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  1. So pyrotechnics are banned by the FA, so what do they do before the FA cup final, put on a firework display. If that's not double standards I don't know what is.
  2. You are correct Mike I often see them on when you join the dual carriageway at Carland Cross. Used to be one of the nightclubs in Newquay also had a laser light show but not seen that one for a while. ⚡
  3. That's being a bit extreme silly billy as a lot more people travel to matches in cars than let off flares, only yesterday I saw a flare set off in the crowd on match of the day, red smoke so I'm assuming it was Liverpool, apologies if it wasn't. Getting back to the Dunstable incident which was blown up out of all proportion (pardon the pun) with the west briton stating Rowdy football fans have brought shame on Truro City Football Club after "sickening" behaviour caused embarrassment for the City's team. At the time we were threatened with a fine and a points deduction from the FA neither of which materialized. We now know the real reason behind the incident and I can only assume the West Briton were short of headlines that week.
  4. Liked Rob Farkins a lot when he was at Truro but he did upset a few supporters with his colourful language, has he improved on it since his move to Parkway.?
  5. I like your sense of humour Town Man. Not sure where Truro City will be playing next season, will it be Trungle Parc, Penlee Park, Mennaye Field or even Malpas Park, but seriously though I have heard through the grapevine that a couple of teams may drop out of the Southern Prem next season meaning City will be reinstated. Watch this space.
  6. Thanks for updates Ivory Toast nothing but egg chasing on Radio Rugby.
  7. So as predicted it's as you were, soorry Leeds wrong again, keep up the good work.
  8. Des' s funeral will be held on Friday 24th May at 1pm Kernow Chapel Penmount and afterwards the Truro Golf Club.
  9. End of the day I suppose it's down to the referee to include it in his report which I would imagine he didn't which is fortunate for whoever was responsible and hopefully a lesson will have been learnt. Let's hope it's just sparks flying at Blaise Park on Saturday. Best of luck to both teams by the way. Game very evenly poised as I see it so I think whoever wants it most will win.
  10. I noticed at the recent Senior Cup Final someone in the crowd letting off a flare. I don't know if anyone remembers but back in 2014 a simular situation occoured at a Truro City away game and making front page headlines in the West Briton "Fans Flare Shame" resulting in seven City supporters,later to be known as the Dunstable Seven being banned for the rest of the season. Perhaps someone can enlighten me, maybe one of our knowledgeable referees if the use of flares in local football is accepted but not in in the National Leagues.
  11. Yes but to get promotion to the Western League you have to throw money around, ask Leeds he'll back me up on this one.
  12. How much are Parkway going to pay him?
  13. How much was he getting at Truro?
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