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  1. Same every season fixtures mid week far apart rather than local games, but if no one is willing to offer help. It will be the same every season.
  2. Not liked by people outside of the club, that’s standard in Cornish football isn’t it? Managers, players all come and go. Just let the club get on with it and do what they think is best for the club.
  3. Didn’t see much posted on here regarding the tournament. Sounds like it was a success. Did anyone go and watch any matches? Are Mousehole going to have a competitive side this season? After losing a few players to their local rivals.
  4. When did it become the norm to charge for friendly games? £2 is not much in the grand scheme of things. I was always under the impression that local friendly matches were no admission charge.
  5. Del Boy

    Pz v PA

    £4 to watch a friendly of PA youth. Got to pay the wages some how I suppose 😂😂
  6. I seem to remember a video on social media not so long back with Wayne Quinn, M Versessi, S Parker B, Steve Burt, Luke Johnson, Frazier cadman all singing I’d rather be a ‘SEAGULL than a ‘PIE’ (magpie) funny how things work out. Good luck to all Penwith teams for the upcoming season hopefully be some good local derbys to go and watch.