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    Bruegel the Elder got a reaction from TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in SUNDAY INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER   
    Come on Older, if you were going to make something up, you could have done better than that!
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in SUNDAY INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER   
    Penryn buddy.
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in RESULTS - Wednesday 28 October 2020   
    You can refuse promotion with a valid reason (financial I believe? ) in the first year but not the second.
    You would then be relegated! 
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    Bruegel the Elder got a reaction from TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in Interesting   
    Looking good Older, never mind, you’ll be able to do it all again next week/month once those ruddy players have done their worst!
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in Interesting   
    Finished the drain at last...should keep that bleddy  John Mead happy...lol

    Also the urea nitrogen is biting hard now, grass putting on nearly ½" of growth a day, not a lover of that as it detracts from the general and root growth.  You can see the grass on the wing nearly blue with the urea!

    But overall reasonably happy with the result at this time.
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    Bruegel the Elder got a reaction from Keith B in Bond Timber CORNWALL JUNIOR CUP 2020-21 2nd Round draw   
    I would have thought that the new management would take all the help and advice they could get, particularly with the experience on offer which, over the last couple of seasons, has taken the team from strength to strength.
    Nice to take time out though to support your son. He’s a lucky lad.
    n.b. ‘Twas I who suggested before the game with Lostwithiel last month that the two teams would be fighting it out for league honours. 
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in Rain ☔️   
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to Pegs in Rain ☔️   
    I watched Penryn vs Falmouth combo on Boxing Day. 8/9 years ago. The players could barely stand up but the game got played. You had a go at the ref that day aswell 
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in Rain ☔️   
    Yes Chris he should have, the only game played in Cornwall that night! And we lost 2-1 if my memory serves me correctly. 
    We had had just spent nearly 6 weeks divoting to complete the season and that happened...Grrrr!
    It takes years to get pitches to a good level not one week...and a lot of money as well. 
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to Billy Davies in Duchy Lge & Junior Cup Sat Oct 24th   
    Losty 4 Altarnon 6 AET
    Atrocious conditions and e really well contested cup tie. We were 60 seconds from winning 3-2 but a contentious free kick led to a late late equaliser. Altarnon score early in extra time and our heads just went down. Well played to Altarnon who show tremendous belief throughout and for us Liam Rooney who scored all 4 goals. An early night for this aching, aged one.
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to Asterix in Rain ☔️   
    They’re called Snowflakes ❄️ these Days @Dave Deacon
  12. Haha
  13. Haha
    Bruegel the Elder got a reaction from TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in RESULTS - Saturday 24 October 2020   
    Same team! Same bug! Same Launceston!
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to Taniasemmensgodolphin in RESULTS - WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER 2020   
    Cheers Baz yes we have been fined 
    We had no one that could step in for Wednesday game as club not willing for players to go without any management or physio as our players are top priority we have in the last couple of hours have that in place for Saturday 
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to Hands like shovels in Advanced Notice of SWPL GAMES OFF   
    Sadly this was inevitable at some stage, fingers crossed that everyone concerned stays safe and well.
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    Bruegel the Elder got a reaction from Tommy Matthews in RESULTS - WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER 2020   
    Of the third kind?
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    Bruegel the Elder got a reaction from TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in RESULTS - WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER 2020   
    Of the third kind?
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    Bruegel the Elder got a reaction from mattelot in RESULTS - WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER 2020   
    Of the third kind?
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    Bruegel the Elder got a reaction from Way Of The Park in RESULTS - WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER 2020   
    Of the third kind?
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to Paul in GAME OFF WEDNESDAY!   
    Got to be someone out there whos up for the challenge. Great little club. The ground is much improved with floodlights, a nice stand, new dugouts etc in recent years. Nice set up and worthy of a place at this level. Really hope they find someone who wants to give it a right go. 
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to Andys in Club Statement - Perranwell AFC   
    When you’re fighting to stay in the game like many others, you don’t expect to have to be fighting your own village too........
