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  1. On a serious note about your pitch @TheolderIgetthebetterIwas when I was kid I used to be amazed at kernick road and how pristine it was, did they have these problems in the 90’s or did it just rain less. been reading your thread and while I don’t understand much of what you say, you clearly know what your doing. Hope this high pressure will help you in the next few weeks.
  2. Cracking highlights here by modog. Cornish VAR says goal. Ball clearly already passed and still onside. that the problem with words they can be taken as gospel. I really hope Penryn think the wind beat them.
  3. That’s the saltings this morning, what a difference a day makes.
  4. Shame the semis are now after the season finishes. the cup seems like an afterthought. Played a quarter final on the 8th of feb and have to wait I’ll April the 27th for the semi.
  5. St Ives 2 v 1 Helston helston arrived at the saltings with a really strong side and took the lead early on with a goal from the really impressive number 11. By the half hour mark St Ives had turned the deficit into a 2-1 lead with goals from Clymo and penalty from Joe Day. second half Helston applied a lot of pressure without carving out any real opportunities. I felt they should have had a penalty but the ref didn’t agree. St Ives had a couple of half chances in the second half but largely spent the half defending there lead. from the two games we have played helston I can’t believe they are lying 9th in the table two really hard games and one win a piece. best of luck to them for the rest a nice bunch.
  6. As Harry pope said he basically had one evening to sort it, so while they might have liked the right back at mousehole if they didn’t know his name or have anyway of contacting him on social media then they couldn’t pick them. And with regard to picking there own players it makes sense, on Tuesday they have a base of team, if all of sudden people cry off they have 10 blokes who are happy they were selected and who are going to turn up. best of luck think it might be a tough game.
  7. Yeah two red cards a piece and the 4 blokes who got sent off all having a laugh and a chat on the sidelines (like best mates) while the rest of the game was being played.
  8. More in a half than a season. But I think it’s a new law where if the ref stops the game it’s an uncontested drop ball to the team that last touched it. Twice he stopped it for an injury and once for it hitting him.
  9. St Ives 4 v 3 St Mawgan St Mawgan took an early lead against the run of play and St Ives managed to turn that into a 3-1 lead at half time, just after the break Josh Magin made it 4-1 with 30 minutes to go most teams give up not St Mawgan they went direct and they went forward in numbers and by the 80th minute it was 4-3 after two headers. The last ten minutes St Ives managed to get a foothold in the game again but St Mawgan pushed till the final whistle. St Mawgan nice bunch, fair play for not giving up. best of luck to them for the season. Goals St Ives joe day x2 ross Duncan josh magin
  10. Just don’t think they are bothering with the cups, costing them to put out a side every week come cup week they don’t seem to bother.
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