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  1. Rodney Beer might know CTB . . PM him perhaps ?
  2. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry baldy.
  3. You're right Dave .. a merry-go-round. We've heard/read a lot about the ambitions and aspirations but . . . . . ? Time will tell - as they say . . Rome wasn't built . . .etc,.
  4. Good luck with this - hope you succeed.
  5. I have to say that actually I'm enjoying watching the live matches played behind closed doors now. I prefer to watch it without the false crowd noises and singing, and find watching with just the commentator and the background noise of the coaches shouting etc, ok. It's just great to watch live football again !
  6. Thanks Dave. Well done too - despite lockdown etc, the magazine is full of interesting facts and figures, plus some historical memoirs and data. A good buy sir !
  7. Most of their Premier League will give you a good game.
  8. I think there should always be the offer to talk things through with someone. We should never give up hope.
  9. No one (in his right mind) wishes you were dead BIG AL. You are quite entitled to your opinions. I just wish you would think things through more before you press the send button. Stay safe BIG AL.
  10. Ah - thank you for that John. Thought I'd not heard of the nickname 'The Mariners' before. Getting old and . . . 🙂 I will delete the post.
  11. Correct. Four of my daughters all work the hours you mention, usually late into the evenings. Yes they are paid quite well but, that doesn't really compensate for all the hours of unpaid work they do. You could add to this the difficulties experienced teaching, or trying to teach, some teenagers these days but - that's another matter I know. Teaching is a dedication that's for sure.
  12. Always been concerned about you BIG Al and that hasn't changed. COVID 19 is a lethal virus. It doesn't discriminate between ages, anyone can get it and anyone can die of it. Many have survived it, thank The Lord, but many (too many) have died of it. Think about what you write BIG AL. Do the right things and STAY SAFE sir. Don't risk getting this virus and passing it on !
  13. It's ok Billy - I'm sure you don't. The majority have been hilarious.
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