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  1. 54 minutes ago, Mangle said:

    Looking on the Cornwall FA website, the "rules" for Match Abandonment are really about the decisions of the referee. The things he must consider for abandoning a match. In the above case, it appears that Illogan are suggesting that the referee was happy for the game to continue, whilst Frogpool were not. In that case, it cannot be a match abandonment as such, it must be considered a "mass walk-off". in other words, it was not the referees decision. There is nothing I can find on the Cornwall FA about that, and what happens in such a case. So I guess the Cornish FA will take a look at the facts, and make a decision about the "result", and if the game is awarded to Illogan, or replayed. Interesting......

    If it was awarded to Illogan even though it was one of their “supporters” (and a player who is signed on to them) that would be very interesting!

  2. 6 hours ago, SCFC said:

    No usual match report from the Camelford game Bob?

    Watched the highlights by Saltash... ref looked like he was wearing his saltash coloured glasses just from the highlights! Ive seen the ref a few times and have always thought he was poor. Red card looks interesting, obviously can see a kick (cant see if the ball is underneath the player or if its just a random kick), also video doesnt show what happened previously so difficult to judge from the video

    The ball was miles away!?

  3. 40 minutes ago, cornishteddyboy said:


    Every referee interprets the rules individually as do the players, coaching teams and spectators. Every time the referee blows for an offence a minority the people will disagree with it. Goes for every time he halts the game. Come the end of the game most will disagrre with one, two or even a few decisions made by the referee. 

    For what you may call a sin-bin offence, most taking part in the game will disagree with you. Sometimes you will see a player who is sin-binned and you will disagree with the referee.

    So to say referees should be reported for not placing a player in the sin-bin for an offence of dissent can never be officially policed because we are all individual with different tolerance levels. 

    Yes the interpretation is fine but when a referee cautions rather than sin bins for dissent then yes they should be reported. It doesn’t help when this happens.

  4. 8 hours ago, SWL Veteran said:

    Everyone agrees with this stance but there is too much inconsistency!!!!

    real problem in football and puts spectators off!!


    9 hours ago, Atherton LR said:

    Referees are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. Every decision they make is open to debate, every decision is wrong to one side. 

    The FA should support them. Start red carding dissent, and fining clubs and this constant back chat and swearing would stop soon enough. 

    Referees make bad decisions, there isn't one player who doesn't. Yet the abuse from players and supporters is disproportionate to the action.



    Until club marks stop effecting where a referee gets promotion/demoted then referees won’t deal with it exactly how it probably should be.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Tom Trust said:

    Carharrack 0, St Ives 9.

    Poor old Carharrack! I think from 1 to 11 the most important bit of coaching would be:


    Goals in minutes 8, 13, then a good spell spoiled by an off-target penalty on 34, then 54, 55, 59, 68, 77, 78, 87.

    The reds battle on, but must accept that most of them won't find many opponents they can beat 1 on 1 so have to be man enough to accept that and pass the ball to get past opponents.

    So my unanswered question from last week is that yes, teams in the Combo have to play away games in their 2nd strip. Is the Combo getting above itself? But why allow a club to choose a predominantly black strip? Often I could not pick out the referee. Is it his responsibility to have an alternative-coloured jersey?

    I have to say, the attitude of the St Ives bench and too many of their players was dreadful. 4, 5, 6-nil up they still whinged and criticised everything: the ball ("it's too soft, ref!"), the pitch (so used to the bowling green perfection of theirs), if a replacement ball wasn't immediately available even when there were usually 2 spares in sight, the ref, the opposition. They kept demanding bookings or red cards (so sporting) and one case in point which angered me to the point of shouting a comment. Their 4th or 5th goal was a very well-taken goal, under pressure from a defender resulting in the scorer sustaining a nasty knock. "Book him, ref!" "How many more times, ref?" and (gravely) "this is a serious one, ref!". The guy went for the shot under a challenge and got a bang. He was helped off the field, with his team mates and bench whinging like billy-o and I called them out for their constant whinging. They weren't happy and so seriously was the striker injured that a few minutes later he made his own unaided way to the dressing room, admittedly limping. Like I said, he took a nasty knock. This used to be a man's game. The ref eventually booked a St Ives player for something he said but their No 3 got away with verbal murder, guilty of serial dissent. Another ref would have booked him and had he continued, sent him off.

