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  1. Just getting in before our friend from Bodmin beats me to it Dave, he is obsessed with City's attendances as you well know. According to Paul Wotton this was a distraction game in a competition that Truro were never going to progress in. With five players out City were able to rotate there squad which obviously did not work although the performance was an improvement from Tuesday night's. I do do believe we play them in the league again in a couple of weeks time, should show a better indication of the difference between the two teams.
  2. As this game was so well reported on by the Anti City brigade on Tuesday night I thought it was worth opening a thread for the replay. It's strange City can play 10 games without defeat and no one says a word, one bad game and a small crowd and back they come in force. Anyway on to tomorrow's game can Truro play that badly again I hope not but we shall have to wait and see. Interesting to note that Ed Palmer has returned to the fold from Taunton Town, we have been missing a dead ball specialist all season so let's hope it's a Happy return.
  3. I heard that rumour as well, he commented that his signature dish was chips and curry sauce ala Older style, think that means it's topped with fag ash.
  4. Surely VAR will eliminate any suspected biased officials.
  5. Not many fireworks tonight I'm afraid as Katy Perry would say, just a bit of a damp squib.
  6. Tonight's Buildbase FA Trophy tie against Blackfield & Langley is definitely on at the third attempt this evening. Floodlights are on and the pitch is looking good. Winners to receive £2250 losers £750
  7. Unfortunately was busy running Truro' s premier taxi company Nige otherwise I would have popped down, congratulations on the win by the way, the FA Vase holds special memories for me, other than winning at Wembley playing the semi final second leg at Treyew Road in front of over 2000 spectators and local boy Ian Gosling (He's one of our own) scoring the winner was an unforgettable moment. And an extra £900 into the club kitty,can't be bad for the Town ,onwards and upwards my friend.
  8. For anyone using the 24hr clock that's 14.00 hrs GMT.
  9. Well done from me as well, never thought this one would get off the ground. May need a bit of major surgery after the game mind. Don't forget to bring your fork and your wellies Older.
  10. No relation to The Horse with no Name fro America. Thanks for pointing it out G2DO. appreciated mate.
  11. Not starting a new thread but would just like to add that City have signed versatile midfielder Ryan Dixon on loan from Torquay United till the end of the year.
  12. Could be some fireworks that night then.
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