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  1. No one is saying we must have silence at matches. It's the verbal abuse and intimidation of the officials that must be stopped. They do a difficult job very well most of the time. They need credit for the job they do, not abuse. Try it and see how you would like being sworn at by these foul mouthed individuals.
  2. Don't know how old you are BIG Al but - at times you seem to be getting more childish. What a pathetic attitude. Shouting at people can get you into deep water. Mind you don't shout at the wrong person chum ! I've seen some of the results of that.
  3. Heck of a long trek for Dorchester and for Truro going back to their place. Going to be an expensive season travel wise for all.
  4. I guess things may even themselves out over the season but, these early results suggest that the new league structures will make for very unbalanced leagues.
  5. Well said older. Not all decisions are correct - but most are I think.
  6. I can't argue with that Darren. I know nothing about it, only what Isaac has stated above.
  7. Having spoken to someone very close to the club, whilst I was a Committee member - who I do not intend to name - I believe that most of the detail Rodney speaks about here is true. Rodney (Isaac) has done so much over the years to keep St Just AFC afloat. They owe him a great deal and much thanks.
  8. Good question. When I was on the Committee, which was about 6 seasons ago now, there was certainly not enough money to pay players. There being no gate kiosk , I carried the hat (actually a beer mug) around at half time. Sometimes we just about covered the referees fee. Yes, the bar taking was always pretty good and some supporters were very generous when paying their gate money. That said, some who turned up to watch wouldn't pay and even tried dodging me when they saw me coming. All in all, I can not believe we payed players then. Most of the lads as Isaac said above, played purely for love of the game - Jon Bird, Stu Nicholls, Neil and Andrew Curnow, Tim George and Callum, Jack Willis and Ashley Ellis, played for the love of it and were proud to play for their home town team. Until a kind local supporter bought a mini bus to travel to away games, the lads bundled into any vehicle going to the match or drove their own cars. Money was scarce - if players were paid, it would surely have shown up on the accounts sheet at the AGM or Committee meetings. What happened before I was on the Committee I don't know, but I can't believe players were being paid.
  9. I'm thinking of how it's applied in rugby union Clubman and I thought of it being applied in roughly the same way. Fully involved in football ? ? ? Been involved as a supporter for over 50 years - doesn't that count then ?
  10. I'm sure most players play for love of the game. The problem comes when money is offered and, if you are working in Cornwall, or the South West generally come to that, the salaries paid are very poor when compared to the rest of the country. That's when a family man finds his loyalty strained - and that's understandable.
  11. This is the heart and soul of amateur football. Playing for pure love of the game and the competition therein. Well done Milbrook FC and all involved with them - and best wishes.
  12. Thank you sir. Oh dear so you won't be sin binned for a hitherto bookable offence.
  13. Are you saying that the sin bin is just for dissent then ? I don't think so - but stand to be corrected - perhaps by a referee.
  14. Thanks Rodney. Joe Sturgeon, if my memory is correct (dodgy thing these days) Joe was a good player with St Buryan when I was serving on the Tinners Committee ? May be a different Joe ? I'm sure Steve wouldn't do that.
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