    They must be murder to watch when they lose! The above-mentioned conduct was whilst scoring nine goals against a struggling club, with a load of Junior football players doing their best, and I was just disgusted by their attitude. They could have played the 90 minutes without saying a word and I don't think the score would have been any different - but without leaving such a negative impression.

    Tea still 50p but I had a couple of cups of chocolate for a change - the universal quid!

    The referee has the choice to wear a change strip if they have one and clash. But clubs still shouldn’t have predominantly black kits.

  6. 5 hours ago, plainlazy said:

    Gwinear v west Cornwall reserves is off, the ref was taken away from the game on Thursday apparently. We had no confirmation of this and only found out after checking on the full time site at 10am this morning and made contact with the ref, who confirmed he had been taken off our game. (God knows why) oh well a weekend off

    Unfortunately it’s FA Vase again this week which has taken lots.

  7. 18 minutes ago, St Darren said:

    It’s how it can be taken over typed messages, but no bother you didn’t mean it. 

    But do you understand where I’m coming from though. 

    I wonder where the FA would stand if a player got sent off for swearing went to a tribunal and said “I said the same last week and nothing happened” 

    The referee’s decision on the day is final so they can only judge on the offence reported.

  8. 38 minutes ago, Northernmonkey said:

    SWPL Division 1 West
    St Dennis 5 Wadebridge 4

    What a game!! Entertainment value 10/10
    Quality of football 4/10

    As a neutral this game had everything (The highlights in no particular order);
    * Nine goals
    * six yellow cards
    * penalty
    * home manager sent off
    * feisty and aggressive challenges
    * the home manager HT team talk could be heard outside the changing rooms
    * a goal from 40 yards
    * an easy shot that should've been saved by the goalkeeper
    * players feigning injury
    * Wadebridge going 5-1 up
    * Triple substitution that nearly changed the game as three goals were pulled back. Making the score 4-5
    * an injury that looked like the game might get abandoned
    * injury time was 10+
    * comical moaning and groaning from both teams
    * in injury time two home players flopping to the floor in the box to try and get a penalty

    * it was pretty dark in the final minutes
    * finally, two great chances in injury time to equalise where blazed over and wide

    5-4 or 4-5?

  9. 21 minutes ago, Tom Trust said:

    Perranporth 2, Illogan RBL 1

    End-to-end 100mph game, Perran should have been out of sight by half time but after going ahead in the 7th minute they missed a hatfull of chances and it went to 1 - 1 on 35 through a soft penalty.

    "nd half and Perran went 2 - 1 up on 49 but then huffed and puffed, letting Illogan back into the game especially after a couple of good subs came on and it was Illogan who might have at least stolen a point but for missed chances.

    Lots of evidence of a lack of decent coaching from both teams - very frustrating!

    Nice to spend time with Micky Fox, Lester Thomas and (still at Perran) Glen Mather - it was like "Last of the Summer Wine"!

    Tea 1 pound!

    And back in time for "Age Before Beauty" at 9 on BBC1. Bliss!

    Soft penalty? Clear handball!

    • If the ball is in play and a player commits an offence inside the field of play against:
      • an opponent – indirect or direct free kick or penalty kick
      • a team-mate, substitute, substituted or sent off player, team official or a match official – a direct free kick or penalty kick
      • any other person – a dropped ball


    • If, when the ball is in play:
      • a player commits an offence against a match official or an opposing player, substitute, substituted or sent off player, or team official outside the field of play or
      • a substitute, substituted or sent off player, or team official commits an offence against, or interferes with, an opposing player or match official outside the field of play,

    play is restarted with a free kick on the boundary line nearest to where the offence/interference occurred; a penalty kick is awarded if this is a direct free kick offence within the offender’s penalty area.


    So red for violent conduct and penalty :)

    31 minutes ago, Dave Bartlam said:

    Okay... What if a defending teams linesman (substitute) runs onto the pitch and hits an attacker (stood inside the opposite teams penalty area) with the flag whilst the ball is in play at the other end of the pitch. Referee sees this...

    I'm rather bored here (and I like HairyDave's replies) :)