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  1. Frogpool Reserves just edged Troon Reserves in a very tight affair on an immaculate pitch At the Richard Jory Playing Field. The Frogs rode their luck for most of the game but managed to take the win in slightly controversial circumstances - the controversy being that it was only 15-0 and not 25 or 30. Definitely a day to forget after a difficult week for us following a change in management, a last minute scramble to find players and someone forgetting to collect the kit leaving us with very little time for a warm up or team talk, but we showed up, took a hammering, kept running and didn’
  2. Definitely agree with all that - but will be interesting to see if it actually happens when winter rolls around and if clubs trust each other over the process if no official ref is available for the inspection. I just thought that if refs continue to be as rare as they are at the moment there will be no guarantee that they will be available for official pitch inspections for games they are not involved with.
  3. Ok, so the only refs who can cancel a game on safety grounds are qualified refs. If you can’t find one, or none can get to the ground to inspect, the game must go ahead regardless of safety. Please note I’m being devils advocate here, not trying to be clever or critical! But it does seem like an accident/argument waiting to happen, the idea of unqualified refs refereeing in potentially dangerous conditions to avoid their team being accused of being unwilling to fulfill a fixture.
  4. I’m quite happy for a game to go ahead with a volunteer ref, provided it’s safe - and on that note I’m curious, with the winter weather approaching, about who rules if a pitch is playable when no official referee is available to make the call? (Apologies if I should already know the answer to this!). What if one side’s volunteer ref say it’s not playable but the opposition offer a volunteer referee who says it is?
  5. You missed the bit where a Rosudgeon player escaped a red card from the excellent volunteer ref after screaming “f**k off, you’re a f***ing cheat ref!” loud enough for everyone in the ground to hear, at a penalty decision on around 30mins. Rosudgeon definitely outplayed Troon and deserved their win, but who knows what would have happened if they played with only 10 men for over an hour. To his credit the offending player made a point of apologising to the ref at half time, and I’m sure by the time he’d cooled down he realised he and his team had a lucky escape.
  6. Great stat except... the second one actually came off my (a defender’s) head. The wait continues...
  7. I forgot about this aspect because of all the withdrawals! I’m not exactly sure how the voting was structured because I wasn’t there and don’t know the league’s rules, but at a guess did each club only need to win 3 votes in order to get into the league?
  8. As clubs have been allowed to choose what league they play in next season (St Piran, Combo or stay in Trelawny) I wonder if the best way to finally level everything out for the Trelawny League once and for all would be with a ‘full reset’ - specifically by asking all clubs which Trelawny division they want their teams to play in next season. If the T League acted on these findings this could see all the top sides fast-tracked to the top divisions and also let the struggling teams find a more comfortable, competitive level. Yes I know this sounds ridiculous, and would never happen, but I
  9. Plus affiliations, insurance, playing kit/equipment (balls etc) costs, kit washing costs etc etc. If Trelawny FC want to play on Saturdays whilst continuing to not charge players they are going to need some very generous sponsors.
  10. Totally agree some degree of evolution is required to keep the game going at this level on a scale we are accustomed to. But as someone who has been involved in running a club with its own facilities over many years, old fashioned virtues will always be important to me. In the bad times these values keep clubs going and provide a foundation to build up from - including increasing participation in other areas including youth, disability, walking etc. I guess if you are looking at renting somewhere (which you are) so have few commitments, and if you have few people to let down, you can affo
  11. Trelawny League stats probably not the best way to make your point unless they record how many minutes players actually play (as I understand it they only record starts and don’t take account of rolling subs, which some sides do actually utilise) or the reasons why a player might have begun some games and started others on the bench. And I’m talking individual player circumstances as well as changes in management etc. Anyway, good luck to you. I’m sure there’s a decent market for what you’re offering - not my personal cup of tea but I’m a bit old school when it comes to saturdays.
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