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  1. Can’t blame him. Newquay aren’t going to challenge/win any silverware anytime soon.
  2. This is regarding the Falmouth game! Bad language directed to the referee after a red card. Matt Hayden means well and I’m sure will come good 👍
  3. I think it’s way they’ve gone about it, gradually getting better each year, after being heavily doubted in the early days. No real ‘big name players’ and play an exciting brand of football with so much pace at their disposal. Good luck to them, it’s great to see!
  4. These players going to St Blazey have got to be the most disloyal players around. Same old faces that are hyped up so much but are completely overrated IMO. Just assembling the St Austell side of 3/4 years ago that looked past it back then 😆 If they prove me wrong and win the league, the same players will just leave as 'they don't want to travel'. St Blazey will pay the price in the end unfortunately.
  5. Gotta feel for the boy buchan, local lad and scored both goals in the previous round.
  6. To me it seems both players that left Helston are glory hunting. Doubt they would of left if Helston were sitting pretty at the top of the table. No loyalty and both overrated.
  7. He decided to leave by the sounds of it. Not 'released'. Big loss for Truro, I thought he was their best central defender!
  8. i like the video style, but would be nice to see the highlights in the way you usually assemble it for those that couldnt make it
  9. I'd say its worth every penny. Falmouth won the senior cup that day, with the flares, support and atmosphere being the 12th man. Im sure with the club being fined, it wont happen again. I for one, would take an £870 fine for some silverware at my club. Some clubs pay that sort of money to 1/2 players each month 😱
  10. Stop chasing the £££ Danny O and show some loyalty to a club!!!
  11. Half the Arygle squad were regulars in the SWPL team last year, so maybe a better result on paper. 2 clean sheets though! Looks like their heading in the right direction with being hard to beat.
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