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  1. That shows what kind of bloke Heaney is! Anyone have any news about investors!??
  2. Why aren't some of them playing for Truro Reserves?
  3. Not forgetting having Neil Slateford and Oliver Brokenshire! Top class players also.
  4. Don't know the boy, and I gather it was a very bad injury, but I just wanted to say I hope he is getting better and has a speedy recovery!!
  5. Does anyone know who is actually interested in buying the club? I hear around 6 people/businesses want it, is this true?
  6. Anyone know who has put in a bid for the club? Steve Massey?
  7. It was a serious question. Didn't need an answer like that!
  8. Is it true that Truro City reserves have been deducted 10 points, as well as the first team?
  9. Such a shame that a refereeing decision cost you some points yesterday. Only a small squad? Any notable names as to who was missing?
  10. What was the score and team line-up against Vospers Matt?
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