    Club Statement: Following months of criticism and a continuous battle to even exist from a minority, the Club as a whole would like to make parishioners aware of our situation in the village and our aims. We are a self-sufficient organisation who was formed about 100 years ago and has played at the King George V Memorial Playing Field for the majority of those years. At present and for many many years, we have paid our rent to the Parish Council for the use of the field. We also pay a rent to the Village Hall Committee for land on which the Clubhouse stands. All monies that the club relies upon to exist are made from the bar takings, voluntary contributions from spectators and teas on a matchday. Referees fees, insurances, affiliations and materials/equipment for the maintenance of the pitch all have to be covered by ourselves and are extremely costly. We currently have two men’s teams which play in the Cornwall FA Trelawney League and the St Pirans League. For 11 years we ran a very successful youth team and managed to run two teams for a few seasons. These were run by voluntary coaches who gave up a lot of their time every weekend to offer a sporting provision to the youth of the village and neighbouring villages and was offered at a very low membership fee to cover costs and allow inclusion for all – over half the price of other local clubs. At the last season that both teams were running, there were over 40 youth members. We have always helped maintain the field and worked alongside other groups to allow all users of the field to benefit from the facilities. Recently we wanted to invest in new goalposts which we did at a cost to ourselves of over £3000. This was achieved through crowd funder fundraising. Unfortunately we would not be able to cover the costs should one of the new goals get damaged, hence they are put away following each match. We understand that there was disappointment by a parent that the new goals could not be used by children of the Parish, but it was always agreed that we would be putting a post back up beside the main field purely for that use. It has always been the situation that the posts are taken down at the end of the season to allow the grass to be reseeded and to maintain the field. Although the football club has been successful in fundraising for limited improvements this season, longer term more substantial improvements for both the wider community and the football club could be enabled by the club and the Parish Council working in partnership to pursue Football Association/Sport England grants. These funding pots are substantial and could provide a broad range of opportunities to improve the activity facilities at the playing field, for the benefit of the whole community. We have also recently been gifted two concrete shelters by Cornish Concrete Products, which we will be able to use on a Saturday as dug outs, but will be there for the use of the community as a whole – we have all spent many a time in the park as parents in the rain and think a sheltered bench would be a benefit to many! The football club has been in discussion with the Parish Council for over a year regarding the provision of the dugout shelters. It is a Football Association regulation requirement for a club playing at our level to provide such shelter for both teams, and they are required to accommodate a minimum of 8 players each, hence their size. We are grateful to the Parish for their support in agreeing to allow us to have the shelters. The exceptionally generous sponsorship of Cornish Concrete Products, will allow the community to benefit from a robust purpose built asset that would otherwise have cost in excess of £6,000. This can only be a positive for both the community and the football club. As a club we are following the rules. We have always paid the rent. We have always maintained the pitch and have applied a verti drainage system to improve the grass for everybody’s use – a kind donation from the PC was given toward this when we initially paid for it, but not for further applications which have been covered by ourselves. The youth team in its final season trained and played their matches at a college due to the facilities that we had to offer not being on a par with that of the other youth teams in the league. Last Saturday we counted over 10 children playing in the park – 8 of these were the children of players/spectators. There were approx 20 spectators, (can be a lot more if not for Covid)– the majority of whom live in the village and a few who have watched for decades and is their only social interaction for the week. The field is left clean and tidy the full car park is left empty once again. However, it feels as though the minority are intent on spoiling the enjoyment for others and have a personal mission to take away a part of the village that has been there for decades, IS enjoyed by many of the parishioners and, in this day and age where we are all encouraged to be fit and healthy, offers a sporting outlet for anyone who wishes to join in. We are not a stand-alone entity and links with other groups/members in the community are very important. We are very proud to have links with the Royal British Legion who hold their monthly meetings at the Clubhouse, are all members of the football club and who were the sponsors of the youth team for a number of years. We are not squatters as we have been previously called, we are not wanting to take ownership of the field and we are not disobeying the rules! A handful of people give up hours of their time each week to maintain the pitch, to fill out all of the necessary paperwork which is ever increased during Covid, to put up the ropes, to mark the lines, to clean the clubhouse and the changing rooms…the list goes on. But to then continuously hear that we are being knocked, criticised and a general campaign to oust us is becoming increasingly debilitating. Can we not all just co-exist and continue to enjoy what makes this village a great village? Too many groups and organisations are dying a very fast death – let’s all just work together to keep everything that this village has alive! We would love to restart a Saturday morning youth drop-in session with the aim of building a youth team, but need more coaches. If you are interested in training to be a coach we can support you and put you through the courses – we’d love to hear from you! On behalf of the Committee, Perranwell AFC  
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to Devils@Dusk in Why we have the Forum   
    Why don't the troublemakers get banned? Ban them for 24 hours. Then, if they carry on, ban them completely.
    I know we're all adults. But it's hard for some people to act like one (I know, I live with one).
    Plus, I've noticed that posts by the Admin can't be "reacted" to (i.e. liked or thanked). Why? I'm sure there are many posts that Dave Deacon has made, where users might have wanted to thank him, or "like" his reply (or reacted in some other way). 
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in Why we have the Forum   
    There is no solution to human nature. 
    Jealousy, coveting, aggression, bullying go with love, understanding, helpfulness and all the other emotions that make us all what we are.
    Some have more of one than the other and it will come out on here as it does in real life, it's reflected in the news everyday. On the streets its controlled by policing, armies, governments, on here by a moderator/s simply a reflection of the world and society itself. 
    I'll say it again - its human nature. 
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    Bruegel the Elder reacted to Brianmooreshead in Callington Woes   
    I think you'd be  better off spending less time on here and more time on an English language course 
  25. Haha
    Bruegel the Elder got a reaction from TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in Interesting   
    I bet you were exasperated when the effects of your fertiliser were exacerbated! Bloody urea and predictive text, enough to drive you to distruction!
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