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  1. I was told there was a rule to stop that something like 3 fixtures would love confirmation on it
  2. it also states you should avoid car sharing with anyone outside of your house or bubble, so unless you've got 14 drivers its a no go at any level.
  3. St ives 3 v 2 Falmouth a game of two halves, st ives could and maybe should have been out of sight at half time 3-0 up. Falmouth went route one and got there rewards mid way through the second half and followed it with another quickly after. the reason for my post was the ref he was new for us and we thought he was fantastic, his decision making was consistent he explained himself well very modern.
  4. We at St Ives appreciate you taking the precautions.
  5. Don’t think many will get any points of helston great side, but the keeeper was in inspired form second half. great game though no quarter given by any player.
  6. St Stephen 3 v 2 St.Ives many thanks to the man who reffed when the referee couldn’t make it.
  7. Huge sums spent at st ives, just trying to work out if the players have to pay £2 or £3 quid a week to play.
  8. St Ives town are looking to add a goalkeeper to the club, our number 1 is working for a month or so. Looking for someone ambitious to play at a higher level and claim the shirt as there own. First team - St Pirans West Second team - Trelawney 2 anyone looking to make the step up please get in contact, 1-1 GK available.
  9. Sorry to hear that, in the nicest possible way it was always a horrible away day as you always gave as good as you got.
  10. Lovely thanks for the response. Just thought the hayle groundsman dictating fixtures was a bit rich on the restart after a 5 month lay off.
  11. Steve do you mind giving some insight to why hayle v st ives on the 8/9 has been moved at the request of hayle leaving st ives with one game then a 14 day gap, seems a bit unfair.
  12. They have to pay to play at St Ives so I don’t think money is the main motivation for those players.
  13. On a serious note about your pitch @TheolderIgetthebetterIwas when I was kid I used to be amazed at kernick road and how pristine it was, did they have these problems in the 90’s or did it just rain less. been reading your thread and while I don’t understand much of what you say, you clearly know what your doing. Hope this high pressure will help you in the next few weeks.
  14. Cracking highlights here by modog. Cornish VAR says goal. Ball clearly already passed and still onside. that the problem with words they can be taken as gospel. I really hope Penryn think the wind beat them.
  15. That’s the saltings this morning, what a difference a day makes.
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