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    Morph reacted to Pegs in Trelawny League - Saturday 28 December 2019   
    Congrats on using lower case again. Proud day. However is there ever a game where you aren’t missing loads of players?? 
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    Morph reacted to Pegs in RESULTS - BOXING DAY 2019   
    Forehead? Think you’ll find it’s more of a fivehead. 
    Why are people having a go at him for celebrating a win? There’s a video of the Falmouth first team management running half the length of the pitch and sliding on their knees to celebrate an equaliser. I’m guessing that’s different somehow?
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    Morph reacted to Harry Pope in RESULTS - BOXING DAY 2019   
    mate, if you want to talk about embarrassments, lets talk about the boy Jack in your dugout. When you beat us at our place in the cup, he celebrated in my face... and yesterday during the game he was constantly throwing insults my way for the whole game, i had to chase him down just to get a handshake after the game, making gestures about the size of my nose, calling me the same this as BigBadBarry did until he deleted his comment. lets be clear...my nose is a biggun, but you should be embarrassed to have him as a part of your club! so yeah, i may have celebrated slightly over the top, but my advice to you would be if you cant take it, dont give it!! 

    Luckily Rappo jnr has no break in his leg, hopefully he will be back playing again sooner rather than later! Up The RYN 
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    Morph got a reaction from Glen Patterson in Falmouth v St.Austell res.   
    Something Pigeon/Willow Tree should have been
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