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  1. st columb major Looking for a friendly for Saturday 17th can arrange kick off time and venue contact Casey +44 7488 322504
  2. I know and at columb major isn’t allowed to go into the duchy one 🙈 any chance we could jump in the east Cornwall one 🤞🤞
  3. As st columb major manager From the game I saw was a very evenly contested game and well reffed and officiated game went sour when st columb went two one up the red card incident was blown way out of preportion the lad who got sent off got absolutely polaxed in a tackle the lad who polaxed him then tries to drag him off the ground then resulting in them going head to head the older guy went down like he’d been shot got straight back up swinging no mark on him and he played the rest of the game that’s how bad this alleged head butt was ? That incident then made whole st Dominick bench running
  4. I had a local ref go do a check on the pitch early to save you wasting your morning waiting to see if it was on or off wish I waited till just before you set off now to tell you I apologise it’s raining clearly my fault 🙈🙈
  5. Polperro reserves will do okay this year seems to me they just need more game time together I Believe they just need couple more expericed heads they can and should keep there heads up I’m the manager of st columb major and my boys turned up yesterday some of the football we played was outstanding I was disappointed with the two goals we conceded but overall happy with our performance and also very well reffereed by Paul cackett Can only wish Polperro good luck for there season nice bunch of lads
  6. Fixed ??? A team pulled out the prem so a team went up from one meaning a team went up from 2 st columb was top of that league it makes sense u donut 🍩 They was top of that league
  7. Good draw be good to see st columb major v st Dominic if St Dominic win there game 👏👏
  8. Rjw yeah cause the twelve lads that travelled went all the way there to not fulfil the fixture :/ get a grip it was a massive mistake made taking wrong way leaving us no idea where we was. To say that we didn't want to play is mental why would we waste our sat travelling all that way
  9. Iv played against both this year and pensilva by far the better side I think they will win 3-0
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