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  1. Lidl have announced today that they will be issuing a termination of any connection with developing a new store at Treyew Road and that no development will be taking place in the foreseeable future, good news if you are a City supporter. Sorry Older Malpas Stadium will have to wait. An early Christmas present for the red and blacks
  2. 86 that is correct, why do you all sound so surprised, hopefully we will get some good news this week regarding our move back to fortress Treyew Road.
  3. You are correct Fanfare and was it not Thomas the Voice who sang Its Good To Touch the Green Green Grass of Home.
  4. We should know next Tuesday, Lidls deadline is then I believe.
  5. Only 49 Truro City get more than that for there home games. Its good luck from me, if you make it to Wembley I will take Al up to watch the final.
  6. At the moment, watch this space. The futures bright the futures red and black.
  7. It's coming home it's coming home it's coming football's coming home. Excellent beer as well, first pint was a bit cloudy but after 6 pints I could see my hand holding the glass, think it was Trophy as Truro City have won many or it could have been Double Diamond as it worked wonders.
  8. To much doom and gloom for me at the moment but all will be revealed in 3 hours time but as the Tremeloes would say even the Bad times are good, and I am really looking forward to that pint of cloudy ale later
  9. Not sure Nige but I'm sure all will be revealed on Thursday, Why don't you and Older come up to the meeting then you could buy me that pint you owe me.
  10. With the Kazbah closing today rumour has it that the clubhouse at Treyew Road is reopening again. Remember you heard it here first. 🎶
  11. Interesting that some people are more interested in the condition of the beer than they are in footballing matters. I'll drink to that.
  12. Think there is a connection mattelot, heard that some of the players use kiwi polish on there boots.
  13. Rayvon

    F A Cup

    Just got one word to say "Unbelievable" 😢
  14. Actually I did hear a rumour that Steven Seagal was interested in buying the football club.