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  1. St Austell 1 - 1 Mousehole Total dominance from Mousehole from start to finish but the same old story comes back to haunt them, don’t seem to finish teams off. Talking points red card first half for a stamp by St Austell centre half. Two dubious off sides for Mousehole resulting in disallowed goals (VAR required). Mousehole gave St Austell one chance with about 15 mins to go and the chance was well taken and the first noise from the St Austell fans all afternoon who had been subdued all day after watching their team chase the ball. Mousehole let two more points slip away and St Austell will feel like a good point gained after being out of the game from pretty much the first kick.
  2. Just an opinion but with the league now taking shape and the five front runners are now starting to create a gap. I think whoever takes the most points from the head to heads wins the league. Of course there will be the odd result against teams out of the top 5 ie Falmouth, Newquay, Camelford wont be walk overs. So, to date; St Austell played 4 games against the top 5 and gained - 2 points. Bodmin played 3 games and gained - 1 point. Helston played 1 game and gained - 3 points. Saltash played 4 games and gained - 9 points. Mousehole played 4 games and gained - 7 points. For me it’s out of Mousehole, Saltash and Helston. Helston only played one game against the top teams so tests may lay ahead for them. Anybody else think there is any other team I’m missing out or disagree?
  3. I beg to differ, why wouldn’t they take promotion?
  4. Think you hit the nail on the head. Sometimes you need a plan B. Helstons press was brilliant and to do it for 90 minutes is a credit to the players fitness. Mousehole punished for own errors, could of been a couple up early doors but for a couple of great saves from the Helston keeper. Helstons courage, desire and will to win got them the 3 points tonight. Mousehole unfortunately lacked a bit of all of it and ultimately got what they deserved tonight their first defeat of the season. I’m sure they will bounce back after playing two of their rivals in 4 days.
  5. What’s gone wrong at St Dennis? Competed in the league last year, has the step been to big to them? Have they lost players? Or do they have lots of injuries? I watched them last season a couple of times I never would of thought they or anybody would lose double figures in the new league. Hope they can turn it around.
  6. Agreed cracking encounter. Would be interested to see what each club has emptied their wallets the most so far this season.......think there will larger wallet encounters this season. 2-0 Mousehole for me.
  7. Agreed Townfan09 Penryn have had a great start to the season. Hopefully the Senior Cup will give them the chance to test themselves against higher league opposition.
  8. I think all the talk has been about Helston and certainly wouldn’t bet against them, they have signed some quality players. Saltash have always been towards the higher end of the league and wouldn’t expect anything less. I think Mousehole will also be in the mix, they have quality and full time players who’s fitness alone will cause teams problems. However as proved last night they found it hard to break down a well organised team and I imagine most teams will set up defensively against them especially at Mousehole, teams that have ago will be picked off by the quality. I am looking forward to the CORNISH PREMIER league this season and I hope it will be a brilliant season with lots of twists and turns and a few teams in with a chance of winning it.
  9. Agreed Zac I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few double digit score lines this season.
  10. The opening statement makes no sense “Newquay played the better football as they scored more goals and conceded fewer”. Goal 1 - keeper passes ball to forward Goal 2 - didn’t see Goal 3 - Defender gets in a tangle ball falls to player who finishes well (defensive error) Goal 4 - 50/50 tackle ball falls into path of Newquay forward who takes the chance. Other than the second goal all goals conceded were caused from the teams own doing. Your statement should of read “Newquay won the game as they scored more goals and conceded fewer”. I for one would rather turn up and watch a team try and play football and for the most part when I watch Mousehole they play football and have an end product. However tonight it just wasn’t there. Rather it happen in a PSF as it counts for nothing than in a league or cup match. As said in previous posts I was very impressed with Newquay tonight and they executed their game plan well. Some may argue that this is better football but it’s all about opinions and views. Mine and Cornishfan74 obviously differ 😂😂😂
  11. Tore apart, no.......took chance yes. Mousehole played the better football. However as mentioned in match report the final product wasn’t there tonight. Newquay well organised and hard to break down. A full strength Mousehole team beats Newquay in my opinion. However I for one was very impressed with Newquay and don’t think they should taken lightly.
  12. My Top six: 1. Helston 2. Mousehole 3. Saltash 4. Bodmin 5. Falmouth 6. St Austell
  13. Good luck to the lad. Scored a lot of goals in the last few seasons. Big step up and one for I hope he takes in his stride. Good to see Truro signing local talent.
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