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  1. Read the post. Players implement the managers plan. When the results dry up everyone looks at the management and rightly so, but in this instance the manager is the cash cow so he isn’t going anywhere is he.
  2. Dave, watching Helston on many occasions. They pay a lot of money for their midfield but don’t use them. They bypass them and hope that the pace of Goldie and Tucker can make something happen. Their midfielders would walk into most if not all teams in the league but are not used. The team plan and tactics are created by the management team and implemented by the players. Something is broken at the club and I don’t think SM has a clue just a wallet to bring in more players from a higher standard if required. His original vision was get local talent....... Where other te
  3. Looking bleak at Helston reading Dave Deacons comments on another thread; no Hooper last night. Has he left the club or was he absent for another reason. The wheels are well and truly coming off.........will have to up the cash or the players will be leaving next.
  4. Tonight’s result will keep the doubters quiet 🤥
  5. Can’t afford to lose another game so blame the floodlights 🏟️
  6. West Divison Liskeard v Newquay could be the game to watch tonight. Think Camelford, St Blazey and Mousehole should pick up the 3 points in the other fixtures.
  7. I does seem strange how they were all conquering last season. Not much has changed on the playing front. However as already mentioned the back room staff has changed. Looks like Robinson was the brains behind the operation and SM and GH are the blind leading the blind. I’m sure the cheque book will be out and some reinforcements will be heading to Helston before long. Have they dropped to many points to catch the likes of Saltash, Mousehole, Dobwalls who has all started well especially Saltash.
  8. Massive commiserations to Saltash, but also a massive congratulations for flying the Cornish flag in the FA Cup this weekend.
  9. Haters will always hate, however put yourself on a pedestal and people will take swipe when they get the chance. Commonly known that lots of money being spent at Helston and more than likely more money to put things right........... No footage what a shame...............
  10. Agreed Dave, Newquay look a decent outfit. Play nice football and have some handy players from what I saw in the highlights. Will certainly be no pushover this season.
  11. Agree with all of the assessments above. Both keepers poor Helston LB ripped apart, Newquay 11 looked good Newquay missed a lot of chances First half penalty to Newquay Helston goal looked offside (can’t really tell from the camera angle) Helston players gathering around the ref again (like they do every match.
  12. Massive congratulations to all involved at Saltash FC what an achievement. Good luck in the next round 🤞for a big home tie
  13. Wish the best of luck to all the Kernow teams in the VASE.
  14. All teams are like it now, players and benches. Try to ref the games and question every decision/foul. Refs don’t want the abuse and number of refs is deteriorating each year.
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