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  1. Dave Deacon's magazine is very good. There's enough in it to satisfy me.
  2. Obviously never been introduced to the word ''modesty'', or its meaning.
  3. Saddened to hear this news. Rest in peace sir.
  4. Agree - read both Tom Finney (saw him play too at Fratton Park) and Fred Truman, great reads. John Charles ex Leeds United and Wales great read as well. ''Gentleman John'' Charles as they called him. Watched him playing for Leeds against Southampton at The Dell years ago. The Saints defenders couldn't stop him - he was quick and of large build. In sheer exasperation Terry Pain, the Southampton and England winger (horrible tempered man) tried to hack Charles down as he headed for their goal. In so trying, Pain injured himself - Charles continued on, scored another goal and then went back
  5. Gary Mabbut - good footballer and nice man too. Always had time for the young supporters and very generous with his time when signing autographs. A diabetic, he had to inject himself before the game and some times at half time too, if the game was very hectic. Nice guy all round. Saw a lot of him when I was taking my eldest daughter to White Hart Lane. She always wanted to be there early, so she could get the players autographs as they came in to the car park. She had a thing for Teddy Sherringham, goodness knows how many times she got his signature !
  6. Yes good post fenman. I have long asked the question regarding boxers getting this awful condition. Even after all this regarding footballers, as yet, nobody from the world of boxing has come forward with any data or views. Over the years I have met a number of men who boxed in their younger days and still to my knowledge, none of them are suffering from dementia. Is this a condition stemming from football ? Perhaps it runs in families like some cancers do ?
  7. Oh dear - and you know this is rubbish - how ? Actually, Bruegel is one of the last forum members you could accuse of speaking rubbish.
  8. Careful Rodney you might get Sectioned for such sentiments 🙂. As for the resurrection, maybe we could talk about that if we meet again sir.
  9. Good to hear from you again fenman and to know you are ok. Understand completely about some of the types and their comments on the forum. I guess that's what a forum is comprised of when drawing a following from all backgrounds. There are some good posts too, from some nice people and some good match reports from some, wish there were more of those. Looking forward to the season starting again properly, though goodness knows when that will be. Motorbikes. Had one or two in my teens. Started with a BSA C15 250cc, then had a Royal Enfield Constellation 700cc and went on to a Triumph Bonnevi
  10. One of the most enjoyable autobiographies I have read was that of Dickie Bird, the celebrated cricket umpire. It is full of mirth and accounts of memorable matches. One account comes to mind and the scene set is of a certain day's play in a test match. Dickie Bird was umpiring and those who follow cricket will know that Dickie was a stickler to make sure everything was done properly. He would stand for no mucking about either by players or cricket supporters at the match. Well - Ian Botham and Allan Lamb were both playing for England and England were batting. Mobile phones were banned fro
  11. So you just want to start an argument Footie mad 🙂.
  12. Ahh - thank you RAPPO. I shall look one or two of those up. If a book was worth reading again - that may be my first then. Thanks again sir.
  13. Lighten up sir - I'm sure there was no malice in the post by 'sticker forever'.
  14. Recently I spoke about Arsene Wenger's autobiography and Brian Clough was mentioned by Richard. Over the years there have been some great written memoirs from players, managers and sports commentators. With Christmas coming and therefore an opportunity to think of gifts as Home Waters suggested, has anybody got a book they would recommend ? Some time ago, I read the autobiography of Willie John Mc Bride - the great Irish Rugby International and thoroughly enjoyed it. There must surely be books you enjoyed too. I have introduced this as a subject for consideration. It seems that live
  15. Having read this thread, all I can say is - surely if you can't think of something good to say about a team, then say nothing. If a team has been completely out played then say it and leave it at that. As for rubbishing a keeper or any other player - let's face it, we all know (or knew in my case) when we've had a bad game, you don't need to be told for goodness sake, especially on a public forum. Leeds and a few others - take note.
  16. Well - it's still a good result for Callington.
  17. I can't see why people couldn't play golf. Surely there's no risk there and it's easy to keep the social distance rule.
  18. Oh - Isaac has his opinions as we all have. He certainly isn't uneducated and his heart is in the right place. Gets a little passionate at times 😊. My concern is, that he is/was a lecturer at University or College and, I have fears as to what of his politics, he may pass on to students. I'm glad you are well Rodney. May God bless you sir.
  19. Hope you've got a lot of ball boys lined up 😀.
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