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  1. Brought back memories of my team who incidentally are live on sky lunchtime today, I still have nightmares of Fergie Steve Bruce and that ***** Brian Kidd running on and kissing the sacred turf. Grrr rant over. Must have been a quiet coach trip back to Hampshire for the Borough, they supposedly have one of the biggest playing budgets in the league according to Paul Wotton.
  2. This match would have been a clash of the titans many years ago, let's hope the good times come back to both clubs before to long.
  3. Why not pay for the car park and subsidise it by not having a cup of tea at half time, simples.
  4. Good Time to catch with my old classmate Len Ellery who emigrated to Barnstable.
  5. Truro went 3nil up and lost 3.4 in extra time if my memory serves me correctly.
  6. I see Hereford FC are currently in the play off positions in the Vanamra National League North so City go into this game as underdogs but as we all know this is the FA Cup and anything can happen.
  7. 203 BigG not bad seeing England were live on ITV. Not a bad workout for some of the squad players tonight.
  8. £6,750 for the winners this time and £2,250 for losing plus a share of a a big gate, not bad for 90 minutes work. As a matter of interest how much does a team get for winning the South West Peninsula League these days?
  9. Payback time, whoever said lightening doesn't strike in the same place twice was talking a load of bull.
  10. Many thanks for that Mike, I knew I could rely on you. How many did Rappo score then Nige?
  11. Feed the Yetti and he'll score. If Yetti scores we're on the pitch. It's a few years since I've heard the Tisa boys singing those songs. 230 goals for one club that's some achievement, perhaps Mike could let us know where that stands in the Cornish goal scoring charts.
  12. City progress into the next round of the Emirates FA Cup after a close encounter against Wimborne Town at Treyew Road this afternoon. Will Dean scored for City in the first half, after an equaliser from the Magpies substitute Stewart Yetton scored the winner on the hour mark. There was late drama with James Hammond the City keeper saving a penalty in injury time. Oh and a nice little £4.500 to go into the Pirates kitty.
  13. Not wishing to throw a damp squib on the situation and this is only an observation but speaking from experience if the FA get to hear about these flares and fireworks being let off at games then they will come down on the club like a ton of bricks with fines and points deduction a possibility. It is of course down to the referee to report these incidents, perhaps they are more lenient in Cornwall I don't know,only time will tell. By the way I felt one of my songs coming on then, it was from the Rolling Stones and "Jumping Jack Flash"
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