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  1. Thank you @THE BALD ONE for this thread!
  2. Well done Falmouth! Road the storm and were clinical from corners. Must be the best supported club in Cornwall. The fans created a real cup atmosphere!
  3. Expecting a saltash win here, but hoping Falmouth do it. Most of the saltash squad are from Plymouth I believe. So would be nice to see a proper Cornish group of players win the CSC.
  4. The first half yesterday was some of the worst football iv seen in years, how people enjoy watching Truro is beyond me. The ball is constantly just lumped forward front to back! Think it would be good for them to be relegated, re group and go again. Good luck in the remaining games though!
  5. I watched Clevedon when Falmouth beat them in the vase. A very good young footballing side! This result doesn't surprise me.
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