the fact the Callington goalkeeper seemed to take an age with everything, Camelford grabbed a 3rd goal with a once a season type goal. Another set piece from in front of the home bench saw the Camelford number 4 (I think) send a looping header from fully 18 yards that seemed to loop and dip incredibly into the top corner with the goalkeeper helplessly rooted to the spot. 3-0 to Camelford at half time but a game that saw Callingtons number 8 and number 17 grow into the game and start to cause Camelford problems, worth noting this was once Camelford were reduced to 10 men. The 2nd half saw, as expected, Callington come out of the traps in search of an early goal to get their tails up. In truth, they never really got to grips with the conditions with countless attempts at through balls and long balls flying out of play for a goal kick. Something the Camelford boys were happy to see happen as the Camelford keeper took a leaf out the Callington keepers book from the first half. Only 3 real talking points then followed. Firstly a very well taken goal by the previously mentioned Callington number 17, who went on a mazey run, going past 2 Camelford defenders after receiving a defence splitting pass to then neatly finish in the far bottom corner. A well taken goal. At this point it looked as if it was game on, however, then followed more Callington long balls going out of play and a host of slightly better than half chances go begging with the Callington captain having their best chance for their 2nd goal by rounding the keeper and seemingly smash it into the side netting when it looked easier to roll it in the empty net. The next talking point was a fine double save from the Callington keeper to keep his side in with a chance of salvaging a point. A ball across the box from the Camelford winger was met by his team mate 8 yards out who hit it first time to watch his effort smartly saved and the follow up rebound was smashed back at goal by Cian from 7 yards out only to see the keeper bounce back up and cover 2 or 3 yards to make another fine 1 handed save from point blank. This looked to push Callington on for the next 5 minutes when they created more half chances but with no real prowess. The final talking point came when Camelford were lucky to not have received a 2nd red card. A long kick from the keeper saw Callingtons big central defender go up to head the ball to be caught flush in the face by what looked an intentional elbow by Bobby. To my amazement the ref didn't even blow for a foul deeming it not a foul. The explanation from Bobby was they clashed heads, however, Bobby is probably a foot shorter than the defender and didn't really get off the floor, so I can't see how it could ever have been a clash of heads. Very lucky the way I see it. Callington continued to push forward in search of the 2nd goal to set up a frantic close to the game but never really troubled Camelfords keeper who had a relatively quiet night. I took in the game on the back of some good reports in recent weeks about both the teams hoping for a good game, Camelford will be pleased with the result and Callington will be disappointed that they never really did enough to get close to Camelford, so the result seems about right. Two player mentions, one good, one not so: Camelford are a workmanlike side and are managed by a real gent in Reg. However, the way in which Bobby conducted himself was not a reflection on what Reg has built at Camelford. He is a very good player but lets himself down with his conduct. Not only was there the elbow he was lucky to get away with but he conned the ref several times by throwing himself to the floor and constantly berated the opposition players. What stood out for me was the disgusting way he acted after the final whistle. Verbally abusing a member of the opposition (I think) support of a personal nature and then proceeding to say it was all about him and that they had paid to watch him as he laughed and banged on the away dressing room window very much soured what was a good result for Camelford. I never like to single out players in a negative manner because they get enough of that on here, but this has played on my mind since Friday. To finish on a positive note. The Camelford number was a constant threat and looked a very good player. Didn't catch his name, but Camelford will be hoping they can keep hold of him. Good result for Reg but as a neutral, the elements spoiled what probably would've been a really good game. Launceston V St Austell for me tomorrow. I fear for Launceston especially after St Austell losing on Saturday.
  10. Stoke Gabriel 1 v 3 Millbrook Torridgeside 1 v 6 Torpoint Athletic Falmouth Town 4 v 2 Liskeard Athletic Godolphin Atlantic 1 v 7 Helston Athletic Launceston 2 v 2 Newquay St Austell 1 v 2 Saltash United Dobwalls 2 v 1 Wendron United St Blazey 4 v 1 St Dennis
  11. Camelford 1 v 3 Callington Town Penzance 1 v 5 Porthleven Wadebridge Town 0 v 6 Mousehole
  12. Torpoint Athletic 4 v 1 Ivybridge Town Camelford 1 v 3 Bodmin Town Liskeard Athletic 3 v 2 St Dennis Newquay 2 v 2 Callington Town St Austell 10 v 1 Launceston Wadebridge Town 0 v 9 Saltash United
  13. Godolphin Atlantic 2 v 2 St Dennis Helston Athletic 6 v 0 Wendron United Penzance 2 v 3 St Blazey Porthleven 2 v 1 Mousehole Saltash United 9 v 0 Launceston St Austell 3 v 1 Falmouth Town Sticker 2 v 1 Wadebridge Town
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