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  1. They haven't as far as I know Nige.
  2. Or as Mary Hopkin would say "Those were the days"
  3. Four figures Goldeneye, not like the good old days of the Truro City Falmouth Town derbies, used to be the highlight of the season for many of the supporters as well as being a social day out for families as well.
  4. In my personal opinion I do not think this was a very appropriate date to play a football match but if Mousehole Football Club think it's ok then that's ok by me. Just hope it was not done for financial reasons.
  5. Just a mater of time now we have got a majority government, Boris got the cheque book all ready to go. Just as a matter of interest Tuesday.night's game against Salisbury on Tuesday night has been postponed due to them being involved in a cup replay. City's. Next game is on Saturday when they entertain Yate Town.
  6. Forgot to mention, what happened to all the predictions that Truro City would be playing there home games at the Mennaye this season. Auntie and Uncle are so gullible.
  7. Another miserable result for the Anti Truro Brigade and only ten days before Paul Wotton leaves the City or will Mystic Leeds be replacing his Crystal Ball. Just as a matter of interest this was a game dominated by the City who should have been 3 up by half time, it wasn't helped when the home team were reduced to 10 men.
  8. You serving up alphabetti spaghetti now Older using big words like that
  9. Make hay while the sun shines Jeff, on second thoughts maybe that expression is not very appropriate at the moment. ☔
  10. Here we go again the big fish little pond syndrome.
  11. How many of the 150 made the trip up to Callington yesterday then Nige? fair play to any that did including yourself of course.
  12. In that case I think someone owes an apology to the ref who was supposedly on a back hander for postponing the game.
  13. Another disappointing result for the anti Truro City Brigade and Doom and Gloom Mongers, as for Mystic Leeds and his Crystal Ball only two weeks predicted before Paul Wotton leaves the club. You just couldn't make it up and then we wonder why nobody uses this thread anymore. ☔
  14. Presumably pitch was inspected by a referee in which case I see no problem.
  15. When you appear at Wembley in front of a record 36,000 crowd then you can say you've made it Nige. Not to mention the 1,000 supporters at The Valley three years ago.
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