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  1. Apology not accepted. Just kidding. Good on him.
  2. Zac

    Brislington V Parkway match report

    Like I said, great commitment to write a detailed report. All I was pointing out was that it would be easier to read in paragraphs (not that I had problems). What were paragraphs created for if people aren't going to use them - and you'd expect to see line-ups if you're going to read a full report. Any critic would make the exact same points and as I did, but as the world has gone crazy and people get offended at anything it seems constructive criticism is a thing of the past.
  3. Zac

    Brislington V Parkway match report

    Great commitment to write a detailed report. But, have you ever heard of paragraphs? Also, with all that writing you'd expect the lineups to be there.
  4. Managers replying trying to justify rumours on a forum. Doesn't get much less professional than that.
  5. I believe the manager's quote is incorrect and it is only two leagues, but still a significant drop considering Helston aren't exactly challenging for trophies.
  6. I see Helston have signed Matt Bye, captain of Southern League side Bideford on a permanent basis. Can only imagine the size of the brown envelope he'll be receiving if the Bideford manager says they 'can't compete'... Is this a wise move? Will it last? And what effect will it have on Helston's chances of becoming more of a force? https://www.northdevongazette.co.uk/sport/local-football/matt-bye-bideford-to-helston-1-5782557
  7. Well said. I am a big fan of the SWPL and you were clearly a local hero by the sounds of it. I was just making a point (possibly too bluntly) that you have essentially agreed with, not trying to get '30 seconds of fame' on a local forum as someone claimed. Fair play to you
  8. In that case then hopefully there will be many interested listeners! I would just assume that radio stations would prefer to be interviewing realistic local players/ex players who have made it to the pro leagues - Wayne Quinn, Chris Morris, Jake Gosling, Isaac Vassell etc. I'm sure those would appeal to a wider audience and possibly inspire any youngsters, hence the reason I used the term 'desperate' for this guy. Just my opinion - no doubt he is a lovely bloke though.
  9. Talking abut his career? What career? No one cares. Did he ever play higher than the SW League? If not then what a desperate attempt by Radio Cornwall. Perhaps I'm uneducated but I struggle to see how this is in any way a topic of discussion.
  10. So that means last season all Stoke players were better than all Cardiff players, but this season in a dramatic change all Cardiff players are now better than all Stoke players? I think the question being asked was whether Bodmin had extra players in to improve their squad to make the scoreline so one sided.
  11. Agreed Leeds. Just because some teams don't want to travel an extra 45 minutes a whole league is created which will seriously lower the standard. Bodmin and Falmouth etc should be playing Tavistock and Exmouth etc. not some pub team and winning 15-0.
  12. Zac

    Parkway recruitment needed

    No disrespect but the lad Hillson is very poor. If they are looking to get promoted into the Southern League then they can't have those average at best mid table peninsula players filling their line up. Too much of a gulf in quality between the strongest and weakest players in the squad.
  13. Does anyone have the quote to these comments that sound controversial? I somehow missed this.