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  1. Why would they change the rules? Surely that would decrease the standard if you limit each team's selection, and it seems fair to me as it is seeing as they have selected from within their area.
  2. Like I said, great commitment to write a detailed report. All I was pointing out was that it would be easier to read in paragraphs (not that I had problems). What were paragraphs created for if people aren't going to use them - and you'd expect to see line-ups if you're going to read a full report. Any critic would make the exact same points and as I did, but as the world has gone crazy and people get offended at anything it seems constructive criticism is a thing of the past.
  3. Great commitment to write a detailed report. But, have you ever heard of paragraphs? Also, with all that writing you'd expect the lineups to be there.
  4. No disrespect but the lad Hillson is very poor. If they are looking to get promoted into the Southern League then they can't have those average at best mid table peninsula players filling their line up. Too much of a gulf in quality between the strongest and weakest players in the squad.
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