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  1. A club the size of st blazey deserve better, it's a real shame! Maybe just maybe the players should shoulder some of the blame!
  2. Totally agreed two footed! I hope they can turn their fortunes around as they have a wonderful set up. How long with they carry on with Morgan in charge? Only the committee will know.
  3. Well if I'm paying money to go through the gates to watch them then I have a right to ask don't you think Burt? Thank you Brian
  4. Sorry Burt, you seem to have taken offence to the thread? I was merely asking a question.
  5. I'm just being rather nosey, being a magpies fan I just wanted to know if the rumours were true! Whatever happened to giving local players a chance? I'm just a curious soul Burt.
  6. Saturday 19th August 2017 FA CUP PRELIMINARY ROUND (both 3.00PM) Hengrove Athletic 2 v 1 Bodmin Town Tavistock 3 v 1 Shaftesbury PREMIER DIVISION (all 3.00pm) Cullompton Rangers 2 v 2 Godolphin Atlantic Exmouth Town 1 v 2 St Austell Falmouth Town 2 v 1 Ivybridge Town Launceston 1 v 3 Stoke Gabriel
  7. There has been so many rumours flying around about Mousehole, I just don't know if any of them are true? So could somebody please fill me in, is it true they have players from up north staying at commitee members houses?
  8. WEDNESDAY 16TH AUGUST Bodmin Town 3 v 1 Ivybridge Town 7.30 PM Camelford 1 v 2 Launceston 7.30 PM Exmouth Town 1 v 1 Saltash United 7.45 PM Godolphin Atlantic 3 v 1 Falmouth Town 7.30 PM Tavistock 10 v 0 Witheridge 7.30 PM
  9. Cullompton Rgrs 1 v 8 Plymouth Parkway 7.30 PM Newquay 2 v 4 Helston Ath 7.30 PM Stoke Gabriel 2 v 1 Plymouth Argyle 6.30 PM Torpoint Ath 2. v 2. St Austell 7.30 PM
  10. Friday 11th August 2017 Ivybridge Town 2 v 2 Plymouth Argyle (7.30pm) Saturday 12th August 2017 all 3.00pm) Bodmin Town 3 v 0 Torpoint Athletic Callington Town 1 v 2 Cullompton Rangers Exmouth Town 3 v 1 Sticker Falmouth Town 0 v 2 Tavistock Launceston 1 v 2 Plymouth Parkway Saltash United 6 v 0 Witheridge St Austell 1 v 3 Stoke Gabriel
  11. Shall we have some money on it teddy boy....
  12. Paul and Jon heveran both joining saltash from parkway along with jamie bass
  13. CARLSBERG SOUTH WEST PENINSULA LEAGUE WALTER C PARSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS CUP SEMI-FINAL Bodmin Town 2 v 1 Exmouth Town (at Elburton Villa) PREMIER DIVISION Saltash United 2 v 1 Cullompton Rangers
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