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  1. Anyone know if Neil Warnock was present and what the crowd was please?
  2. Talented midfielder Rio Garside has today signed on the dotted line having previously been on the books at Plymouth Argyle.
  3. Could this be one of the bottles purchased in advance in preparation for the end of season celebrations for winning the league.
  4. Sorry to disappoint you lads but I believe it's £10 across the board for all friendlies and league games this season. I have to agree a tenner for a psf is a bit steep especially if you are an away supporter but I suppose you do have the choice like it or lump it.
  5. PSF you have to be joking Town Man no such thing as a friendly when these two sides meet. Incidentally it is also a cup game so plenty at stake.
  6. What was the score please OH BALD ONE?
  7. Great guy, just in the wrong place at the wrong time when at Truro City. I wish him all the best at Mousehole.
  8. The much awaited game against Taunton (Truro Reserves) will be played on Wednesday October 23rd away with the home fixture on Saturday March 7th. Be interesting to see which team finishes highest in the league.
  9. Have to watch out for Bristol Telephones Nige I hear they have a couple of good Poles playing for them, just hope your not on the receiving end.
  10. Truro City kick off there season on Aug 10th with a nice little away trip to the Met Police then home to Dorchester on the 13th and home to Swindon Supermarine on the 17th. Home to Tivvy on Boxing Day and away to Weston-super-Mare on New Years Day.
  11. We All know what happens to your predictions Leeds.
  12. James Lorenz has signed a contract for Truro for the coming season
  13. Been announced that Stewart Yetton is to rejoin Truro City as assistant coach.
  14. Have to say after a very disappointing season Argyle still have a fantastic set of supporters and I wish them well for the coming season.
  15. I had a pint all lined up for you after the game Older and some bonio for Smokie but neither of you made an appearance.I ended up drinking the pint myself. I know tougher tests are to come come so see you all at Treyew Road on July 23rd for the Battle of the Gladiators.
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