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  1. Bruegel the Elder

    FA VASE 1st Round Proper draw

    I presume, knowing the Bodmin players, that this is after it’s been through the human(ish) bodies🍾‼️
  2. I wonder how far he lives from St. Blazey⁉️
  3. Bruegel the Elder

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    You’re a very brave (or very stupid) man PPE‼️ Anonymity will only get you so far in this world, or on this forum❗️
  4. Bruegel the Elder


    Any of these officials could easily have offered a few quid to their chosen club secretary and nobody would have known, or much cared, but to do it by way of sponsorship and showing off their largesse to the world (or at least the tiny little world of Cornish football) is just not smart. Whatever your opinion of these sponsoring officials, it still looks and feels like a conflict of interest and their decisions when refereeing their benefactor clubs and those clubs around them in the league will always feel tainted to a greater or lesser extent!
  5. Bruegel the Elder

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    How on earth did you find out about the stone❓And anyway it’s a rather nice little pebble, and a seriously upmarket bog❗️
  6. Bruegel the Elder

    Promotion Hopes? No chance.

    Excuse me, but didn’t Dave give you Noisy Parker’s a whole sub-forum all to yourselves this season! WELL BOG OFF AND USE IT‼️
  7. Bruegel the Elder


    It’s not illegal, just not very smart, anything which could be interpreted as a conflict of interest by a relatively senior referee, by local standards, is only going to cause confusion at best. No matter how many times he officiates at Millbrook, how about the teams close above or below? Should they lose it will surely invite calls of “Of course we lost, the ref’s a Millbrook man, doesn’t want us to catch them up/get away from them!” In my humble opinion, it’s probably something better avoided.
  8. Bruegel the Elder


    Probably not. A conflict of interest should certainly be the leagues business, and for one to be fair and transparent in all our footballing activities is surely in everyone’s interest. On the other hand, I haven’t a clue who or what you’re talking about (nothing new there then!).
  9. Bruegel the Elder

    Leeds United l?!

    I do agree Older, Leeds has indeed been bullying a lot of people for an awful long time! However, the forum needs its trolls; the likes of Leeds and Big Al. I’m sure that if they didn’t exist we’d have to invent them (unless someone already has, Dave Deacons alter ego, or Olders? We all have a dark side)👿🔱🔥‼️
  10. Bruegel the Elder

    Leeds United l?!

    Leeds has been denying that he’s Ieedsunited for years! However I am concerned about your recent habit of talking to yourself. Perhaps your regular appearance and disappearance is down to whether or not the doctor lets you out on your own❗️
  11. Bruegel the Elder

    Leeds United l?!

    That’s exactly what I’d expect you to say Leeds‼️
  12. Bruegel the Elder

    Leeds United l?!

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear Leeds, up you pop with yet another user name. Turned up to massage your ego and sing your own praises. When will they ever learn❓ 🌬💨
  13. Bruegel the Elder

    Hodgey resigns!

    I would like to announce that I expect imminently to be named as Truro City’s new manager. It is my intention to appoint Older as my Head Coach with immediate effect. I am not sure who I will get to do the bodies yet‼️👨‍🎓🚌☑️
  14. Bruegel the Elder

    Especially for our friends from across the Tamar!

    Boundaries are boundaries, or perhaps not. I thought the forum already had a non-Cornish football sub-forum! Maybe next a League 1/2 forum for those who support Argyle and Exeter, and why not extend the Coference South forum to include the whole Conference set up, let’s face it, Torquay already features prominently! And, of course a special Scottish League forum just for Cody Cooke.