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  1. A massive fan some would say... Are the rumours that you could be making the derby move Town? Falmouth 👉 Penryn true?
  2. Yeah i’be heard some poor performances from the Penryn boys. Especially last week, Osbourne and Leivers need to really step up for this team this season if Penryn want to be a force
  3. Think report is a bit harsh on Newquay. 2nd and 3rd goal were both well taken and defended well against a mousehole side, who were by no means a weakened side. 7 full time pros playing for mousehole as well. From the sidelines, Newquay even seemed to change things up themselves at half time. Overall great game and two great team. One of the better PSF I’ve watched
  4. Going to be tight at the top this Christmas, especially if Mawnan can keep up there good run of form!
  5. Nice win for Mawnan down at St Keverne after losing to them in the league, could go far in the Cup i think
  6. Why not get off the young keepers back 100% Cornish? Seen you slating him on here for the last few weeks. He's 21 years old, which i believe is the youngest keeper in the Premier League. I watched the G game today and he was very good, made 4 important saves and had no chance with the 2 goals. I have also seen some of his other games, where he has been at fault for some goals, but very easy to remember the bad things. I see you haven't mentioned the mistakes from the 2 G players for both goals? This shouldn't be somewhere were you slag players off, there was mistakes everywhere on the pitch today and not fair to single someone out.
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