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  1. Ah he stopped me in Tesco and said he had it arranged. Shame
  2. Asterix

    Michael Stevens

    Another one of the Great. Mining League Battles. Superb
  3. Asterix

    Michael Stevens

    Horrible News. Can remember Mike and Rhonda on the sidelines, Down Gulval, with the Formidable Jowan May making appearances! Another Local Football Legend Gone. ☹️
  4. Did 40 year old Jody Hampton make his Debut for St just?
  5. Asterix

    Trelawny League - Saturday Feb 9 2019

    Oh i see. Thankyou Nigel. That will be called off then
  6. Asterix

    Trelawny League - Saturday Feb 9 2019

    Do four lanes play at pool school still? Pitch is normally decent
  7. Arise ... SIR RICHARD CHOWN - True Clubman by the looks of it! Very Rare now a days. Well said GP
  8. Matt 'Badger' Harris, Shane 'Stanley' Richards, etc
  9. Adam Selley must of scored a few goals this year? ON FIRE
  10. Asterix

    Rodney Gregory

    Bit like that now a days on the farm catching chickens 🤣
  11. Asterix

    Trelawny League - Saturday Feb 2 2019

    Get off that sofa!!!!!
  12. Asterix

    Trelawny League - Saturday Feb 2 2019

    Got to be Frogpools to lose now. Same fixture for 2 weeks running with, Frogs coming out with 7 goals and conceding 2 Overall
  13. There will sadly come a time when Steve will have to give up, his time, and unfortunately as it happens to other clubs, thats when the cracks start to appear. There isn't enough respect shown, to those long serving members who dedicate countless hours of their own time to clubs.