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  1. Thanks, that makes sense. You could easily see he was a player capable of a higher level.
  2. He was miles ahead of everyone else. Strong, skilful, great delivery and a good engine. Is he a local lad or from elsewhere and who has he played for?
  3. Enjoyed watching this game on Seagull TV via Fb. My view of the game as a neutral. Thought tactically Helston got it right, constant pressing and harassing of Mousehole, not letting them play out from the back and forcing them to go long far more often than they would have liked to. This suited Helston’s big, strong defenders who cleared most of this up. Also, thought Helston’s No. 9 was by far the best player on the park. Tucker? I think the commentator was calling him - audio wasn’t great
  4. Thanks though Dave 👍🏻 Top man CTB, very kind offer, thank you!
  5. What a brilliant resource! Thank you for the direction Mike 👍🏻 Thank you CTB 👍🏻
  6. Does anyone know of any places on the old interweb where I could find end of season tables for the South Western League? A generic google search has returned nothing! Thanks
  7. Agreed. It’s just part and parcel of football. Happens from the highest level down to the lowest. I’m sure Andre Gomes will need a few games with the Reserves on his road to recovery and you won’t hear the managers of the teams he plays against, nor the Reserves player he is replacing moaning about it. Whether the reason is for player rehabilitation, game time/fitness or for improving teams chances of winning a game, it happens. The rules allow for it and as long as they’re not breached, get on with it!
  8. 🤣🤣🤣 “I would make sure hes had his jabs if he tried to bite you i dont want him to catch anything” Best thing I’ve ever seen/read on this forum since I’ve been looking at it for years. 100% the comeback king 👊🏻
  9. Who would have thought Santa was a Buryan fan?! Think those Aggie boys' stockings will be empty come December
  10. This thread has just proper brightened up my day. Literally in stitches. And I reckon he'll be chuffed with being aged at 40!!!
  11. Watched the game on Facebook Live (great credit to Mousehole for broadcasting this, and so professionally - for those that aren't able to make the game it's a terrific way to watch). As a neutral I thought Mousehole were the better footballing side (and their William Vouama (?) the best player on the pitch by quite a way) without creating too many clear cut chances. Saltash however, looked dangerous on the break and had a clever striker, who took their 3rd goal brilliantly (although not a goal for a footballing purist!). Credit to Mousehole again for not dropping their heads when goi
  12. Anyone know when the final is? And has the venue been decided yet or does that depend on the finalists?
  13. Do you know how many games each has played to achieve those impressive numbers?
  14. It would actually be libellous rather than slanderous as slander is spoken defamation, libel is defamation by any other form than spoken words or gestures.
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