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  1. 42 minutes ago, Harry Pope said:

    mate, if you want to talk about embarrassments, lets talk about the boy Jack in your dugout. When you beat us at our place in the cup, he celebrated in my face... and yesterday during the game he was constantly throwing insults my way for the whole game, i had to chase him down just to get a handshake after the game, making gestures about the size of my nose

    The chap is there to fill water bottles up & do the admin. Also, if I had a forehead that big I probably wouldn’t throw insults about like he was yesterday.

  2. 3 hours ago, Mr Bean said:

    Right high and mighty let me stop you here and now. I was the ref on this game. I did clock the kids and as mentioned 1 time the lad came on the pitch to retrieve his ball. And as you above mention i was in the other side diagonally opposite to this by the match ball. The kids were spoken to by Falmouth i witnessed it so didnt need to intervene. What would you have me do send a small child to the stands ... nah mate i dont think so. All you've done is come on here and moaned. It was a good game and im sure if i want up to standard my mate and hes a big critic if im shit he tells it how he see's it Marksy would have said other wise. Stop complaining enjoy a game of football or stay home and watch champions league. As Falmouth have said the lad was acting as ball boy so i wish to personally thank the kid. Yes he may have came on to retrieve his ball wrongly on his part but its was away from play. Falmouth had a watchful eye on this lad so no issues. As for the complainant about managers leaving their alloted area they were respectful towards each other and did not block my assistants view as they were told any issues let me know. They did not make any comments and both did an excellent job. Quit ur moaning about small things if thats all you have to complain about then its not worth the time it takes to type it. Stop insulting falmouth town they were great host. Anything said during the game was in the moment and the passion of the sport. Im sure ill cross paths with you again in the future. So leave it here i will not be reading your reply. Case dismissed thank you and good night.

    I did see it, i was told in my 1st season bu ray brown. Some times you let sleeping dragons lay. If i went over and said kids cant play there all im doing is upsetting the kids, annoying the home team that dominoes into the game. Let me control my games and actually write a write up worth reading. You missed alot of the games events yet you was seen writing notes for the game in your note book. 

    So just incase you still are unsure i considered the kids were safe there with adult supervision the ball could just as likely hit them if they were sat in the stands cold and alone. I was more interested in keeping up with a very fast game of end to end exciting football with some top players on the pitch yet you failed to notice or enjoy as you was more interested in complaining about kids having fun.

    Only marksy could pull off calling some1 a wet wipe lol 😂🤣😂

    Very professional reply 🤦🏽‍♂️


  3. 1 hour ago, patch said:

    Mawnan beat halsetown 3-0 

    dan “the milkman” knowles with another quickfire treble. All assisted by lbp3 who played in midfield for the first time in 6 seasons and his dad was very proud of him 

    The milkman on fire again for Mawnan. Dominic Pullen tried to claim all 3 off his belly, however credit is due to pullen, 47 who sprinted for the first time in 371 appearances. 

  4. 17 hours ago, Foot Loose 1 said:

    According to Rule 7a the first round of the Junior Cup will not be played earlier than the first Saturday in October.

    The rule says

    a. i. The first round of the Junior Cup Competition will not be played earlier than the first Saturday in October each year.

    Does this mean all games have to be replayed.

    I'm guessing you lost yesterday?

  5. 1 hour ago, Moony 9 said:

    Divsion 2 (2:30pm kick off)

    Storm (1) nico penfold, St day 3rds (0)

    james Isaacs's storm made it 3 wins on the bounce to lift them to 4th in division 2 on 9 points, storm dominated the opening stages of the game with relentless attacking on the st day goal, efforts from man on the match (Jonny jones) being saved smartly by the man between the sticks, a long range effort by (Shaun Isaacs) narrowly escaped the bottom corner while storm captain (Ricky moon) worked space in the box to see this effort just go over the bar

    for all there domance storm was finding the st day keeper hard to beat and they was at it again after a great cornyfrom (Shaun Isaacs) found a unmarked (moon) to power a header at the bar witch the keeper was 1st to the rebound, st day threatened On rare occasions with the pace of there winger (Jordan Jackson) finding space but great keeping from james Isaacs jr keeping him out, the regemented defence and pace of (Liam Isaacs) seen him cleaning up the finding space to release (nico penfold) and (Jonny jones) in the midfield form storm,

    half time storm (0) st day 3rds (0)

    Storm was fast out the block in the 2nd half where man of the moment (jonny jones) play a unbelievable chip through ball to find an onrushing (nico penfold) on his 1st start of the season beating the st day keeper with a smart tap in from close range, this goal gave st day the disadvantaged witch seen them push forward only to be met with storms soiled back 3 in fine form, (Barry penfold) came off the bench on up front with (moon) and they started making trouble for the st day defence strait away with a (moon) cross to (penfold) that shown skill and fast feet to beat 2 players but all so beat the post, a hard game but the well deserved 3 points for storm.

    scorer, nico penfold

    man of the match, (Jonny jones)

    "Storms soiled back 3" 

    did they all have the same pre match meal??

  6. 3 hours ago, Mr Mo said:

    i watched the game...and yes they impressed.  they have the makings of a descent team.  experience and a little growth with improve them going forward.

    The team Danny Everard has assembled, following a mass exodus in the summer will do the club proud, and is definitely a step in the right direction.

    a couple stand out players for me, was their young center, a very small center mid and one of the quickest wingers i have seen in a long time. 

    I haven't seen them myself. Was just curious about Willow Tree & his involvement/thoughts on the youngsters at Falmouth.

  7. I think St.Austell were lucky to have 11 at the end of the game, 2 late challenges on the Fal Keeper at the end, and a couple of repeat offenders throughout the game ( I know that every foul doesn't warrant a yellow).


    The St.Austell bench/management were terrible, one chap in particular (think he may have been one of the managers) shouting 'suck my d**k' up the bank to some old boys in the crowd. Well conducted lads.

  8. 2 hours ago, Willow Tree said:


    Porthleven: 24m, 65m, 78m

    Holmans: 90+2

    Andy McKnight had a comfortable game in the middle which was a credit to the players of both teams allowing him to control the game. Porthleven looked a completely different side to the two games I saw them in last season in which they conceded 19 without reply.

    Is it still quite a young team at Port?

  9. 7 hours ago, David Bray said:

    Charity Cup Semi Final Result

    Dobwalls  0  Mousehole 2.

    Highly entertaining game last evening at Poltair which saw a tremendous rearguard display by the Dobwalldefence undone only the dying minutes of normal time.

    Crowd of 71 spectators which was good despite many other local fixtures being played.

    Poltair playing surface in excellent condition bearing in mind the amount of rain dumped from the sky this winter.

    Very entertaining game. Mousehole did well to finally beat the Dobwalls keeper, Josh, who in my opinion was Man of the Match.

    Good finish from Nixon for the 1st goal.

    These 2 teams go at it again on Saturday I think?!

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