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  1. What a way you have with words Elephant. I'm glad that not everyone in Devon has your attitude.
  2. You can have pots of money teflon, but, if you don't have the correct blend of player, they won't play well together. Judging players has all to do with it. A few seasons back, Real Madrid had a side full of so called super stars but the blend was wrong. They did not succeed as a side, which, on paper looked unbeatable. In practice it just didn't work out.
  3. That could be some pairing indeed. Great respect for both Laffs and Gilbert when it comes to knowing how the game should be played and judging good players. Hope they get on well together.
  4. Blimey - ''Sarri out'' must presumably be the next cry from Chelsea fans ?
  5. Turned up with only nine before now and both coach (Steve Curnow) and assistant coach played. Mercifully, the only named sub managed to get there at half time, straight from work and Steve Curnow was very pleased to be able to come off. A few seasons ago now I think it was at Troon - may be wrong.
  6. Sad to hear. So many detractors of Bodmin but - they always pulled in a good crowd and played good football. Not a Bodmin supporter myself but always enjoyed going there to see a match. Found the people always friendly. Never liked to hear Gilbert's foul mouthed ranting on the sideline but, his teams always gave value for money I thought . What next for Bodmin one wonders ? !
  7. Keith B

    West Cornwall fold

    This is sad to hear. Somehow the popularity of the game as it was when we were young has dwindled. Some schools don't teach the sport any more.
  8. Keith B

    Respect campaign

    Fortunately it's usually the loony few who cause the problems fenman. The ''few'' when measure against the majority of supporters, who do not join in the ugly scenes and who simply go to matches to enjoy the game of football that is. Most of these detest the antics of the few - as do I. Right again older. Father didn't tan me often - but when he did - you remembered it ! Job done he'd probably have said, rest his dear soul.
  9. That's an interesting question Martin. I agree with older - best to let it drop now. Should never have been aired on a public forum. Bruegel - that's not a bad idea really. When the dust settles, such a meeting could be beneficial to all concerned. However we won't hold our breaths. Come on lads - there's football to be played and we want to see St Just AFC rising up the table again !
  10. Ok, but then I've seen some great 0 -0 draws too.
  11. Sounds as though that could have been a cracker.
  12. Keith B

    Respect campaign

    Spot on older - as usual.
  13. Keith B

    Respect campaign

    I think you are probably right fenman however, as you also will appreciate, unless something is done / tried the situation will never change.
  14. Well said sir. Every good wish to Kevin and to Wendron FC and all involved.