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  1. Rayvon

    Treyew Road to host Trophy!

    Only 10 squid for you Older and retired for now, cheap at half the price. You have to pay for quality I'm afraid.
  2. Rayvon

    Treyew Road to host Trophy!

    Just drink a pint less at the bar simples
  3. A first half brace from Rooney ensured City the 3 points after going behind to an early goal from the Rebels. Bring on the Seagulls and another 7k for the Kitty. See you all at Malpas Park sorry I meant Treyew Road the home of Truro City on Saturday
  4. I thought I saw Hank Marvin warming up at half time.
  5. 4nil defeat in the battle of the Cities, not a good dress rehearsal for next week's big cup game. In the words of a well known Town supporter All roads lead to "TREYEW ROAD" Get there early to ensure your place in history. The floodlights are in perfect working order as well, no shadows at Truro City.
  6. Went to Penwethers school with Dave Streat Phil Ryder and Chrissy Thomas, what a trio all very talented footballers and all good enough to have turned professional. Unfortunately Phil is no longer with us Chris is in a care home, Streater is still with us but is not cutting hair any longer. Has to be one of the greatest Cornish league teams ever imo.
  7. Rayvon

    Treyew Road to host Trophy!

    Great news indeed and great to hear from you Kit, look forward to meeting up.
  8. Rayvon

    FA Trophy draw news

    Weston-super-Mare bottom of the National League South with only 8pts from 17 games, should be a few more quid in the City coffers.
  9. Rayvon

    Saturday - Nov 24 2018

    Any guesses for the size of the crowd on Boxing Day then, should be a cracker, the full time professionals against the part timers Chance for a good as well.
  10. They were till they were banned Darren, how many teams can say they get better support at away games than at home?
  11. Been waiting for an apology from F Troop for thirty years don't think we'll be getting one now.
  12. Can't argue with your comments Pasty always Devonian I for one am very grateful for being able to groundshare with TAFC and on the occasion I did visit Plainmoor I enjoyed the experience immensely. Can't say I agree with the abuse you received either unfortunately some of our supporters go a bit ott with there banter and singing, like it or loathe it they will say it's all part of the football culture, can't blame TISA for this one either they always get the blame for everything but not on this occasion as they do not attend home games. As for the quality of the football I am inclined to agree with you but since the new manager has been installed there has been a big improvement in the quality of the play which hopefully will be evident on Boxing Day and New Years Day. Finally can I finish by saying don't forget it's always jam first on your scon.
  13. Torquay supporter I presume.
  14. Rayvon

    Saturday - Nov 24 2018

    Wrong channel chaps try the Non Cornish Football Forum
  15. Tell us more Smiler, someone kept this quiet. Are they now getting a mince pie as well as a Rowes pasty. 💷