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  1. Looks like the league will be split this season much like the Premiership, 6-8 clubs at the top. Middle placed teams and then the bottom 4 fighting for any points they can get. Unfortunately there could be some big defeats for some teams along the way. With double figures on a few occasions, which I don’t think anyone wants to see.
  2. Hope that the club manages to stabilise after this unfortunate incident and keep the team playing all season.
  3. That’s your opinion. Reading the last comment on here I’m just going to enjoy watching the incredible brand of football for the season and enjoy in the success that the club has fingers crossed. Can’t please everyone.
  4. Think DAVID is just very bitter towards Mousehole for some reason. I will be following them all season and beyond and hope lots of players earn Pro contracts for years to come.
  5. So does that not happen anywhere else in the country then? As I’m sure the bigger clubs in areas take the best players to form their youth teams (also I’m not insinuating that Mousehole are the BIGGEST club in the area). Mousehole have a good youth set up and I agree they have taken from other set ups but no one forced the players to leave clubs and come across. Obviously the set up and coaching helped them make there decision. What misleading information has annoyed you so much DAVID187?
  6. Think your missing the bigger picture of what they are trying to achieve DAVID, as the project is in its infancy there isn’t going to be any home grown youth yet. Although I hear some of the youth teams are already producing some exciting talent and are beating a lot of Premier League academy’s that they are facing. So instead of negative propaganda why don’t you just appreciate someone trying to do something different in Cornish football. Haters going to hate.
  7. They can, some criticise them others defend them. Agreed it’s not nice to read about however if an official or player isn’t up to standard it’s your right to an opinion. I know we don’t have many in the county and it’s a thank less task. However they take the match fee and I pay to watch so I’m entitled to my opinion. If I think they had a great game I’ll say if they have a poor game I’ll say players and officials alike. George Patt, Kevin Knowles, Ian Roberts are just a few that I hold in high regard and there are more that I think are great officials in the county. Some not so good.
  8. Stand by my comments, yes I have run the line and no I haven’t officiated a match. The talking point leaving the match last night was the officials both sets of fans, FACT not up to the pace or standard of game. Arguably two of the top teams in the league needed better and stronger officials - this is forum of opinion and free speech. You don’t have to agree with me comments and know I don’t agree with most on here. Has a ring to it
  9. Think you got it spot Quiet Man Mousehole played lovely football but for me didn’t look threatening enough in the final third. Falmouth stayed in the game and could of won at the death. The fans behind the goal were brilliant some very funny chants coming from the stand. Very good night. Both teams will be in the mix I’m sure this season. For me the only thing the game lacked was some decent officials. The ref in my opinion should not ref this standard and the linesman by the stand needs to retire or actually get some glasses and far side linesman needs to get fit. Gave a terrible offside and wasn’t anywhere near up with play, when the ball is kicked is the rule not when the player receives the ball. The teams gave us a brilliant match the officials tried their best to spoil it.
  10. I think all the talk has been about Helston and certainly wouldn’t bet against them, they have signed some quality players. Saltash have always been towards the higher end of the league and wouldn’t expect anything less. I think Mousehole will also be in the mix, they have quality and full time players who’s fitness alone will cause teams problems. However as proved last night they found it hard to break down a well organised team and I imagine most teams will set up defensively against them especially at Mousehole, teams that have ago will be picked off by the quality. I am looking forward to the CORNISH PREMIER league this season and I hope it will be a brilliant season with lots of twists and turns and a few teams in with a chance of winning it.
  11. Agreed Zac I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few double digit score lines this season.
  12. The opening statement makes no sense “Newquay played the better football as they scored more goals and conceded fewer”. Goal 1 - keeper passes ball to forward Goal 2 - didn’t see Goal 3 - Defender gets in a tangle ball falls to player who finishes well (defensive error) Goal 4 - 50/50 tackle ball falls into path of Newquay forward who takes the chance. Other than the second goal all goals conceded were caused from the teams own doing. Your statement should of read “Newquay won the game as they scored more goals and conceded fewer”. I for one would rather turn up and watch a team try and play football and for the most part when I watch Mousehole they play football and have an end product. However tonight it just wasn’t there. Rather it happen in a PSF as it counts for nothing than in a league or cup match. As said in previous posts I was very impressed with Newquay tonight and they executed their game plan well. Some may argue that this is better football but it’s all about opinions and views. Mine and Cornishfan74 obviously differ 😂😂😂
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