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  1. Richard Rundle

    SWPL 3rd Round draw

    On or before 1st Jan. Nice symmetry of 8 Cornish clubs and 8 Devon clubs.
  2. Richard Rundle

    Trevor Mewton game posts

    Agree. Posting the same thing across multiple sub-forums is just spamming.
  3. Any reason why the first round of the Senior Cup has to kick off at 2pm? There's plenty of time/light for a regular 3pm kick-off, even if the game does go to extra time and penalties. Might make it a little easier for clubs to get teams out for those longer distance trips.
  4. Richard Rundle

    Clubs you hate/dislike very strongly

    The top teams I dislike are Barnstaple Town and Yeovil Town, plus whoever happens to be employing Luke McCormack at the time.
  5. Falmouth by far the better team in the first half, but didn't create too many clear cut chances, and paid for it after the break when Launceston took two of theirs. Bickland is still the most iconic ground in Cornwall, even if parts of it look like they have been abandoned to nature, and if this is its last season, I'm glad I went back there one more time. Really disappointed in the reaction of some Falmouth supporters after a melee in the box saw a home player making some sort of contact with his boot to the Launceston keeper's head, luckily it turned out not to be too serious, but the homophobic abuse from one home supporter (wearing a Ferrari F1 jacket), was completely uncalled for and I thought we'd got this sort of thing out of football some time ago.
  6. St Agnes 1-4 Illogan RBL Always enjoy my annual visit to St Agnes, and yesterday was no exception. Some excellent goals and nice to see a match where both teams almost always accepted the referee's decisions and neither manager was constantly shouting and ranting trying to influence the man in black. Illogan's first goal was a cross from the right by their young winger, it skimmed the near post. hit the back post and went in. St Agnes equalised just after the break with a powerful header from a right sided corner Illogan's second was the pick of the five, a superb one touch passing move through the middle of the pitch finished off with applomb, and their third was a beautiful curling free kick from not far outside the box, and finished it off right before the end.
  7. Richard Rundle

    2000 Game Milestone

    There is an "all-time table" here : http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/alltimelist.htm which gives the total number of points as if every season was on a 2 points for a win basis, and if every season was on 3 points for a win, but the number of actual accumulated points is not shown! There must be an error on the table, the total number of draws is shown as 3061 - surely it must be an even number?
  8. Richard Rundle

    DUCHY LEAGUE - Saturday Sept 1 2018

    Presumably that's the same pitch at Mary Tavy that has been used in recent times by Mary Tavy FC, Ordulph Arms and Princetown?
  9. Depends on which clubs make up the new Step 7 divisions. It may well be easier to link Holsworthy with Cornish clubs than linking them with Plymouth area ones, for instance.
  10. There's only 15 teams in their division as it is!
  11. Minimum dugout size isn't even regulated at Step 7, let alone below that.