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  1. feedtheshak

    Trelawny League - Saturday 5th January 2019

    The first team have 2 main strikers in dave welfare (Messi) and Joel Snape and are doing very well in their league both scoring loads and the team is doing well... It would be unfair on them if one had to be dropped to put me in there just because I'm scoring loads. If either of them aren't there or the 1st team is short and I'm asked then I will always step up... But usually the players who are asked to help out the 1sts are players who can play a variety of positions and are very versatile. Goody and Glen Patterson both stepped up last weekend and can play pretty much anywhere on the pitch if you need them to.... I'm just a striker maybe a winger at a push (but I don't track back). I'm no defender so unless a striker is what they need then I'm not gonna be asked to play and the strikers are already doing their job anyway. I knew when I signed for tms I'd get criticism for playing div 4 but I'm enjoying playing and drinking with mates I'm past 30 now so that's what's important to me.... The majority of these 300 goals came in the Trelawny prem and div 1 when I was at Chacewater where i have proved myself. I tried combo but never really found a team i could gem with or suited my game so there's my biggest fault was for not adapting my game or adjusting to a better team to better myself... But I'm not dwelling on it I just want to play and enjoy my football and keep scoring. I'm proud of it all. Regardless of what level I should be, have been, have scored more goals in, or where I'm playing now it's still an achievement that no one else in the Trelawny League has done (obviously I'm aware it's only been the Trelawny League for 8 years) so I'm proud of it and I thank the people and teammates who set me up constantly (should really be on 500 if I put more of them away) and thanks to the people who have congratulated me. Feels nice to be recognised for something I enjoy doing and have fun. People can hate and comment and have their say that's fine I'm not losing any sleep over it. I enjoy playing and nothing will stop that! Cheers all Shak
  2. feedtheshak

    Junior cup last 16

    I think Mawnan v foxhole is the tie of the round... Saw foxhole play against tms and looked very good and well organised... Mawnan won the prem last year with a strong squad of players I think will be a cracking match between the 2.
  3. feedtheshak

    Trelawny/Duchy league records

    Family mate. Did try the odd season with various combo clubs over the past few years but couldn't commit to training and then 3pm kick offs each week due to family at home and partner working various different shifts. I do wish I'd been able to give it a proper go for a few seasons but wouldn't change my kids for the world