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  1. Libel Rodney. Be careful - you went on a bit too much in your outburst. You are free to think what you like, but be careful of what you say, especially in print. Many folk have made that mistake over the years. May see you at a Tinners match when it all starts again !
  2. Just chose your words carefully Rodney. I'd hate to see you prosecuted - I believe your heart's in the right place really sir 🙂.
  3. Again I have to say that the best team won on the night. How we miss Stef Houghton at the back, both for her play and influence. The old adage, that you should not change a winning team, is both wise and proven. Ok this was just a friendly, but the new players brought in, along with some players being asked to play in unaccustomed positions, did nothing for the cause last night. That said, take nothing away from Canada - they played very well and England found great difficulty in piercing their defence. Frankly we didn't really look like scoring, despite some great shots from Jordan Nobbs
  4. Can't hide your detestation can you Rodney. Be careful.
  5. If it's accurate it could be good and speed up decisions. Only if it's accurate though.
  6. I agree CTB, that's a correct and nice suggestion.
  7. On the night the best team won. Both teams were without players who normally would have been in their team. England missed Stef Houghton and Lucy Bronze at the back terribly. It was a hard game in which France were dominant for most of the match. The French scored first and we knew we were in for a tough night. France made it 2 nil but England fought back hard and I thought for the last 20 minutes we looked better. Fran Kirby scored for England and substitutions were made by the new head coach, but England were looking so vulnerable at the back. Roebuck in England's goal looked crestfallen but
  8. Are you serious ? Re read what you have written. Contradictions, lack of common sense and outright tripe. Sorry Borat, but your kind of attitude just makes the situation worse. Good post Rodney sir. I hope Borat reads and digests it. Thank you Steve. Oh dear, no wonder some people are confused. I think it's better to wait. Let's make sure all folk are vaccinated first and then still stick to the rules.
  9. A great shame, but a common sense decision all things considered.
  10. Contact Saltash - get them scratching their brains. Surely somebody there is old enough to remember this game ?
  11. Yes sir - Exeter Chiefs v Leinster should be a cracker. After their last game against Lyon and coming from behind 17 points down, it was ferocious and exciting to the final whistle. Roll on the weekend !
  12. I think that on some grounds these rules are going to be hard to enforce or police. Easy for clubs where the ground is completely fenced off and entry is via one gate only eg, like Penzance.
  13. Our age has much to do with it Brian I'm sure. Yes, I agree Lingard is a good player .. but something else when it comes to celebrating a goal scored. Perhaps peer pressure ie, all or most of the other players do it, or something akin to it, maybe the answer. Personally I detest these goal celebrations. Dancing around the corner flag, dancing with his team mates, pulling ugly or stupid faces and all the other childish antics. Where on earth did all this come from ... no, I don't want to know ! They just need to grow up.
  14. Darren I can't fault anything you've said here. It's ironic isn't it - we pay millions of pounds out for people to entertain us, when millions are desperately needed to feed and house the poor. I'm beginning to see perhaps why you chose Saint (St) Darren as your pseudonym ? Take care of yourself sir.
  15. That's the whole problem Darren, football is no longer a sport, it's become big business. When big money is on the scene, life teaches us that, sadly, too often comes the worst side of peoples characters. Greed and the lust for more money - and moral values and decency go down the pan. Sport, as we always understood the meaning of the word, was just that. Healthy competition between two teams, played in a sporting manner and attitude, giving good entertainment at the same time. Now the premier league has become obscene by comparison - yes, there is a lot of football skill there, but a lo
  16. Again - Lingard is supposed to be an adult. His antics suggest otherwise. But he's not alone in these antics, 90% of them are at it. What bugs me also, is that these players get paid more per week, than the Prime Minister gets in a year. I give up, I'll watch the rugby instead - and live local football when it starts again.
  17. He's supposed to be an adult. To my horror I noticed a rugby player raise his finger to his lips as if hushing the crowd - just like some footballers do, in the Heineken Cup match on Saturday. I do hope that these infantile antics don't spread to rugby. That said, I don't think so - they're a different breed.
  18. Wolves 2 - West ham 3 So Jesse Lingard celebrates opening the scoring for West Ham by running around pointing his finger and poking his tongue out. This and other childish, so called 'celebrations', is one of the many reasons why I'm stopping watching Premier League football. I'm sick to death of watching these over paid, childish idiots performing. Of course Lingard's not alone in these antics. Running around sucking your thumb is another vavourite as well. Bring back the Alan Shearer type of celebration - raise one finger aloft and set off back to the center circle to restart the m
  19. Spot on again older - you usually are. Yep I know exactly what you mean. One problem is though, that the more physical work doesn't often pay that well. You may have noticed. You're right about obesity as well.
  20. Ha ha ok then buddy - what do you call proper work ? Careful now you may offend a few folk 😊.
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