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  1. Columbia

    Pelynt FC - take a bow

    This all happened a long time ago. Not really sure why it has been picked up by BBC Sport and MOTD now. A friend of mine was amazed that she looked at her sat nav and it said she was in Barcelona ?
  2. Well this is indeed a public forum so people, within reason, are entitled to use it to air their views. As for the ‘you are a poor footballer so accept poor referees’ suggestion I presume that you would be happy to accept inedible food at a restaurant as long as it was cheap? Whatever the quality of the referee most would, I would hope, be entitled to expect that the laws would be applied consistently to both sides. If suggesting that they aren’t is whingeing then that is unfortunate. Godolphin are a good side and I am sure they will go far in the competition. Good luck to them
  3. Decent précis of the game by the sounds of it
  4. Columbia

    Looking for a club

    Hi Dan. Pelynt have put together a good squad and are still looking for players. We play in Duchy 2 having been relegated in consecutive seasons but are on the up. The squad and management are friendly and the Club well managed. I’m sure you would like it here. Please DM me or turn up to training at 6pm Tuesdays at Barcelona Cross between Pelynt and Polperro Hope you get back into football soon
  5. Columbia

    Duchy league predictions.

    That’s why I told you ?
  6. Columbia

    Duchy league predictions.

    4. Would be a good trick. Lanreath withdrew their team! Lanreath withdrew their Duchy side so don’t put too much money on it