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  1. No need to apologise I just won't be recommending the company to anyone who is looking for lovely new turf. If they did soak the ground prior they didn't get the water from me but I wasn't home to watch them. I will give it up until the end of the summer holidays to see what it does and if it is a poor job ill pull it out and seed it instead or buy some astro and save the hassle.
  2. Sadly it was the housing association that opted not to turf the garden in the winter when the property was being built but to do it on the hottest day possible. It was a company that came to do it so I am assuming it was prepared correctly and I will continue the watering along with some feed this weekend. I'll put some pattern in just to keep up with the pros in the thread and so it isnt a total off topic hijack. Thanks for the advice though!
  3. Going even more off topic but after looking for advice elsewhere and getting no response I've come to what seems a far more qualified area of the Internet. I had turf laid a couple of weeks ago and with constant watering I've ended up with this...without getting the paintbrush and a tub of green paint out is there anything I can do to save it or is my pocket money going to have to go on grass seed?
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