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  1. Is there not a directory holding info on these clubs ? Good points made le boss.
  2. Observant Money Man - but unnecessary. The man is excited and looking forward to next season and that's good surely.
  3. I have to say, I wonder how much of it is true ?
  4. Published where WB. I've just been on the SWPL web site and there isn't a fixture list yet ?
  5. That's a bit hard Zac. There must be people there that are as saddened and frustrated as the next man, about what has been happening. Best wishes to the club for next and the coming seasons.
  6. Bodmin Town will come good again I'm sure. Gilbert may offend us (well some of us) with his language, but, the man knows a good player when he sees one and the correct blend will bring results in the end.
  7. Best wishes indeed. What's Phil Lafferty doing now - is he back in management ?
  8. Surprising and sad really. Bodmin and St Austell, both crowd pullers and hitherto both good footballing sides. Whatever has been said about Gilbert, the man knows a good player when he sees one and has had the right blend in the past. I'm sure Bodmin Town will rise again and St Austell too.
  9. I understand exactly what you are saying Paul and recognise that that is a problem. It gets back again to a lack of true desire to play the game with some players. Do these guys really want to play league football.
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