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  1. I doubt very much whether they are getting paid handsomely, or even getting paid at all
  2. I understand that under covid guidelines that programmes are not necessary
  3. 98 deaths today. Actually i said thousands testing positive each week. In fact there were 871 positive tests just today. (its okay i accept your apology)
  4. Agree with We Two 100% As for the person that said more chance of getting killed crossing the road etc,trust me,you don’t want to catch it. I could give you details about family but won’t. There are still thousands testing positive every week. Think about also the volunteers on match days. Most are in the vulnerable category and are not prepared to risk their health. If it takes a season to get the right vaccinations or whatever then in my mind so be it.
  5. If local football is only football then surely bigger crowds. No social distancing in changing rooms so I cannot see any play yet, certainly not until testing has taken place. Why are they so slow on this?
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