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  1. Helston 1st team...minted.
  2. Most would probably do the same. Lauded? Not yet surely, win a few things first.
  3. In our club everyone pays! Officers with 50+ service still pay to come into the game, buy their beer and pay the membership. I do the bar and cook the food on a Saturday but still pay to watch the game. Injured players, those with no game also pay to watch the game! The theory being...if I do the gate and I have paid so will you, don't care if your son is playing...you pay! League officers, county officials and referee's, whether they have their free pass or not will not get in without a go at the 50/50 either. I love it....lol
  4. Offside by a toe but two handballs in the box not even reviewed. It's a joke
  5. Yup, I would think that is the case, paying them so use them.
  6. Must have been wet there are no lines on it. Can't mark a wet pitch.
  7. Blue sky, sun shining, wind blowing...pitch soaking...we'll see in a while. OH TO BE IN ENGLAND!
  8. Just had about an inch of rain in the last 15 minutes in the Falmouth area! Eased off now put still steady rain...Oh dear.
  9. It was a poor game for sure, change back to red and black...you'll play better.
  10. All marked in and ready to go, bit soft and the forecast is not good, but we live in hope! Find out in the morning s'pose.
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