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  1. Credit for playing for big bucks or Credit for playing? A game that was ruined by a mediocre referee! If only he interpreted the rules of the game! Goldsworthy would have had a least 1 Sin Bin, the foul and yellow card that led to Reski's red would have been seen to be what it was a perfect tackle, the two goals that St Austell scored would have stood and the 2nd goal Helston scored the normally reliable Jon Harris would have given the blatant offside. Overall St Austell played the better football but were outdone by a ref that thought he was starring in a Massey Pantomime and not there for the same reason the rest of are. THE NON LEAGUE GAME. Overall a good game ruined by a very poor official.
  2. Hayden Turner staying at AFC St Austell according to their Twitter account.
  3. No such thing as a 4g pitch! I heard it was about 20! Thank you for supporting local football! I'm sure Cheddar next week will welcome our 120 travelling supporters! ?
  4. So a club has to throw it self at the mercy of the FA! We know how that will end! The FA want a one size fits all policy and that's that.
  5. Not too old though to come on here trying to stir the shit! Your team got battered by a great team! Accept it and move on! Have you ever thought that maybe this league is all about scoring goals! I love the fact Camelford are giving youngsters a chance but let's be honest they are only ever going to be Peninsula players, so maybe they need to learn how to win!
  6. I must say that I totally agree with Dave Deacons comment in that if the original decision was given correctly nothing further would have happened! That is not to comdem what happened but to point out that there was a reaction ( WRONG ) to a WRONG decision! As for there being a police investigation, well every game probably has a tackle with more intent to damage than what actually happened! Perhaps the answer to everything is to have the Police referee every game in the country! As far as I know the referee was not injured, and the media hype that has been created by a certain currently unemployed 'sports journalist' is neither welcome or justified. What was done was WRONG! let football sort it out!
  7. No there wasn't another red card! 180 people in the grandstand and you moan! Get a life! A game of 2 halves! A great contest between 2 great teams! Cornwall be proud!
  8. It is not up to the CCFA! It is up to individual leagues! I hope they will all get behind a great Cornish/South West team!
  9. I think it depends who you listen to! But then you know that!
  10. What a fantastic signing for the Lillywhites! Can't wait to see him in action. From what i hear he took a pay cut to come to St Austell. Nice to see a young man with ambition.
  11. Obviously reading the letter the problem is a fragmented club. The second team should have stepped up! Not the 3rds or U 18's or U 16's. If the 2nd team do not buy into a one club mentality then you have problems.
  12. I for one think it's a fantastic appointment! As someone who has watched virtually all of St Austells' games this season, personally I don't think that Dan was the manager to take the club to the top of the table! Good luck Phil ! Couple of cups will be ok for this season!
  13. I think most of you are missing the point here! Fine to give these players a chance, but were they registered (therefore covered by insurance), if they were registered when? (during June) If not 7 days notice must be given! But obviously as such a professional manager I'm sure Mr Massey would have done everything by the book! !!!! Common courtesy costs nothing! Maybe that is too high a price for Mr Massey!
  14. Maybe it could be the most shrewd signing of the close season! Brings experience to a very good team! And maybe if the club do gain promotion, then perhaps he could be the man to take them forward! I take my hat of to you Mr Nancarrow.
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