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  1. 1 hour ago, Sponge said:

    Credit to West Cornwall they try and play the ball out from the back. Just lacking any real presence going forward. May surprise a few teams...


    1 hour ago, Sponge said:

    Credit to West Cornwall they try and play the ball out from the back. Just lacking any real presence going forward. May surprise a few teams...

    Think it’s going to be a long season for them, 47 goals conceded in 10 games and only 8 scored and if I remember rightly most of them was scored in there only win

  2. 3 hours ago, cornishteddyboy said:

    Looking at the games already played by Ludgvan it looks like they have a problem finding enough players to travel to play away matches.

    Perhaps there is a possible solution if other clubs are willing to move fixtures around. 

    Their remaining away fixtures are at Bere Alston, Bude, Dobwalls, Liskeard, Mousehole, Marjon and Wendron. 

    Perhaps the league can alter the fixtures at Bude, Marjon, etc, and put them at the end of the season. With the shorter trips to Mousehole and Wendron in the near future. Perhaps the Liskeard game could be mid-week. 

    By playing the longer away games later on they can perhaps build up their squad of players so will have enough available to travel. Also playing mid-week they might have more available players. 

    Just seems a simple solution if finding players able to travel is the problem. It gives the club time whilst not really disrupting the league program of matches. 

    It’s bad enough players picking and choosing when they play let alone the clubs, I agree with older it would be chaos

  3. 2 minutes ago, Del Boy said:

    Looks like the wheels have come off in Penlee park. After a busy summer of recruiting and assembling a team to compete at the top of league it looks to all be in vein. 

    Hope they get back on track as it’s a club that should be competing at the top levels in Cornish football. Fantastic ground, it just hasn’t happened on the pitch over the last few seasons. 

    Pz looked very poor and playing players from outside the club leaving regulars  on the bench won’t help there case , the manager is new but needs to learn fast as this isn’t kids football

  4. 9 hours ago, trh84 said:

    Mullion 5 - 0 Storm

    Despite the loss I was really proud of the lads, dug in deep and played really well, especially against a solid div 2 side, scoreline was flattering for Mullion in my opinion who knew the best way to play in that swirling wind, I think it might have been a bit different with an official referee, we were upset by a couple of decisions leading up to goals, but it is what it is, that being said you can only beat who is in front of you so thank you to Mullion for arranging the ref, and good luck in the tournament going forward. 

    Mullion must be concentrating on the junior cup this season not senior

  5. Teams showing disrespect the the biggest cup in cornwall. 

    Whats happened to days out/coach trips and p##s ups on big away days.

    seems like no ambition from the team/players to test themselves againest higher league opponents and I bet if mullion or st teath was drawn at home then the games would be on. 


  6. 3 hours ago, Sticker Forever said:

    I'm sure Leeds won't! Big loss, talented playmaker. I'm not one to talk up rumours for the sake of it but this came from a very reliable source so I would presume it's 95% certain you'll see Brokes in a Saints shirt soon? Maybe not next week as they're playing each other! ?

    If this is true then next Saturday will be an indication as if he plays for Bodmin in the senior cup then he’s cup tied for st Austell , guess we need to watch this space

  7. 6 hours ago, simonthesmith said:

    45 years old but not ready to quit yet. Any clubs in West Cornwall need players? Was playing last season in Trelawny Div 3 but my son has moved on, however I'm still keen for some football. Best position is on the wing or up front but happy to play anywhere except in goal. Not as fast as I was, but I'm not slow. Can do weekends and weekday evenings. Get in touch. Simon.

    Stithians are looking for players

  8. 34 minutes ago, willy7 said:

    Justin miles to Penryn, you haven't got a clue. Wish people stop talking rubbish on here.

    Course he will he is a Penryn boy. I was stating the other as more interesting to talk about than Billy Williams.?

    How do you know it’s not true? You predicted st day as a top 4 side so what do you know ?

  9. On 23/09/2018 at 18:54, Andys said:

    If the player is taken out by the force of the challenge, when does careless or reckless come into it? 3 Weeks running, identikit challenges from behind, player sent sprawling by the force of the challenge, free kick would be given anywhere else on the pitch, yet nothing. Lack of consistency in decision making is ruining matches. Have no issue when we lose to a better side, just bemoaning the lack of rub of the green.

    we go again next week.

    But you did lose to the better side ?

  10. Helston 2

    newquay 2

    Helston will see this as 2 points dropped as being 2-0 up h/t but credit to Newquay for not giving up. 

    39 minutes ago, 100%cornish said:

    Not a lot i can say about the Gs 2ND HALF PERFORMANCE ,in the 1st half which was very poor from both teams Matt Saunders was causing problems for the Falmouth defence with his wing play but the Falmouth defence stopped  him in his tracks and the Falmouth captain Joe COOPER was outsanding i think hes a brilliant player .The 2nd half Falmouth came out meaning business they must of had there Marmite and  they ran out 5-0 winners in the end Ethan in the G goal must take the blame fro the 1st 2 goals the 1st one went right through him when he should of saved and the 2nd was well over the line even though he tried to claw the ball away but sorry Ethan you made a mistake this time .I dont know who the goal scorers where i dont like watching floodlit football .My man of the match goes to the Gs ASH BRADSHAW  and for FALMOUTH there captain JOE COOPER .Hard luck to the G Well done Falmouth you played some fine football in the 2nd half  your manager must of given you a rollicking at half time because you where certainly a different team .Nice to have a chat with Martin Duffs dad his son had a great game in midfield Was good to see the Newquay contingent there watching the G they got a good result down Helston tonight 2-2 And they got so many injuries so well done THE PEPPERMINTS see you saturday and next week when Plymouth Argyle  come to Mt Wise looking forward to that match

    Joe’s brother Jamie got mom for helston tonight as well 

  11. 18 minutes ago, Mr Bean said:

    my angle was dif to the lines angle. I was closer than the line and I seen the contact with the ball. the illogan player taking down the perranwell player was an unavoidable collision due to the "FAIR TACKLE".


    I don't see illogan moaning about the 2 potential penalty shouts I didn't give in the 1st half in favour to them. 

    as I explained at half time to the tall guy num 6. the perranwell player was going to ground had his hands out to break the fall. the ball struck his arm. I could have given a penalty and you couldn't have complained and it would have been a harsh one to give against the perranwell defender.

    2nd was perranwell num 18 on illogan 9 but the ball was with playing distance of num 18 as he shielded it hense for no foul. 

    had I given both of these as penalties within the first 15 mins that would have likely ended the competition.

    as for the illogan penalty I gave it was 3 yards in the box and I was about 5 yards max out to give it. illogan num 9 had the ball still in playing distance had both of perranwell players not slide in and taken him down he could have played the shot. if it was in the middle of the pitch id be expected to give it as a free kick.

    But if they was pens why not award them if it “ends the contest” that isn’t your problem as rules are rules

  12. 2 hours ago, WendronOfficial said:

    It was just a shame he had come straight from a funeral! 

    Shame we were on the back yesterday, mix up with the fixturing perhaps?

    Still, the pitch was in good condition and both teams were able to play some good football on it. 

    Yes, fortunate to have three trees at the back who try to play football - and all three scored yesterday. 

    Best of luck for the rest of the season - good bunch of boys. 

    Josh - manager (not the one in the suit)

    Has the other pitch passed ground grading  for combo football??