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  1. St Merryn 1-1 St Columb Major FT The local St Merryn ref was definitely man of the match today, St Columb scored a few perfect good goals, but some how he blew for a foul on all of them. Shame really as St Columb were deserved winners and clearly the better team.
  2. St columb major 4-2 AFC Bodmin. Polzeath 2-8 Lanivet Inn. St Minver 2-12 Nanpean.
  3. St Columb Maj 4-2 Calstock FT A well earned 3pts today against a good calstock side who never gave up in all fairness. 3 unbeaten now for the major.
  4. Southgate Seniors 1-5 St columb major FT Big result and a top performance this afternoon. Showed our quality today that's for sure.
  5. I was throwing punches? I was no where near the punch up you idiot 😂 i was stood well out of the way. I think if i was throwing punches the ref would of removed me from doing the line and sent me off. Get you're facts right 👍
  6. I am the linesman from yesterday and to be called a cheat is absolutely embarrassing. I mean am I at fault for you lot conceding 3 goals and giving a penalty away hey?? No. The only part i did wrong was celebrating when major scored the 3rd. Why did i do that? Because i had abuse of the away team the whole 2nd half. Does that make it right? No and i apologise for my actions. But to have a bottle thrown at me for doing my job correctly is a utter disgrace from St Dominick, i even heard a sub say "stay on side jasper" 🤷‍♂️. I had my flag up way before the goal went in and the ref should of noticed and stopped play straight away. I have been doing the line for a few years and never have had so much abuse and a object thrown at me. People wonder why there is a shortage of officials hey?? As far as im concerned i did my job correctly and St Columb on the day won fair n square. I also gave decisions against st columb with throwing n corners etc.. So don't give me that rubbish that i was a cheat. Anyway once again the only part i will apologise for, is celebrating a goal, yes it was wrong and I'm sorry. Anyway as far as I'm concerned the match is over and St Columb fairly won the match. Cheers
  7. Yessss get in St Columb Major!! Fully deserved and I'm glad the league seen sense. Up the major 🔴 ⚪
  8. St Columb Major are a good side and would give anyone a run for there money in that division. They have a young talented team and have a few experienced players also what have played senior football before. I've seen them play against table toppers in Duchy 1 Foxhole and beat them 6-0 in the Junior Cup this season and only lost to Gunnislake away 1-0 with bare 11. They are definitely ready for jump in my opinion 👍
  9. St Columb Major 2-1 Biscovey FT Not our best performance of the season, but it was very tough to play football in those conditions. We now progress to the quarter final of the league cup. Dom Roberts and Scott Taylor with the goals for St Columb Major.
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