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  1. No leccy down there yet...gas street lamps still I believe.
  2. Well done to Steve for all his years of service. Decent crop of youngsters too when I was down there last season.
  3. Both about the same, plenty of goals in both I would expect. Myself I would fancy the Helston game.
  4. I like the old way. Have a smoke before KO, then a smoke after the whistle...finally warm down with a few beers....head home around 12 or 2-ish. Completely warmed down by then!
  5. Hello Mark. Nice words buddy and a fair assessment, could have gone either way. Too hot for footy, and too hot for grass, just about keeping the grass alive with 0000's gallons of water every day...but 'tis summer I s'pose. Saw you walk past the window, bit of a slim Jim these days? but you're nearly as grey as me now...lol. Father time always wins...see in the season no doubt...👍
  6. It can be used to legally reduce your tax bill. Years ago from memory! it could reduce your liability by 83% on sponsorship, capped of course. Then HMRC changed the rules on it...so i've been told over the years.
  7. You have a point...but good fun and new places. Bit of a change Al...try it...you may like it!
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