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  1. I’m lightened up Keith B just responding with Sarcasm.
  2. There’s plenty of EX SWPL players who aren’t as fit or as committed to that standard as they used to be. There’s always players that have taken, a step back or retired for a few years. Justin Harrington (ex professional) for Example, playing illogan 2nds, still probably as good if not better as most SWPL players. But he’s a local boy, who just wants to play Just because subs, or players have to play wouldn’t always put people off. But Thankyou very much for your comment bud, it’s really positive and boosts moral 🤔
  3. - Looking to get back into football? - Always played competitively? - Fancy being the main target man? - Have an eye for goal? - Know where the back of the Net is? Drop me a message, if you consider yourself prolific, can hit the back of the net with ease, and enjoy celebrating like a mad man, like the FIFA latest character. Looking for an Out and Out Striker who can score goals for fun. Let me know. Message me on here.
  4. As a player, I’m deeply gutted that there will now be a 4/5 week suspension in the league. Just when football was starting to make a come back ⚽️
  5. I think personally, unless there is video evidence or a referees report making a stance then, what else can the CCFA do with all these mixed reports??
  6. Good god this could be more interesting than, The Old firm Derby. Let’s get Ally McCoist, and Graeme Souness on this!!!
  7. But Steve curnow did for nearly 15 years? What’s the longest reign PZ have had? 8 games? Haha 😂 Who were the Illogan players Paul?
  8. What manager has a habit of leaving clubs in trouble? Surely St just is better run structurally that’s why Steve stayed so long? Yet managers keep leaving Penzance. Problems maybe?
  9. Little bit incorrect? Wasn’t Steve Curnow in charge for 10+ years? Pretty long standing. Sure Penzance have had Numerous Managers during that period?
  10. Sometimes what happens during a game is best left there 😊
  11. That there is a Pure class five star sh*thouse of an apology haha 😆
  12. New Inn Titans 1 - 1 Holmans Res Holmans were Favourites for 3 points, going into this game, after New Inn taking a 9-0 drumming last week. But what could of been a 2-1 win, for New inn, with Darren Davey missing a 1 on 1 with 10 to go, and the Holmans keeper pulling off a Save to keep it at 1-1 with the last kick off the game. Greatly refereed by Oliver Knibbs. Great game, brilliant contest between 2 sides, who were up for a battle. Sam King the scorer for Holmans Ralph Pascoe scorer for New inn.
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