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  1. Agreed - George is/was one of the best. As you say, a nice man too.
  2. Great motivator - great manager ! Many years ago, I was sitting in the stand behind the Directors Box at Upton Park watching West Ham v Liverpool (must have been early 70's). When Liverpool scored Shankly was out of his seat punching the air - some time later, West Ham scored and Ron Greenwood (Hammers manager) sat in his seat with a deadpan and expressionless face. Greenwood had put together a good team but, I think they had to rely on the likes of Billy Bonds, Pop Robson and Frank Lampard (Snr) to motivate the team. PS - not forgetting Trevor Brooking, Bobby Moore.
  3. A great opportunity for the right person. Great club.
  4. Oh dear fenman - are you feeling ok sir ? I know it's been a long lockdown but . . . . . ? Joking aside, I hope you are well and in fine fettle. We don't see many posts from you these days. Best wishes anyway to you and your family.
  5. Sad news indeed. 51 is no age these days. Do we know what he died of ?
  6. Those were the days older sir. Get away with most things then, even throw the odd punch. You'd get it back though. The refs saw it all as part of the game then I think 🙂.
  7. Makes me wish I was 40 years younger - I'd be there. Best wishes to Foxhole FC and to all concerned.
  8. Think you've posted on the wrong site Mark 🙂. Good comments though.
  9. Looks nice and level too. Blue sky, sunshine - yes please.
  10. Every good wish for a bumper crowd, great game and victory for you sir.
  11. The best team won on the day BigG. I'm surprised that Issac hasn't been on the forum regarding the result. As you say, well done Chelsea.
  12. Indeed it is RAPPO. Considering the topsy turvy season and covid etc, a great compilation of information and interest. Well done Dave Deacon - once again !
  13. Well it's very sad that this has happened to a great club. However, until we know what was behind it all - it's best to avoid theories and supposition etc, that's the way rumours start and false news abounds. Let's remember all the good history of Callington Football Club - men and women's teams.
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