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  1. Forget the Fraud etc, you're currently hiding behind a name... CornishLegend?
  2. What he's back again. Top bloke. Dicky must of promised to show liverpool games first, to keep Neal Happy. 😂
  3. Bude are at home so unless they are picking St Day up and dropping them back 🙈
  4. Joffy best get those paintbrushes out
  5. All of you can come on here and put you penneth In, as a playing member of local football, Neal is one of the best, if not the best, football tactician and coaches in the local game. He's not only maticulous in his approach to games, but having only played a few games with Meals, guidance and knowledge and season of training sessions, with Neal I can honestly say he is a superb, motivator and amazing at man management. Top bloke. Neal good luck. About, time you did that Dave, so you and Millser could wear matching Man United polo's whilst sucking on a Werthers original or 4 😉
  6. What are you doing now Neal?
  7. There you, go could only say former as didn't know wether you still was 🙄. Good on Lanner, good to see the club progressing, Great boys there 😎
  8. Oh my mistake Nigel. But there is adequate space up at, Tresavean for some sort of Changing facilities if they can get the planning. Couple of builders in, the Lanner Set up.
  9. I agree but with the Vermadin treatment or whatever it Is Moles will be stopped and I'm sure thatadam being a former GroundKeeper of a golf course will know what to do regarding Rabbit holes. Also with many tradesmen involved with the club, dugouts wouldnt take long to knock up, and maybe even money raised or grants there will be some sort of changing rooms, seeing as coppice is shut.
  10. That's what I'm trying to get at Justin, 6 years hard work, taking the stick, off of people on here, grafting and winning leagues to reach the pinnacle and BANG all goes pop. Strange but I will say we never know what goes on behind closed doors
  11. Good on you Adam and the boys, are you currently working on Tresavean,for the changing rooms, the club wanted there a few years ago. And Tresavean is a lovely flat pitch and with Adams knowledge of being a groundsman I expect it to be upto Standards better than most combo pitches.
  12. Why gain promotion, and then fold when the clubs main aim was to make it to a better league?
  13. Alright rappo buddy. Yes great game that was. I remember it well. Think we was chatting whilst a corner was being taken, then I hit a half volley, from 55 yards. Old Dennis couldn't get to it bud. Turned around and you was shaking my hand lol. 😂 Hope you're well bud 😊
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