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  1. I believe that Sir Trevor Brooking has a real heart for and concern about grass root football. Perhaps a letter, along with an invitation to the Duchy from the CCFA , may bring a sympathetic response from him and, who knows . . . it may be worth a try.
  2. We watch football at all levels, via TV or by simply going to watch the so called ''higher levels''. If they think that the level of football in Cornwall is poor, they need to open their eyes ! The Premier League is the yard stick of quality yes but - how many times have we asked ''how much do these players get paid'' ?? Week after week some of these ''higher level'' teams dish out tripe ! The main difference, in my opinion, is in the standard of fitness and the speed at which the game is played and, the quality of the passes is excellent generally speaking. However there are many very talented players at our ''level'' of the game. The standard of fitness varies a little, but generally - considering that they all have jobs to go to on Monday morning - and don't spend the week endlessly training - the standard of fitness is very good none the less. Poor standard/level of football in Cornwall - utter rubbish ! Rant over.
  3. I suppose some may have a holiday home in St Ives - more likely though in Provence.
  4. Correct. Adjust your sights so far as ambition goes. Cornwall is too far west and travel to away games will always cost you. Simply enjoy playing football at a level that is sustainable for all. Play for love of the game - the competition will always be hot because of all the local rivalry - thus comes the enjoyment and fulfillment. As Jeff said - if a player is really top quality, he/she can always apply for a trial at a professional club.
  5. I remember watching Jimmy Hill playing at No 9 for Fulham. A fantastic and classic header of the ball coming over from a corner. Scored many a goal from crosses. Must have been early 1960's (?).
  6. I remember Rodney Marsh - what a striker ! Welcome to the web site Just a fan. The banter is good and there's lots of interesting info etc., I recommend the Cornish Soccer Magazine too - a good read. If interested contact Dave Deacon.
  7. No - you tell em . Mmm - look at the league table .
  8. Banging drums and blowing trumpets has no place in football or cricket. Ok I'm old fashioned I know.
  9. Some great reports on this entire thread. Well done Darin Morse and the others.
  10. Yes I know BIG Al. I served as a police officer in London throughout the 1970 - 80's. I've given you the legal angle in answer to your original statement that you thought it unlawful to detain a person. Good night BIG AL - sleep well.
  11. You made a statement BIG AL - you said you 'understood it was against the law to detain a person'. I have told you that it is legal .. so long as an offence has been committed, and, that you were happy that it was so. You would have to have witnessed it and been willing to give that evidence to the police who hopefully will have been called (if you called them of course, or, another called them on your behalf). If you feel you would not be able to control yourself in these sort of circumstances - stay out of it.
  12. The fashion among some folk of calling everyone 'guys' irritates me too. Especially when two or more women are being addressed. You've never heard of a citizens arrest BIG AL ? Quite legal - as long as an offence has been committed. In this case - if the man laid hands on a player, that would constitute an assault. You also commit an offence simply by threatening anyone if, the person has good reason to believe you would carry out the threat. If a citizens arrest is made, the police should be called immediately or as soon as is possible.
  13. Feelings run high during a game at times, yes. That doesn't excuse this kind of behaviour Big AL. I think the club took the appropriate action and ejected the man. People with like feelings, should see that this conduct will not be allowed to go unpunished. Being ejected is a punishment of sorts. If the man were to return and have another go - if possible he should be detained and then the police should be called. The man could be charged with breach of the peace - or assault, or both if appropriate.
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