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  1. Don’t think that’s a fair assumption, regarding “I couldn’t see a junior cup finalists out there” don’t think any side would look like finalist in any of the ties, especially with the weather conditions.
  2. West Cornwall vs Southgate seniors looks a decent tie too. St Merryn with a nice trip down to St Just good couple of hours! Nice bus journey too.
  3. So as the investigation continues it must be Mikey or more likely Jas lol
  4. I remember that game Catt. Greenslade played for them and can’t remember the other one. Sure it was 17-0, in the end. Still played in great spirit !!! Illogan we’re flying I think they beat us to the league, with a game to go. St Buryan I think, is where we slipped up. St buryan were flying in those times too!!! Junior cup and contenders for Mining 1
  5. So Jason, Mikey or Treloar !! I’m guessing Jas? How are you bud?
  6. Exactly that bud. If anything I much preferred holding back so it was more 60/40 In their favour then to make it more satisfying when you won the tackle lol! 🙈 Never had time for d***heads !!!
  7. Well said. Every midfielder loves a challenge but never in my football career have I thought, to hurt anyone. Leave my mark with the strength of the tackle yes! It’s a hobby not a career sadly, but unfortunately there are some right heads out there who do intentionally try and cause that unnecessary damage.
  8. Too busy Chief. Good luck. Just take defeat graciously
  9. Makes no sense. You’re probably just as much as a in person as you are on here 🤔 20 goals or 1 goal, if it’s more goals than you then I’m pretty sure that’s all that really matters. If we was all perfect you wouldn’t be playing in these leagues, that you’re in!!!
  10. Surely that doesn’t make your defensive display that great??
  11. Why would not scoring more goals be embarrassing ?
  12. Thanks Dave would like to buy a set, that way I could always offer my services to referee voluntary
  13. Alright @Dave Bartlam looking to purchase this to offer my voluntary services to ref locally!
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