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  1. Does anyone have the quote to these comments that sound controversial? I somehow missed this.
  2. You're not wrong, but I think everyone at the club will have hoped and expected for more
  3. Scraping the barrel slightly. From Vase semi finalists and league winners just a few years ago they have essentially done nothing since.
  4. I'm not sure, I wasn't saying they had asked him. I'm sure some other managers would prefer a young, fit goal machine to an ageing out of shape goal machine. Wasn't making any accusations, just essentially questioning why he would still be at Falmouth when he has the talent and has probably been offered the opportunity to progress to a bigger club at a higher standard for more money, whether it be Tiverton or someone else.
  5. Don't think anyone can doubt Carter is a solid like for like replacement - a physical goal scorer but perhaps not the best fitness levels around. Would take the lad Annear at Falmouth over both to be honest, although maybe he is another local player with a lack of ambition - or a fear of failing in a new team.....
  6. In fairness to Parkway Pie Eater, this post clearly mentioned Peninsula clubs, players and managers in the opening message, and the problems they would face should any of them get promoted. Making these posts (which I and I'm sure many others find interesting) is of course going to draw comparisons between multiple leagues. If you have no interest in higher leagues, or no respect for local clubs with ambition then maybe you should bog off back to that stone you're living under.
  7. Have to agree about Farrant, I think he'd be replaced if Saltash did go up. Still think Hobbs has a couple years left and is still a class act. On the subject of the managers - do you really believe no current Peninsula manager could manage in the Western League? Look at what the Falmouth manager has achieved in recent years. Cusack at Saltash is very well respected, and Massey at Helston has previously managed in far higher leagues!!! I do agree with some points mentioned but you do seem a bit naive to think Parkway are certain to be going up again. Give it a few months and a few defeats and the players will be dropping back to the mickey mouse league that we all (myself included) love to follow.