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  1. Spot on again fenman. Tommy Cooper, Dad's Army, Open All Hours great in my opinion. Yes different generation now. Personally I despise smut and lewd jokes. An old and great stand up comedian of the 50's (?) Dickie Henderson said on interview one day, ''If I had to resort to smut and lewdness to get a laugh, I'd quit the stage'.
  2. I heard yesterday from a very good source (that must remain anon) that what baldy says here is in fact true. The season will be, in all probability, played out behind closed doors - once all the players involved have been given the all clear in terms of their health.
  3. I remember watching Crediton play Plymouth Civil Service, it would have been back in the early 1980's. Can't remember what league that was in - too long ago and memory playing tricks.
  4. Yes - that's hard to argue against sir ☺️.
  5. Darren, in my opinion nobody is worth £70,000 per week ( we know too, that some players are paid far in excess of that ). Brain Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses, Scientists etc, people who really serve our society and should be paid more than they are - maybe they are worth such pay (?) but not footballers.
  6. Mmm - trouble is Richard, if you don't subscribe you won't be watching sport. Personally I'd rather see the Premier League fold up, rather than see these players getting paid what they are - they simply are not worth it. (as Harry Redknapp said) !!
  7. They certainly are in the same boat Darren. Some of the CEO's get paid bonuses even if the company lose millions, which is disgusting. Yes these people could indeed help the NHS. I don't think there is a vendetta against the players themselves - it's the ridiculous salaries they get paid. You can't blame the players, of course they will accept vast sums of money for playing the game they love (presumably love ?) and many do give lots of money to charities. Mata of Man U said on interview some seasons back that, (Quote, ''we are paid far too much money for what we do''). Mata gives over half of his salary to a number of charities in Spain. I think we are talking about a principle here. These Premier League players are paid more money per week than most people, many of whom are very skilled in their field of work, will see in their lifetime. Most would have to work for many years to see such sums of money.
  8. I hope not - if they did a lot of charities would suffer terribly.
  9. Great idea Richard, for players to pay the wages of the non playing staff at their clubs. Can't agree when you say that the players are not role models WOTP. Surely they are - kids look up to them and try to emulate them - there's evidence of this everywhere. Man U shirts with Rashford's name on the back etc, are selling well, as are other players named shirts.
  10. It has been suggested that Premier League player's wages should be cut. The governing body are, we are told, reluctant and dragging their feet on this. The average wage in the Premier League apparently is £70,000 per week. In my opinion, this eye watering money is obscene when considering what the players actually do for that money. They are the highest paid people in the world, other than many CEO's in big companies. The proposal is, that the players give up a large percentage of their wages to help the NHS in their financial crisis. What do people think ?
  11. Still playing at 54 fenman - I take my hat off to you sir.
  12. This is a great post fenman. Yes if it's in the blood, football has the priority over all else. Mind you, my wife wouldn't agree now - but when I was playing football I didn't have a girlfriend. That all changed when I went away to sea mind. As a Petty Officer there is room for a great social life on a cruise ship. I'll leave it there - safe to say I discovered girls ! Getting time off for playing sport was difficult in the Met. Even if you were representing the Met at football, rugby, boxing - all depended on the workload. The 'days leave' that were cancelled multiplied astonishingly, it's a good job they paid you overtime for it. Best paid job I ever had - but not the best job though. That title goes to my years at sea. Best job I ever had and I would do it over again. I enjoyed my years in the Met - a worthwhile job and with plenty of adrenaline moments. (Yes, there were plenty of adrenaline moments at sea too). Still playing football at 50 fenman - blimey that deserves a medal mate !
  13. Amen. Rest in peace Alan.
  14. Are you sure this isn't just another bit of fake news baldy ?
  15. You leave the radio on for the cat Billy ? Well you certainly got some laughs by starting this thread Billy. My wife and I have been left in stiches by some posts. Well done sir !
  16. If a lad has a true love of the game fenman. he will be chomping at the bit to get playing again. There may be a few who fall away, but if it's in your blood and in those around you too, you will be training ie, running when you can and keeping fitness levels up by every means.
  17. I think that as long as COVID 19 is still around, the powers that be will be very hesitant to start football again. This virus has got to be got rid off.
  18. So it would seem Dave. Matter of understanding/interpretation ? ! No offence meant Chris.
  19. Ohh - actually my question was meant as a joke. Never mind.
  20. I think everyone has accepted that that will be the case baldy. Until this lethal virus has been declared over and gone, what else can they do ?
  21. I've since added a further bit of info about the school WOTP.
  22. Ever since you posted this item WOTP I've been scratching my head for an answer. Closer to 80 years of age than 70 now, it was a long time ago to remember. I remember each of the schools I attended from infants, through junior school to secondary modern, each school was very sport orientated. Yes even infants. We played football every playtime. Were encouraged in all sport by the staff that were very keen. I played for my house at secondary school, got noticed and made the senior school team during my last two years. Great secondary modern school (Stourfield Secondary School, Bournemouth East) - we had massive playing fields which included soccer (two pitches), rugby, cricket, athletics, hockey and we had our own indoor swimming pool too. We were very fortunate. The school has since been renamed Beaufort Road School - the reason for this is a mystery to me. The playing fields abutted the River Stour, hence presumably the original school name. Dad was a keen footballer and cricketer. I watched my first live professional game with dad at AFC Bournemouth, which in those days was called Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic and they played at Dean Court. Bournemouth played in the old Division 3 South in those days. I've loved football ever since and appreciate the schools and staff, who encouraged us to take an interest in, and to play a sport. I still support AFC Bournemouth today. PS - sadly the vast playing fields at Stourfield School mentioned above, have now been sold off and it's all a new housing estate. Sign of the times I guess.
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