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  1. Glad the person(s) paying those lads to play got 3 points, cause what I saw on Tuesday they should be ashamed to take that money.
  2. Penryn won 4 v1 it says on full time
  3. Mousehole 3 v 2 St Ives 90th minute winner. Thanks for the hospitality afterwards.
  4. We would play anyone, we were the team happy to play at combo level, which looks like a shambles of a league to be honest. Instead fairly we are in the bottom division just a shame that due diligence wasn’t taken with this bunch from four lanes. We had 16 blokes stood like lemmings waiting for a team to turn up who had no intentions of doing so or even having the courtesy of letting us know.
  5. Why wouldn’t St Ives have agreed ? Would have agreed to anything for a game of football.
  6. That’s alright then, we didn’t realise they couldn’t find the saltings that place with a postcode.
  7. New season upon us today and Four Lanes Reserves haven’t turned up for the opening day at the saltings. Cracking start, what a shambles this is. Want people to parciapte then get rid of the time wasters.
  8. Thanks for the update I know the criteria for selection but is there a tiebreaker if it goes down to the last couple of places and all teams are in say category c of the criteria. Will it go on ground or league position or just somebodies choice.
  9. And that’s great but that information wasn’t put out there, so we felt we couldn’t risk it. Good luck with it, be a very competitive league.
  10. St Ives decided against applying after much conversation amongst the committee and team. This time last year we were struggling to get 10 men most Saturdays, we are instead hoping to retain our playing squad and add a second team to the club. Sometimes you have to know your limits and Bude away on a Tuesday in August will never be achievable from here for us.
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