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  1. Spot on. We can live without many of our organs but . . . if the heart stops . . . Caleb's too young. Never met you but, every good wish Caleb, take care of yourself. The hospitals can and do wonderful things these days. I had a triple heart bypass three years ago at the age of 72 and thanks to the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro and Plymouth's Derriford Hospital I'm alive and kicking still at 75. (not kicking footballs though ) Again, every good wish sir.
  2. Keith B

    Players tape

    Are Cornwall Farmers still going - I thought they'd closed down ?
  3. Very good report Mattelot - thank you and well done sir.
  4. Oh - well in that case they will think they've come to Anfield or Old Traford when they get to Lafrowda Park then.
  5. St Just v St Austell - a shock for whom RAPPO ? First shock for St Austell will be the changing rooms. Bodmin visited in the cup a few seasons back - beat us late in the second half. That was a hard game - Bodmin won't want to visit Lafrowda Park again in a hurry.
  6. Keith B

    Neil Curnow

    Neil's skill on the ball and his zeal for the game could have seen him playing at a much higher level but for his loyalty to his Dad Steve and to St Just FC. Hard opponent on the field and a very nice guy off it.
  7. Agree with you in part older - but they have become a pest in some tourist/holiday hotspots. Shouldn't feed them sir, they can survive without us - their vast numbers in places proves that. The Gannets now, they are the true fishers, along with shags etc,.
  8. Shite hawks - should be culled. Can't eat your fish and chips outside any more !
  9. You're right Rodney - spot on. Nice comment on the Curnows too.
  10. Keith B

    Bude Ladies v Feniton

    That must have been some game - what was the result ?
  11. Not being able to raise a side this early in the season is a worry. The cricket season has finished, so that can't be an excuse. I fear that what older has said in the past may be true and that lads these days are not that interested any more. In our day it was different older - we loved the game and would play anywhere, any time, for the shear enjoyment of it. Sad that that love for the game seems to be lacking these days, if that is the reason.
  12. Keith B


    Back to school Bruegel .
  13. St Just 0 - Falmouth Town Res 2 Is there to be no match report on this - I believe the Tinners 2000th match ? I was unable to get to the game sadly.