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    Dagerags reacted to Steve Carpenter in Start of new season   
    There are some good points made above but before we all get too carried away with the idea of a September start we should remember that at this stage this only considered to be the 'most likely' outcome.  There is no guarantee or commitment attached to it.  There are other potential scenarios including holding the leagues over until 2021/22.  All of the restart options have the same caveats i.e.
    1. Any re-start will only be when the Dept of Media, Culture & Sport (DCMS) gives approval AND will be subject to any conditions that the DCMS make.
    2. Games cannot re-start at Steps 1 to 7 of the NLS without spectators and all Steps are tied together on a restart date.   
    3. All clubs have to produce and publish a Risk Assessment (FA guidance will be provided).
    For what it's worth, I think we'll be starting towards the end of September but in the end we should only be doing so when it's safe for all participants be it players, spectators or club members, many of whom are in more vulnerable age groups.  And when I say safe I mean as safe as it reasonably and possibly can be because if you want 100% safe you're going to be waiting a very long time.
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    Dagerags reacted to TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in RESULTS - Saturday, 14 March 2020   
    Hello bud. It's a combination of two things.
    Primarily the change in the weather patterns is the main problem,  undoubtedly global warming is the cause of that in my opinion. 
    Secondly the recession damaging clubs finances stopped a lot of investment into the pitch.
    Both of the above have affected all clubs I would imagine. 
    But the amount of rainfall and the way it falls now is the overriding problem for everyone and how to remove it quickly from the playing surface.
    At this level quite honestly...impossible. 
    At premiership level with a multimillion pound pitch ...no problems. 
    Anyone got a few million spare? Lol
    And praying for high pressure,  but not the high pressure this weather is giving me!
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    Dagerags reacted to Steve Carpenter in COVID-19   
    I am currently awaiting the daily update from the head of the National League System.  This will in turn be forwarded onto the clubs along with some words that I have put together which, depending on what the FA say, will provide additional guidance.  I'll also post it on here.  As it happens we have a Committee Meeting next Wednesday but an awful lot can change between now and then.  Nobody needs to panic but we find ourselves in exceptional and fast moving times and we will have to be nimble and swift in our decision making.  Football is very much secondary to peoples health.
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    Dagerags reacted to Bruegel the Elder in Respect   
    It is worrying when the more respected members of the forum come out as coronavirus deniers.
     I am no apologist for the government or the red top media (both of which I loathe), just a simple Health Care Professional who can tell the difference between scare mongering and a pandemic. As I’ve said before on this forum; young fit players will suffer little more than a bad cold if they catch it, their elderly relatives, bloke sitting next to them in the bar, or next person to use their discarded supermarket trolley could end up with a death sentence, just because they couldn’t follow simple hygiene rules.
    Usually I can inject a little bit of humour into my posts. Regrettably THIS IS NOT FUNNY.
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    Dagerags got a reaction from Rudders in RESULTS March 7th 2020   
    Cracking highlights here by modog.
    Cornish VAR says goal.  Ball clearly already passed and still onside. 
    that the problem with words they can be taken as gospel. 
    I really hope Penryn think the wind beat them. 

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    Dagerags got a reaction from RAPPO in RESULTS March 7th 2020   
    Cracking highlights here by modog.
    Cornish VAR says goal.  Ball clearly already passed and still onside. 
    that the problem with words they can be taken as gospel. 
    I really hope Penryn think the wind beat them. 

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    Dagerags reacted to RAPPO in RESULTS March 7th 2020   
    Sure nobody thinks it’s gospel, if I’m there I just try and give an honest report for both teams for whoever is interested. 🤔
    Not sure about that line!? Depends where you scribble your wonky red marker! You’ve started it in the right bottom corner!! Start in the middle of the picture and put a ruler across it! That’s straight as welll!! Yours looks more bizarre than VAR!! Was linesman Alan in front the play, in line, or behind!?! Looks onside from that one though doesn’t it but off on the video. To be honest Alan is one of the fairest club lino’s, and best in my opinion over the many years he’s been doing it and his positioning looks spot on from that picture and he gave it so it’s a goal, end of story regardless of where you want to position a convenient pretend line!!! 

    I’m sure Penryn won’t think just the wind beat them, was the same for both teams, 😳 😂 St.Ives just coped better with it on the day on their own pitch and made less mistakes and just about deserved it I thought. Pretty sure both teams will drop points yet in their tough run ins, should be an interesting last 6/7 weeks of the season weather permitting!! 👍🏆
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    Dagerags got a reaction from willy7 in RESULTS March 7th 2020   
    Cracking highlights here by modog.
    Cornish VAR says goal.  Ball clearly already passed and still onside. 
    that the problem with words they can be taken as gospel. 
    I really hope Penryn think the wind beat them. 

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    Dagerags got a reaction from TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in Interesting   
    That’s the saltings this morning, what a difference a day makes. 

