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  1. Has Gary ever managed a team before? I know he is a very qualified coach, but any managerial experience? GK seems to be an issue.
  2. Rumour has it the big name managers are also signing Falmouth Town players.....
  3. I don't understand morph? You say "here's hoping" about john resigning so one would think you are a supporter of the club and hoping for better (if not a supporter surely would of been better for john to stay) now your asking who runs the 2s up there?? Surely any supporter would know that?? Ok, I might of said 'Heres Hoping' a little bit hasty. I do not wish to see local, historic teams, such as Falmouth, going through tough times like they are now. I wasn't aware of the 2s success (so far) this season. Whilst the blame partly lies with your old man, I completely appreciate that it was
  4. Town could look towards the 2nd team management? Just looked at the Combo league....they're doing the club proud. Who's in charge of them?
  5. Watched this last night - St.Blazey never really needed to get out of 3rd gear. Town were an absolute shambles, taking nothing away from St.Blazeys victory. Town were all over the place. A lot of fans talking about the management team needs to be changed. Unfortunately for the loyal supporters, they are in for a long bseason if this is the way that Town are going to be playing. Kayne up front on his own, holds the ball up so well, but has nothing going on around him. When Harry Evans goes to Uni (which is in a couple of weeks apparently), the team, along with the locals will suffer even more
  6. Sounds about right for Ben Beesley, cracking player, but also a complete thug. He will injure somebody badly
  7. Can't say Wendron thrown it away.. When it was stil in out hands. Well done mullion. Fair one. Wendron thrown away any title hopes??
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