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  1. bighairydave


    2 minute silence and both clubs and officials all wearing poppies on Culdrose v Saltash game.
  2. bighairydave


    Also frustrating that players react differently to the same decisions but we can’t have it all! You will never get consistent on things like dissent and OFFINABUS language because both referees and players are humans. It would be unfair to state certain words as it is also the way in which it is said (both tone and body language) that effects whether there will be a caution/red or not.
  3. bighairydave


    As Titus says there is no fine. Only thing is it counts towards the caution count for that player.
  4. Wouldn't the senior/junior (or playing too many games for a higher league) come into the equation here? If 7 or 8 played the week before last how many more weeks could they step up before only 3 can play for the lower team? @Dave Bartlam
  5. Not sure if the post/profile is set to private or not but can’t get onto it unfortunately.
  6. Where are the highlights?
  7. bighairydave

    Trelawny League - Saturday Sept 22nd 2018

    Yes it does, as does the sin bin count towards number of yellow cards.
  8. bighairydave

    SWPL - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    Ok 5.30, but most teams resulted are retweeted by SWPLeague straight after games.
  9. bighairydave

    SWPL - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    It’s all on their website and twitter by 5.15 normally!
  10. bighairydave

    Trelawny League - Saturday Sept 22nd 2018

    If it was awarded to Illogan even though it was one of their “supporters” (and a player who is signed on to them) that would be very interesting!
  11. The ball was miles away!?
  12. Yes the interpretation is fine but when a referee cautions rather than sin bins for dissent then yes they should be reported. It doesn’t help when this happens.
  13. If they don’t then they should be reported