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  1. I remember my first ever "CORNISH WRASSLE" Down at Lafrowda, what a Lovely encounter on a Sunny day! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Too many Pansies Around these days in Local football
  2. Don't make bets, Marksy, you've got Adam browns, sick pay to pay for according to Dave Rowe.
  3. Came online to see Dave Rowe bleating about The Holmans vs Illogan Game. Tom Butt isnt a bad lad -No but he obviously mistimes and misjudged a challenge which some people have become aggrieved about.  Dave what right have you got to come on here and start going on about what people have said? You're a "Qualified Referee" but you aren't in control of people in general. Was you at the game? NO Did you referee the game? NO Did you give the Red Card? NO So is the referee in question, wrong because he gave Tom Butt a Red card, Because hes normally a " NICE GUY"? NO Whats Marksys personal income, Cash flow, or savings account got to do with you? Marksy cant afford to pay off Adam brown, hes got his weekly Hair Gel bill this month, and its 2 for 1 at the local Kebab house isnt it ~Marksy? ,
  4. I have seen Marksy walk, 99.9 yards, hes never made it to 100!
  5. Best wishes on recovery to Browner! Top lad!
  6. For sake Marksy lol Marksy, get some rest from your fishing, you and millser got a big night tonight, in your matching united pyjamas watching the great United defeat Barca. Come on you reds
  7. Afraid to say, but all Local football maybe even sport is on the demise! Such a saddened conclusion, but not many clubs have stalwarts like the old days, and unfortunately not many, upcoming younger generation willing or having the time, to put in!
  8. Arsene wenger? I doubt he lives in Praze. Keyboard warrior, very much off the beaten track, Monsieur. I'd happily say the same if I seen you on a Saturday afternoon. Many thanks, Ralph.
  9. All of those but not a career or qualification in the great English language lol You are Very much correct, I do not do mind reading FOR A LIVING
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