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  1. The chap is there to fill water bottles up & do the admin. Also, if I had a forehead that big I probably wouldn’t throw insults about like he was yesterday.
  2. Very professional reply 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🔔🔚
  3. Something Pigeon/Willow Tree should have been
  4. The milkman on fire again for Mawnan. Dominic Pullen tried to claim all 3 off his belly, however credit is due to pullen, 47 who sprinted for the first time in 371 appearances.
  5. "Storms soiled back 3" did they all have the same pre match meal??
  6. Confirmed that Nick Chinn & Jack Roberts from Mabe have the job....so I've been informed.
  7. Keith, I've tried sending you a private message, it won't t allow it to deliver? Is your inbox full?
  8. You don't tend to visit Bickland any more do you? ??
  9. I haven't seen them myself. Was just curious about Willow Tree & his involvement/thoughts on the youngsters at Falmouth.
  10. Are the Falmouth youngsters still impressing you? I know that you said you were a little hard on them at one point.
  11. I think St.Austell were lucky to have 11 at the end of the game, 2 late challenges on the Fal Keeper at the end, and a couple of repeat offenders throughout the game ( I know that every foul doesn't warrant a yellow). The St.Austell bench/management were terrible, one chap in particular (think he may have been one of the managers) shouting 'suck my d**k' up the bank to some old boys in the crowd. Well conducted lads.
  12. You shouldn't be harsh on the youngsters, you could go to prison for that.
  13. Very entertaining game. Mousehole did well to finally beat the Dobwalls keeper, Josh, who in my opinion was Man of the Match. Good finish from Nixon for the 1st goal. These 2 teams go at it again on Saturday I think?!
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