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  1. Heard Massey has put 7 days in for The Waltz?
  2. Matt Shapland gone Helston to Masseys Millions 🤌🏼
  3. Matt Shapland has got contacts as he managed in southern premier league 2 seasons ago so I would think he could pull a thing or 2 ....
  4. Rumour has it Matt Shapland from Saltash could be taking over at Bodmin with Matt , but just rumours at the moment.
  5. Apparently calstock have said no me javvy so god knows mate
  6. Tobias chapman going to Cally as running out of players
  7. Have heard from many sources Tobias Chapman been offered big money to go bodmin to stop leaking goals.
  8. Heard bodmin are favourites now for the drop & are looking to pinch a few players from Calstock to boost survival chances ....
  9. Yes heard he’s off there from a reliable source, finalising next couple days.
  10. I see Callum Obrien looks set to move Callington , big bucks appaz
  11. See it’s had a knock on effect this promotion as Obrien looks set for a move to Saltash Borough ! 🤯
  12. Heard Massey is about to get his cheque book out again and is about to fork out 3k signing on fee’s again #leakatheback
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