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  1. Good score draw for Blazey against the mighty Bodmin in the fish & chip league as well 👍🤔
  2. Commend Helston as a club in many ways, think they’ve done some excellent work in the last few seasons but surely reducing the crowd which is only a maximum of 300 around a whole football pitch anyway to 150 just before Falmouths F Troop come to town is a bit underhand and a “dig” at Falmouth? Mind games and all that spring to mind here!? Can’t think of many clubs in the league (if any) that could afford to lose quite probably 150 x £5 = £750 through the gate just to get at their opponents?
  3. Usually a volume button on your device, turn that to the right 🤔👍
  4. Ref gets home from the game, an hour or two after the incident on the pitch has happened and thinks, I won’t put that caution in after thinking about it, it’s only a friendly game, the lad might not be that well off with the covid situation, might be a student, etc. A week later the ccfa are on his case saying he’s in trouble because he’s human and showed a bit of compassion. No wonder we got a referee shortage!! 🤔
  5. Agree WOTP, the old Indy pre season supplement used to be a cracker. Knew virtually where every player had signed with a current team photo from a friendly to go with it, great stuff. Unfortunately the Indy these days hardly cover local football, it’s okay if you want to know all the ins and outs at Bournemouth and Bristol Rovers though! 🤔🙄
  6. Pardon my ignorance but what are the benefits of being awarded this? Heard of it of course but am a bit old and wet behind the ears! And congratulations on an excellent first season before the null and void decision.
  7. Must admit, I bought an Indy last week.....it was a heap of shit. An insult to football in Cornwall. They should put it down 50p not up!! If that paper is still here this time next year I’ll be amazed! Will stick to my non league paper for £1.50 in future thank you.
  8. Thanks for clearing that up gents, think the phrase “should have gone to specsavers” might apply to me on this occasion. My other “missing” result was Culdrose getting a walkover against St.Just! The joys of old age! 🤓
  9. Well aware of the great job Dave does for all of us, and I’ve obviously done that but still can’t find Pendeen v St.Stephen? Sure there was another fixture as well? And while I’m on thanks for all your great work in Cornish football Dave 👏🏼
  10. Is there a list of all the 1st round Senior Cup results anywhere please? I got a Sunday Independent this morning but their coverage of it was almost laughable and not much help, never again. Thanks to the chaps who do put reports on here but is there a full list of results anywhere? Even the Cornwall FA site only got about half the scores on there as well
  11. Be surprised if the Indy is sill going in a couple of years it’s gone that far downhill. Peninsula reports look rushed and poor and anything below that league is a total waste of time putting in what they do. Think most of us used to buy it to see decent reports from our local league games not 2 pages each on the likes of Forest Green Rovers and Bournemouth 200 miles away.
  12. Inclined to agree, think I’ll be giving it a miss from now on as well. Must admit I enjoy reading the non league paper much more on a Sunday morning these days
  13. Why don’t they devote the 2 pages they cover Bournemouth fc to local football!!? Does anyone in Cornwall or Devon care how a Premier League team 250 miles away are getting on to be honest? Even Forest Green Rovers!!? 2 pages, really!? Fair enough the rest but oh for the old days of the pre season pull out and photos of all the local teams we are actually interested in! Premier league is in your face non stop if I wanted to know how Bournemouth are getting on I could!! 🙄
  14. Penryn is a good club that has been built up over the years into one of the best set ups in Cornish football and always up there as one of the best playing surfaces through Bakes hard work, knowledge and dedication. Peter, Moony and a lot of other good football people have put years in at the club and some fantastic players have worn a Penryn shirt over the 40/50 years or so I’ve watched their teams play on and off. Regrettable comment yes but don’t feel the club as a whole deserve a cheap shot at them. Think you’ll find no club is perfect!
  15. Can’t really blame the club for one individuals comment though. I’m sure Penryn’s achievements on the pitch with their fine trophy laden history, beautiful pitch and lovely ground far outweigh one regrettable comment jumped upon on social media. Hopefully there’s been an apology and a line drawn under it.
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