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  1. Falmouth Town 3-3 St Austell FA VASE 2ND QUALIFYING ROUND REPLAY (7.30pm) Bodmin Town 4-1 Camelford
  2. PREMIER DIVISION (7.30pm) Cullompton Rangers 2-2 Millbrook Launceston 1-5 Plymouth Argyle Reserves Newquay 1-4 Tavistock
  3. (3.00pm) Sticker 3-1 Callington Town FA VASE 2nd QUALIFYING ROUND (3.00pm) (don't forget it's the score after 90 minutes that counts) Bishop Lydeard 2-2 Elburton Villa Bovey Tracey 1-5 Tavistock Buckland Athletic 4-1 Newquay Camelford 2-4 Bodmin Town Cullompton Rangers 3-1 Ivybridge Town Exmouth Town 3-4 Bridgwater Town Falmouth Town 3-2 Clevedon Town Porthleven 2-3 Torpoint Athletic  Saltash United 5-1 Axminster Town Sidmouth Town 2-3 Godolphin Atlantic  Wells City 1-3 St Austell
  4. Ludgvan 1-3 Dobwalls Plymouth Marjon 1-3  St Dennis Plymstock United 2-4 St.Blazey Wendron United 2-3 Holsworthy
  5. FRIDAY 14th SEPTEMBER Plymouth Argyle 6-1 Millbrook
  6. 14,317 posts Report post Posted 18 hours ago WEDNESDAY 12th SEPTEMBER PREMIER DIVISION (all 7.30pm) Bodmin Town 4-1 Godolphin Atlantic Exmouth Town 2-3 Saltash United Helston Athletic 1-3 St Austell Tavistock 6-1 Torpoint Athletic
  7. Administrators 0 14,317 posts Report post Posted Saturday at 10:00 PREMIER DIVISION (all 7.30pm) Callington Town 1-3 Ivybridge Town Camelford 2-3 Launceston Elburton Villa 1-5 Plymouth Argyle Reserves
  8. Sticker Forever

    SWPL - Saturday September 8th 2018

    Watching the same game as you with a different opinion obviously. looks like you were watching through rose tinted Blazey spectacles!! What about the 3 sitters that Penzance missed in the second half!? Blazey the better side first half, with Penzance taking over in the second and could have even been more I thought? Apart from the sitter Morgan hit weakly at the keeper in the last fifteen minutes I cant quite remember all these chances you were creating? Funny old game what people see!? Maybe Paul might give his opinion, seems a honest chap where Blazey are concerned. Great clubman as well, Blaise Park looking nice these days I thought, credit where its due.
  9. Sticker Forever

    SWPL - Saturday September 8th 2018

    St.Blazey 0-2 Penzance Thought Penzance were deserved winners on the day although Blazey are a better side than what I saw of them last season I think? Penzance look well drilled and organised with a good shape to them. Like the wide right player Johnson, a real strong running threat and scored a fine goal to seal the game showing good pace and a finish. Some tidy little midfield players as well that keep the ball well. Blazey not a bad side but thought the player manager Stu Morgan tried to referee the game, he was on to the poor bloke from start to finish, moaning, whinging, and whining every time he was challenged. He fluffed a one on one sitter last ten minutes and I thought he was going to blame the ref for that as well!!! Can see why we’re losing referees on a weekly basis if they’ve got to put up with that crap every game for 90 minutes. Disgrace, should be setting an example. Shame as he’s not a bad player.
  10. Bere Alston United 1-2 Bude Town Holsworthy 1-3 Liskeard Athletic Mousehole 4-1 St Dennis Plymstock United 6-0 Ludgvan Porthleven 4-1 Dobwalls St Blazey 2-3 Penzance Wendron United 1-3 Wadebridge Town
  11. Cullompton Rangers 1-4 Tavistock Exmouth Town 3-2 Newquay Ivybridge Town 3-1 Godolphin Atlantic Millbrook 2-2 Launceston  Plymouth Argyle Reserves 5-1 Helston Athletic Saltash United 3-3 Falmouth Town St Austell 3-1 Elburton Villa Torpoint Athletic 3-1 Camelford
  12. DIVISION ONE WEST Penzance 7-0 Ludgvan 7.30 PM Porthleven 2-3 Mousehole 7.30 PM
  13. 19:30 Liskeard Ath v St Dennis 4-2 19:30 Wadebridge Tn v St Blazey 2-3
  14. Ivybridge Town v Millbrook 2-1 Saltash United v  Launceston 3-1 Tavistock v Plymouth Argyle . 2-3
  15. Sticker v Godolphin Atlantic 2-2
  16. Sticker Forever

    SWPL - Friday 31 August 2018

    Don’t give a shit who said it? Fact is Sticker don’t pay players £100+ a game. Have improved their facilities instead. Lost half the team this season so in a “transition” same as Leeds Bodmin without dishing out the thick brown packets. Thick being the apt word as there is no relegation at the end of the season!!! No promotion either for Bodmin, they enjoy being a big fish in a small pond. Bit like Leeds hanging around the dug outs of successful clubs and managers for years slagging off lesser decent honest clubs who try to do things the right way without paying out 50 grand a season to win 3 grand prize money! Who’s the mugs? Anyway not rising to the comments of an idiotic cling on anymore, just make yourself look a numpty as you do most weeks, except when Bodmin lose and we don’t hear from you!
  17. Sticker Forever

    Leeds United l?!

    He could be, he certainly “drives” most of us mad with his idiotic comments!
  18. Sticker Forever

    SWPL - Friday 31 August 2018

    Oh no!!! He’s back, spouting his crap. Bodmin must have won a game!? Why don’t we all just go on strike and not reply to his posts!?! He might get fed up in the end and go and annoy some other forum!?? Worth a try? Embarrassing!!! 🤔😃
  19. Sticker Forever

    Ludgvan Take over

    Totally agree with Handsome Dan and Bob and probably most true Cornish football supporters, whatever you can do to keep the club going and in the league go for it. Just ignore Leeds Utd John, everyone else does!!! Blokes a joke, goes missing for weeks when Bodmin are losing, now they won again last night we’ve got to put up with his garbage again!! Not even worth a response to be honest, embarrassing, what a clown.
  20. Sticker Forever

    SWPL - Friday 31 August 2018

    Will the long lost Leeds Utd resurface after tonight’s game at Priory Park, that is the question!?!.......hope not
  21. WEST (all 3.00pm) Bere Alston United v Mousehole 1-4 Dobwalls v Holsworthy 3-2 Ludgvan v Porthleven 1-6 Penzance v Plymstock United 3-1 St Dennis v Wendron United 4-1 Wadebridge Town v Plymouth Marjon 4-2 FA VASE 1ST QUALIFYING ROUND (all 3.00pm) (it’s the score after 90 minutes for us) Liskeard Athletic v Bovey Tracey 3-1
  22. PREMIER DIVISION (all 3.00pm) Falmouth Town v Torpoint Athletic 3-1 Sticker v Millbrook 2-2 FA VASE 1ST QUALIFYING ROUND (all 3.00pm) (score at 90 minutes applies for us) Elburton Villa v Launceston. 3-2 Exmouth Town v Callington Town. 4-1 Godolphin Atlantic   v Portishead. 2-1 Hengrove Athletic v Newquay. 3-1 St Austell v Ilfracombe Town. 4-2 Tavistock v Helston Athletic. 4-1 Wellington v Saltash United. 1-3