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  1. Probus 11-2 Penzance Reserves Not the hammering as the scoreline suggests in my opinion. Penzance scored first and also had a goal disallowed, missed an absolute sitter and also hit the post. In the end fitness definately showed and the golf in leagues. Probus aren't near the top of their league for no reason and are a very good side. Penzance also lost 4 players during the game through injury and had to bring our manager on for the last 10 mins Penzance scorers Luke Carroll and Reece Evans
  2. Yes... but his attitude let's him down every week
  3. St Agnes 3rds 3-1 Penzance Reserves I couldn't play in goal for Penzance today due to a wedding so Andy Pope covered for me. From what I can gather Penzance just didn't turn up, players hungover, Luke Carroll sin binned with the first 8 mins for dissent and half of them couldn't be bothered etc. It was going to be one of those afternoons. Fair play to St Agnes clearly the better side and took their chances when my lot show a lack of effort or want to win the game. Like I say couldn't be there but posting from what I've been told. Hopefully we pull our fingers out this week and get back to winning ways Penzance goal Luke Carroll
  4. I think 2-2 was fair in the end. Your keeper cost you the 3 points in my opinion
  5. Penzance manager offered to ref and Troon turned it down. Shame really when we have good weather at the minute. Wonder what the reasoning is? We heard a lack of players...
  6. Simon2389

    Trelawny Results - Wednesday 5th Sept. 18

    Let himself down on weds then
  7. Simon2389

    Trelawny Results - Wednesday 5th Sept. 18

    Was he their GK who was mouthing off the whole game, swore at the ref, got booked then gave away a silly penalty costing Praze the 3 points? Lol