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  1. And don't forget the Sunday Independent Team of the Week Nige, winners certificates displayed on many a Jewson South Western League club house wall.
  2. No tea hut but Tom brought his big flask and two non plastic cups, can see Penryn back with the big boys next season.
  3. A question for you RVP, can you tell me please is Curtis Damerell related to Mark Damerell who played for Truro City in the late nineties and early noughties, I believe he worked in the dockyard, had a cracking left foot played on the wing and played in the Chris Waddle mould.
  4. St Blazey odds slashed after 1.1 draw at home to Truro City this evening. Getting ready for Terrances report saying how pathetic City were this evening and how they will be candidates for relegation.
  5. Probably shipped across the water from Devon.
  6. What was the score please OH BALD ONE?
  7. James Lorenz has signed a contract for Truro for the coming season
  8. Four home games in a row for Penryn, how did they work that one out. Over to you Older.
  9. Liked Rob Farkins a lot when he was at Truro but he did upset a few supporters with his colourful language, has he improved on it since his move to Parkway.?
  10. Les had his own song at Treyew Road to make him feel at home try singing this one " He's short he's scouse he'll rob your f#cking house Les Afful Les Afful" guaranteed to get you a penalty.
  11. Don't think he'd be to impressed that you cant spell his name properly Bald Won.
  12. Best of luck from me as well, Truro v Parkway would be be an interesting draw in the next round,sorry there is no Devon flag emoji for me to fly.
  13. If Typhoo put the T in Britain who put the E in Bridgewater?
  14. Will Buckland be as strong in the coming season having had their better player's cherry picked, mainly by Truro City?
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