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  1. Surprised no one worked out last season how to put him off his game.. took us all of 5 minutes. Lots of potential... too much lip....
  2. Is the number 9 the guy who was top scorer in all of trelawney league last season?
  3. Magic Mike

    DUCHY LEAGUE - Saturday Sept 1 2018

    Is it the same place as their one or elsewhere
  4. There s only one bloke I know with that middle name
  5. john pm me on here or text me 07734315929, cant pm you as box full, the cat

  6. See u saturday

    Love you long time

  7. what happened tonight pal!

    u have a weakened side or sumthing

    resting any before the final??

  8. Whitno text me ur number

    I'm on 07734315929

  9. super nigel martyn!!

    played for heavy transport lately pal??


  10. empty your inbox pal!!