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  1. There you go MrGreen, found these bespoke jobbies somebody had made for their 180. Pretty simple to have made and modelled on the old mowers you were talking about with the void in the centre to avoid rolling the grass down in front of the cutter units. Keep a sharp eye out for stones or metal studs that have come out of boots though or you will end up with a nice sharpening bill (!)
  2. One disappointing thing though I did notice a bit of spray oil on the front axle which may be coming from the top of the engine. Hopefully not the head gasket but maybe the rocker cover I hope...a much easier job that will be! So wet again tomorrow I may strip out the front of the engine to find out what happened...sod it the mower has only done 330 hours. Might get away with just torqueing the bolts down...fingers crossed on that one. Forecast for the week looking dry!!!!
  3. Rain, rain, rain, never make plans they say, all the work I planned on the pitch during lockdown...we've had one dry day here!!! Got decent cut on the pitch that day though. So with today's rain I decided to service the rotary. New plug, oil filter and oil (single 30 grade) clean carburetor bowl and check float operation, and finish with a greasing. Check afterfire solenoid to stop backfires. Use sump oil pump for a nice easy oil change, lovely bit of kit. Did find a couple of leucars a bit loose on the ignition side so pinched them
  4. Becoming a paying subscriber to the magazine to financially support it. A patron in other words.
  5. Some of them aren't bad Fenman...lovely sunny day down here and managed to cut the pitch at last with no moisture on it. Down to 40% humidity and that's the lowest it's been for 10 odd weeks.
  6. Haha, remember those old engines well, wrap the rope around the pulley (the correct direction) and DO NOT wrap it around your thumb...you would lose it on kick back!!! But. No battery or starter motor to let you down and you could start them every time. A bit like the old crank handles on cars, saved me many a time, but again do not grip it using your thumb or you would dislocate it!!! The good old days???
  7. Thanks Mrgreen, been a long time getting them. I try to avoid sticky conditions where possible when using a roller mower, or would stiff brush the pitch early morning to remove dew and worm casts to avoid the clogging. This time of year I will go back to a rotary cut and only use the triple when conditions allow, it is a heavy beast for the conditions at this time. I will be looking for the scrapers but will probably end up doing a bit of a bespoke jobby if needs be.
  8. Yes, mild is an under statement! Like cabbages certainly, so big I've just been cutting them of with a knife, quicker than a selective...and cheaper! Not got a lot of weed as I tend to continually treat weeds as I see them and do the whole pitch that way as well. Never saw the point on spraying a whole pitch to get a few weeds that would not cover 20 square yards in total. Grass is certainly growing! I've not been able to cut it for 13 days now due to this bloody rain. Dry day Thursday promised so planning to cut my hay field then...fingers crossed, probably the longest i
  9. You think Mousehole don't pay(?) Bit of a bidding war between two clubs I've heard.
  10. Laughed out loud on those two...lmao!
  11. Not a lot of advantage with polythene this time of the year Breugel, in the spring to warm the ground faster it is used a lot by farmers to get the crop to market earlier. Fleece on a goalmouth (?) Not for me personally, would see no point in just doing a goalmouth. No warm ups in the goalmouths has always worked for me to protect it. I've calmed down from when the damage was done and mostly repaired it now, they got the message on the day believe me!
  12. And the ground temperature taken this morning a very healthy 11⁰c at 4" which is amazing for this time of the year. At 10⁰c grass will start to slow down slightly so at this time the grass is growing well will be cut at least twice a week for the time depending on the weather. At 5⁰ the grass will really slow up until it stops when it gets to a few days of zero temperatures, that's when pitches suffer the most damage as there is no recovery for displaced or smeared grass, it cannot recover from being stomped into mud. The best chance after this happens is to have a guts full
  13. And then this bunch from the university turn up and decide to have a kick around on the pitch! Caught on camera. Yes and I caught them on there, a few choice words later they took of like scalded cats with their tails between their legs. I would have loved it if one had decided to lip me to give me a reason to bust their chops! Incandescent rage would not describe my anger at what they had done, supposedly the finest brains, the usual idiots in my estimation if I had a gun I would have shot the lot of them!
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