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  1. There's a great Youth section at Penzance. Teams at all levels, girls' teams plus two disability sides. Very well supported.
  2. Footie Man, dead wood? That's laughable coming from a 'dead manager' who criticises everything, does nothing, volunteers nothing and wouldn't put in a penny. We know who you are. I don't expect to see you back very soon. From Charlie, but in a personal capacity.
  3. Includes interview with John Mead http://www.aseasoninhelston.com/standing-in-the-way-of-control/
  4. Cheesy Rappo, someone talking sense at last and will always be held in high regard here by many people. Charlie
  5. A considered reply will be released after our regular monthly committee meeting tonight. Anyone who has the guts to post with their real name may get a reply but all the anonymous crap posted above is just that, crap. We are actually in a much stronger position. Anonymous lies and gossip do not help. Some of these idiots actually claim to support Penzance. You couldn't make it up. Charlie Farley Penzance AFC Secretary
  6. Shock headline - anonymous keyboard warrior lambasts defenceless officials
  7. Penzance announce today the re signings of Danny Bance who helped out last season and Jake Andrew returns from Mousehole. Leigh Isaacs has also signed as goalkeeper cover. Welcome to all. Charlie
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