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  1. Div 3 New inn titans 4 (3) - (0) 2 Goonhavern Reserves Game played at Illogan Park The game started edgy by both sides, a little bit kick and rush. After 10 minutes, New inn started to settle down, and play the ball from the back. 3 Experienced boys playing at the back for NI in Mushy, Cliff Harvey and Matt Woodward, controlled and organised well. Which made the midfield of New inn able to control, and dominate the midfield, and play the ball, into the front 2 of Michael Catterall, and Johnny Jones. New inn put pressure on the back four of Goonhav
  2. Cracking Poem Rodney!!! Shane richards told me to say hello
  3. To be fair was always going to be hard to police, with it being a open public park, people walking their dogs, 2 different sports happening. Pretty hard to enforce to much, when wasn’t using the changing rooms, and it being a public footpath between, the village. Entertaining game
  4. Nice to see you “walking the dog” 👀 Dave. Ring rust definitely New inn titans 1 - 2 Tregony Very rusty and unfit football to get the lockdown season restarted. First half, Tregony had, more possession in the first half, and Created and Converted 1 clear chance, when Myself slipped on the ball gifting the centre forward the route in on goal! Second half, a Couple of changes by Titans and a lot more pressure was put on the Tregony back 4. A good bit of build up play and a great flick and turn over the defenders head and a good finish by Johnny Jones! Game on, but suddenly
  5. Has someone listened to the Podcast 🙄🤔
  6. Yes @Dave Deacon, slightly confused. I’m sure fixtures have been released
  7. That’s mental, but preparation. It’s all to ****, because it doesn’t define, what “organised” means. doesn't state it has to be league or cup football. Could it be testimonials, charity matches, memorial Matches, friendly.
  8. I didn’t mean straight away on March 29th. I mean with a season cancelled, you’d have a 4 month period to organise your pre season
  9. Clubs could arrange as many friendlies as they wish, to get momentum into the season! Perfect chance. Even without the ‘Cricketers’
  10. I feel like we should cancel the season and start next season when It’s all safe. like people are saying.. start a month or two early. Get your pre season and training games in now for fitness and then hit the ground running.
  11. I absolutely get what you’re saying Martin I really do. But who’s to say it will be gone in a couple months ? Could be for the foreseeable. I’m totally into getting it all cleared up etc, and as for my statement. Sometimes football is the only form of release for us, and just wish it was there for us to all play. It’s a shame, that this has been such a terrible situation. Lockdown has been tough for all of us. And I hope we’re all safe
  12. Ah I see so people best get transfers in ASAP. Would give a bit of a kick in the teeth to those, who don’t pull in any. But then, can only play what’s in front of you.
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