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  1. Managed to get on the pitch last couple of days and do a bit of weed killing at last. Picked the flowers off all the weed before spraying so as not kill any bee's, so happy to do that. Just wait for the next lot to turn up and nail them as well. Two days of frost here has done for any growth again. That's 13 days now with not enough growth to cut, poor for April but hopefully warm up soon.
  2. I understand you completely isaac...but sometimes, just sometimes - keeping your own counsel does show a tad of understanding.
  3. Pitch not bad but will get better when it warms up! Not a bad game with terrific enthusiasm showing, no whingeing, diving or moaning at the referee either...makes a change from the mens game. Enjoyed it.
  4. A few pictures from the Penryn game. Noticed 2 or 3 Helston players having a sneaky look through the fence...lol.
  5. Borrowed our neighbours lining in machine today (got to get a new one) Blimey this thing is ultra light and so easy use compared to my 40 year old ultra heavyweight liner, 4"line compared to the old 3" and what a difference to the finish of the pitch. Never seen the lines look better. Cold as well, 8 or 9 days of 2⁰ or 3⁰ have certainly slowed the growth up, cut 9 days ago and won't need a cut for a good few days yet.
  6. It's going to be interesting to see what happens to the infection rates once these games and everything else that is taking place. The rate is on a slow rise now after the schools opened.
  7. Full winter gear on here as well!!! Goal celebrations...they seem to have a message in them, between the players that is, so, PFFFT! if you want to look daft...carry on.
  8. Isaac...you're getting better with age...laughed out loud on the bunker bit. Keep them coming...YO!
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