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  1. Actually I did hear a rumour that Steven Seagal was interested in buying the football club.
  2. Rayvon

    Clubs you hate/dislike very strongly

    Sheffield United, Leeds United and Foulmouth Town for me although I don't hate them as much as I used to. Must be an age thing.
  3. Truro City have been drawn away to Hereford FC in the 2nd qualifing round of the Emirates F A Cup. Match to be played Saturday 22nd September Ko 3pm. Hereford play in the National League North and currently lie in 12th position. ⚽
  4. Rayvon

    F A Cup

    The winners of Wednesday night's replay have been drawn at home to Welling United in the third qualifying round of the Emirates FA Cup. Game to be played on Saturday 6th October ko 3pm Welling lie in 4th position in the National League South
  5. Rayvon


    Best of luck from me as well, Truro v Parkway would be be an interesting draw in the next round,sorry there is no Devon flag emoji for me to fly.
  6. Rayvon

    F A Cup

    🐑Went up for this one and it was just like going back in time, a proper old stadium and a loyal passionate and friendly bunch of supporters and not a sheep in sight. As for the game itself I think a draw was a fair result with both sides having a few half chances with Truro dominating the first half and Hereford putting the pressure on in the second. However the main talking point came in the 90th minute following a Truro corner Rooney was poleaxed in the area a clear penalty but the ref bottled it and gave a dropped ball in the box, one of many strange decisions made during the game. So its back to Plainmoor on Wednesday night and its still anybodys 9k. A couple of observations Lee Hodges and Chris Todd were both in attendance and as for the refreshments I went for a Welsh Pasty quite tasty but I'm not sure about the carrots pea and even a couple of broad beans thrown in for good luck. With crowds like this I can only see Hereford progressing in the future. The attendance on the day was just over 1,400 of which 40 travelled up from the Duchy and were very vocal in there support. 🐑
  7. Rayvon

    F A Cup

    Hereford FC have today sacked there manager Peter Beadle, their first managerial change since being founded in 2014. His record included three league titles and an FA Vase Final. Interesting to say the least.
  8. Rayvon

    F A Cup

    Winners to receive nine thousand pounds. Nice bit of Wonga.💷
  9. Rayvon

    F A Cup

    Thanks cornishteddyboy should be a cracker. Would you care to make a score prediction.
  10. You are excused Mike, I thought that may have been the case. It's early days yet but as we all know nothing is won in September. Hope you had a good holiday did you go anywhere nice?☀️
  11. The Quiet Man is very quiet this weekend also The Town Man Mark Jones and Mattelot, are you all ok? Perhaps Older can enlighten us.
  12. Ben Gerrring returns on loan, now that's a step in the right direction
  13. Rayvon

    Bridgwater v Parkway

    If Typhoo put the T in Britain who put the E in Bridgewater?
  14. Rayvon

    No news about anything!

    The price is right
  15. Thank you Nige, nice to know. that I have been missed. Now that the dust has settled and I have have had a nice break things are beginning to look a "little" brighter. You could say my glass is half full rather than half empty and I have to say I did enjoy my home game visit to Plainmoor on Bank Holiday Monday despite the result.
  16. Rayvon

    No news about anything!

    Pitch still being regularly cut and manicured. Is there a hidden agenda?
  17. I suggest you google "The Wealdstone Raider" Mark, he is famous for his quote "You got no ground, you got no fans, You want some I'll givit ya". Seems very appropriate for our team at the moment. He actually made an appearance at the L2 Nightclub a few years back. He is a bit of a legend with the Tisa Boys.
  18. Rayvon

    Hodgey resigns!

    Due to the lack of rainfall in recent weeks the tide is not reaching Malpas at the moment but there is plenty of mud for you Truro haters to sling around, just keep kicking the boot in and enjoy your fun. I can assure for someone who has supported there team for a lifetime it is not a. laughing matter. I shall not be using this forum again until sensibility returns. ❤️ Cheers and gone.
  19. Rayvon

    Tom McHale move North

    Scored the winner for Truro City against the Town on Boxing Day in 1992 was it Mike, the only loser at Treyew Road that day was the City groundsman. One of the most memorable I can remember at the now defunct ground.
  20. Rayvon

    Hodgey resigns!

    High tide expected at PenFal River any moment.
  21. Madder do it. In English that means does it really matter as long as we got somewhere to play. Better to have a team and share a stadium than have a ground and no team.
  22. Rayvon


    No problem with butterflies there Nige it's open fields, if we find any we will send them down to Bickland Park. Extra land being included for a2b coaches and the Bristol Meat Machine. It's fillet steak for Truro City not chips and curry sauce.
  23. No bites on that one Older mackerel in short supply at the moment. Thought 362 was an excellent attendance under the circumstances, you could at least treble that when Truro City Cornwall's premier league club move into their new stadium. Enjoy watching your pub league football.
  24. Rayvon

    Truro v Billericay

    You are right hedgerow and I'm afraid it will only get less. Billericay an excellent team and must be favourites for promotion.
  25. Rayvon

    Truro v Billericay

    Came on as a late sub but would have scored a hat trick against Penfal