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    Dagerags reacted to Ieuan Gregory in Interesting   
    Keep talking Dave those of us who want to are learning all the time.
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    Dagerags got a reaction from GKBH in RESULTS - Saturday 22 February 2020   
    Saltings is fine, game on. 
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    Dagerags got a reaction from TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in RESULTS - Saturday 22 February 2020   
    Saltings is fine, game on. 
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    Dagerags reacted to jobysdad in Ludgvan withdraw from the League   
    Because their home ground is in Ludgvan ( and has been for 10+ years), and a fair percentage of their players come from Ludgvan (and surrounding areas, like a lot of other clubs). There’s a long, and frankly boring story about why the Lions aren’t linked to the adult club, but meanwhile thanks to parents who became coaches the 6 junior teams continue to give kids the opportunity to just play football. Whether they end up playing for Ludgvan, Penzance or Mousehole/Marazion Allstars isn’t really the point.
    As for the whole organised youth football debate, well what choice do the kids have these days?  Having grown up playing footy on a council estate that’s now covered in ‘No ball games’ signs, is there any wonder they don’t play jumpers for goalposts anymore??
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    Dagerags reacted to John Mead in RESULTS - Saturday, 11 January 2020   
    In my opinion, what all Clubs need is loyalty from their "local" players. Once those players are replaced by others from outside of their "normal" catchment area, they rarely return to "their" club. The only solution then is for the Club to continue to "import" players - if they can. Sad but true!
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    Dagerags reacted to Andys in RESULTS - Saturday 4 JANUARY 2020   
    If only that were the case Dave, Dave Bartlam was spot on, you can take so much crap and it's water off a duck's back, being called a cheating c..t, f..king useless, any other collection of choice phrases by away teams, coaches, spectators, and yes even players from your own team, it does make you think why do I bloody bother, all we want to do is try and support the game we all love! We all get things wrong, it's part of being human, and yes some linos cheat, it's a regrettable fact! But if there's any player, any ref, or any other lino who has says they never made a mistake during a match, then they're a bloody liar.
    Looking forward to the advert "Linesman wanted for local football side, just not too honest!"
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    Dagerags got a reaction from Old 1950 in RESULTS - Saturday, 28 December 2019   
    Yeah two red cards a piece and the 4 blokes who got sent off all having a laugh and a chat  on the sidelines (like best mates)  while the rest of the game was being played.
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    Dagerags reacted to Steve Carpenter in Kernow Stone Cup - Quarter-Final Draw   
    Result of the draw made earlier today:
    Hayle v AFC St Austell Reserves
    St Day v Perranporth
    St Ives Town v Millbrook Reserves
    Falmouth Town Reserves v Mousehole Reserves/Morwenstow
    The first three fixtures listed will be played on 8th Feb with Falmouth v Mousehole/Morwenstow taking place on 1st Feb. 
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    Dagerags got a reaction from Dave Deacon in RESULTS & ANY MATCH REPORTS/THOUGHTS - Saturday 14 December 2019   
    I don’t think any of the players knew the laws enough. 
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    Dagerags got a reaction from willy7 in Fixtures - Saturday 16 November 2019   
    St Ives 4 v 3 St Mawgan 
    St Mawgan took an early lead against the run of play and St Ives managed to turn that into a 3-1 lead at half time, just after the break Josh Magin made it 4-1 with 30 minutes to go most teams give up not St Mawgan they went direct and they went forward in numbers and by the 80th minute it was 4-3 after two headers. The last ten minutes St Ives managed to get a foothold in the game again but St Mawgan pushed till the final whistle. 
    St Mawgan nice bunch, fair play for not giving up. best of luck to them for the season. 
    St Ives 
    joe day x2 
    ross Duncan 
    josh magin
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    Dagerags got a reaction from Maler10 in New management at Perranporth   
    Did you enjoy it as much as you were hoping ? 
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    Dagerags reacted to Harry Pope in New management at Perranporth   
    Not as much as you enjoyed writing that comment!! 👍 
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    Dagerags reacted to Andys in SATURDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2019   
    He's been discharged from hospital.
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    Dagerags got a reaction from LocalFootballLover66 in SATURDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2019   
    Glad the person(s) paying those lads to play got 3 points, cause what I saw on Tuesday they should be ashamed to take that money. 
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    Dagerags reacted to ECPL in Liskeard out. ------ Torpoint, Saltash, Polperro ?????   
    Common sense at last. The decision to force a new league has completely back fired. I said at the time don't fix what is not broken. The ECPL for all its faults has been around since 1961. It has always been a friendly league – yes it has had its faults but strangely the new St Piran league has opened up the ECPL to receive more clubs from the Duchy League as well as elsewhere. It is understood that up to seven teams want to join the ECPL.
    At the moment there is 23 teams in the ECPL. If Tavistock leave (I understood that is not final) and St Austell and Wadebridge pull out then that leaves 20. Add up to another 7 new entrants and the ECPL could have at least 27 teams for next season. Plenty for a two division set up.
    That leaves 11 teams in the new St Piran L:eague.  Will the FA allow this to happen ? 
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    Dagerags got a reaction from MattP in CFA Statement - 28th February   
    St Ives decided against applying after much conversation amongst the committee and team. This time last year we were struggling to get 10 men most Saturdays, we are instead hoping to retain our playing squad and add a second team to the club. 
    Sometimes you have to know your limits and Bude away on a Tuesday in August will never be achievable from here for us. 
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