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  1. Out of curiosity, sorry if it has been raised and answered elsewhere, I have 2 questions? What is the criteria to be eligible for selection for the Kernow FA? Who are the favourites or the top side at the tournament?
  2. Shaping up to be quite the game for the neutrals, I for one will make the trip over and take this one in! My prediction is lots of goals, a fair few cards and a sour faced Massey at the final whistle. Saltash by far the best footballing side I have seen this season. Just hope it stays dry for the rest of the day.
  3. You are right, they may not have won as much as Gilby, but recent experience would suggest that the teams that have been selected for KFA by Gilby are clearly his current Bodmin Cronies with a few old friends of his! So an impartial manager would be the right solution. Yes, all managers will have their favourites, but one not currently attached to a club would have les of a bias to their own players.
  4. Dont get me wrong, huge praise should be heaped on those who have got us this far to be involved. However, their hardwork should not be undone by just giving the team affairs over to someone who will just pick his cronies. No offence to Gilby, what he has done locally isn't to be recognised because he has been fantastic. But like with International managers, they very very rarely manage a club side too! The same should apply here. Get a manager in who isn't involved with a club, who will be able to assemble his (or her) backroom staff as appropriate. Their squad selection is then less likely to be bias and based on the best individuals we have to offer rather than the easy option of the boys in an already created WhatsApp group. Some names that spring to mind are Neil Warnock, Glynn Hooper, Phil Lafferty, Derek Martyn, Lee Hodges and Kev Miller.
  5. Can just see it now. The squad announced and it being a majority of Gilberts poor Bodmin side with a sprinkling of St Austells mature players!
  6. That statement aged well. Half way through and I can't see anyone other than St Dennis, Sticker and Godolphin finishing in the bottom 3.
  7. Given that Mousehole is a fair distance for a lot of Cornish football followers Facebook live is a great idea. It also gives the platform to gain exposure beyond Cornwall, so why wouldn't it help?
  8. You would appear to be right Soccer Follower. I take back everything I said, today, Wednesday 20th November. Note to self. Read your calendar with more diligence. Oops
  9. Hopefully will be done today, almost 2 hours later than billed. Classic Cornwall FA, cowboys!
  10. So should know that running onto the pitch to attack a player is massively beyond the bounds of what is correct or proper within the game. He probably told the Liskeard defender on his way to attack him that he wasn't fit to lace his boots. A classic he has come out with several times and a comment that is equally as embarrassing as his actions Saturday. Needs the book thrown at him here to completely stop this from happening again.
  11. Stoke Gabriel 1 v 3 Millbrook Torridgeside 1 v 6 Torpoint Athletic Falmouth Town 4 v 2 Liskeard Athletic Godolphin Atlantic 1 v 7 Helston Athletic Launceston 2 v 2 Newquay St Austell 1 v 2 Saltash United Dobwalls 2 v 1 Wendron United St Blazey 4 v 1 St Dennis
  12. Camelford 1 v 3 Callington Town Penzance 1 v 5 Porthleven Wadebridge Town 0 v 6 Mousehole
  13. Torpoint Athletic 4 v 1 Ivybridge Town Camelford 1 v 3 Bodmin Town Liskeard Athletic 3 v 2 St Dennis Newquay 2 v 2 Callington Town St Austell 10 v 1 Launceston Wadebridge Town 0 v 9 Saltash United
  14. Godolphin Atlantic 2 v 2 St Dennis Helston Athletic 6 v 0 Wendron United Penzance 2 v 3 St Blazey Porthleven 2 v 1 Mousehole Saltash United 9 v 0 Launceston St Austell 3 v 1 Falmouth Town Sticker 2 v 1 Wadebridge Town
  15. Saltash United 3 v 2 Clevedon Town Willand Rovers 4 v 1 St Austell PREMIER EAST (3.00pm) Millbrook 2 v 1 Elmore Torpoint Athletic 4 v 0 Sidmouth Town PREMIER WEST (3.00pm) Bodmin Town 1 v 2 Mousehole Penzance 2 v 2 Wendron United Porthleven 5 v 0 Dobwalls St Blazey 1 v 2 Callington Town
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