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  1. Hi forum. We at Praze Fc are looking for an away friendly on the 10th July, to complete our pre season fixture list. Any teams interested give us a message. Thanks
  2. Away friendlies required on Saturday 22nd or Tuesday 25th May for us at Praze. If interested, pm me or contact the Praze Fc Facebook page. Many thanks
  3. Tuesday 25th May also an option too, let me know
  4. Hi forum. Praze Fc are looking for an away friendly for Saturday 22nd May, any kick off time. If interested, let me know. Either private message me or message through the Praze fc Facebook page. Many thanks 👌
  5. No problem, better side won on the day. Going to be a huge game on 8th May when the top 2 battle it out. Expect a huge attendance!
  6. I’m here mate don’t worry, been in the pub all evening! Against the run of play in the first half, with a long ball for myself, nicely touched by Jamie hayton into Rich (pip) Scott gave us the lead just before the break. We didn’t really use the wind to full extent if honest. Second half, the Tinners came out flying. A pen decision (rightly waved away) and a goal disallowed (rightly waved away again) kept us in the game. The floodgates of wind opened up, the equaliser a well taken low-left shot into the bottom corner. The second a long ball taken by the wind (swerve and power) leaving me with no chance, the third a top corner finish, well taken by the young St just left winger. The wind spoilt the game yes, but the away side making the most of it instead of us. We probably had the weakest side of the season if I’m honest, with a good few regulars out. st just full squad bar Neil Curnow. Hope the league decider comes down to the final game of the season, with Constantine being at home to St just, one which is boys will deffo be going to watch. For us at Praze, 3rd place is a very good position.. after all, how can we match the top two sides, equally as good and would easily do well in the st pirans league, if not higher? Good luck Joe, think you’re gunna need it.
  7. Hi Peter, didnt you write In your blog that there were about 40 or so spectators? I think Paul here is calling you a liar as well. The number was probably around 40 due to the groups down at the far end and over by the cars. But sorry that the wrong number has offended you so much to comment on Praze Facebook page. With Nancegollan being a public field so there is no designated area for drinking, we don’t have the authority to tell people to leave if they turn up with alcohol. We encourage social distancing but again can’t enforce it. Don’t want to spoil a great game of football where Penzance were beaten by the better team, so accept it and stop bringing up other areas to try and make us look bad. We’re a family club with kids, wives and other halves who turn up every week to watch us play. Now I hope the kids didn’t hear any of the pz manager bad language, although the vast majority were in the park so probably didn’t. I like what you stand for though Paul, you’re a stalwart for your club and your commitment towards them is impeccable. I hate others digging out my club for no reason, I’m sure you’d hate it if it was in the opposite direction. Have a great week 👌 Wish Rodney was here now.. 😂
  8. I agree with you dominating the game, your striker (someone called ash) only scored one and that too was offside 😂 illogans goalkeeper scoring and assisting another, a player who plays at a higher standard (just like the rest of the st just team who should be) See you soon
  9. St just 2-2 Praze 2-0 down and then scored 2 with 5 minutes to go. The scenes and the look of the tinners supporters faces ... 😂😂 Rodney Beer where are you?
  10. Praze 2-1 mawnan 2nds Danny Ford and Alex Andru with the goals, both very well taken. Losing 1-0 half time and turned the game around in the last 15. Very even game up until then
  11. Just putting the feelers out there. With the announcement today of the tier 1 system for Cornwall, is the junior leagues starting again on the 5th? (Saturday after lockdown end)
  12. Praze 2-2 Ludgvan 2s A game that was destined to be a cracker and it certainly was. Praze the more dominant side for the first 30 mins of the game but missed a few opportunities to open the scoring.. against the run of play the away side tooo the lead through a well finished shot to the bottom left corner. A stroke of fortune as Danny Ford was through on goal, only to be taken down by the ludgvan keeper. Spot kick converted for 1-1 at the break. Both sides continued to push for a second, but misery for Praze as another penalty was given, much to the disappointment of the canaries captain who couldn’t do anything about the unfortunate challenge. Spot kick number 2 converted bottom right to send ludgvan into the lead. Pegged back again, Alex Andru bringing the score back level with a well taken side foot volley, from a decent cross from Shaun Wilkins. Ludgvan clearly playing for the draw, but the home side continued to fight until the end but couldn’t do enough to get ahead. The first half chances would’ve killed the game off but wasn’t taken! Hopefully grassroots football doesn’t stop for a month now, but if it does.. everyone at Praze Fc wishes fellow clubs, players, spectators and all involved to stay safe during these times.
  13. Joined forces with the chippy! Great food. Was great to see some of the old tms boys, as a former player and started out at the club at 16, always holds a memory to my heart. Players such as jaymo, shabba, goody have been with the club for years, was great to play against and not alongside. All the best to TMS for the rest of the season
  14. Praze 1-3 Threemilestone We weren’t really at the races today, a few good movements in play saw us create as few opportunities, but never really tested the TMS keeper. The away side went 1-0 after a potentially dubious offside where both keeper and defenders stopped and the ball was rebounded to the striker for an easy finish. The stones went further ahead withe a well driven bottom corner finish, and from there was an uphill task. A few good saves from Adam Rosevear and a few vital blocks from Kieran O’Connor (both receiving MOTM for their efforts today) ensured the score remained the same. Praze pulled a goal back with Rosie playing a long field ball from his box, over the away back 4’s head for Ash Bingham to loop it over the oncoming keeper. The game was effectively done as TMS made it 3, Callum Sidwell running through to easily slot home the wrong footed keeper. All in all the score line maybe a bit flattering, the canaries holding their own and putting up a good fight, but unfortunately no match for the deserved winners on the day. Congratulations to Threemilestone AFC on the victory and wish them the best in the next round. (Thanks for stopping by for a pint and fish and chips) Kiss the canary 🔰 Thank you for the kind words about the keeper. Referee was decent, kept control of the game even though the rain chucked it down!
  15. Edited my previous post Marty, I’ve specified it’s my own views on this and nobody else’s. He’ll learn from it as he has to miss the next three games 😂 violent conduct unfortunately has no place in the game
  16. Div 1 Praze 7-0 Frogpool Fordy x4 Jowan x2 Sammy T x1, 3 points clean sheet and a skinful of beer. Good day/ Special mention to Paul Minns and good to see him still taking the whistle even though his health isn’t 100%. Everyone at Praze Fc wish him all the best and a speedy recovery. Another mention to Frogpool who were quite frankly embarrassing (IN MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION AND NOT THE CLUBS VIEWS) from start to finish they did nothing but moan, cause stupid fouls.. had one sent off for an off the ball stamp on our left back and should’ve had two walk for throwing their hands at our players. No room in football for it! If anyone has issues about what I’ve said, feel free to message me directly as this isn’t the clubs post, this is my own. I have respect for frogpool as a club, just their attitude needs to change
  17. Probably a good game for the neutral today. Penzance the better side overall, we just couldn’t get out of first gear.. with the chances available it would’ve been a higher scoring game. Both teams hitting the crossbar and a few very good saves either end. Worthy of the result, PZ probably disappointed and us boys being relieved. St Just league to lose currently!
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