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  1. The attitude you show in your choice of words shows a total lack of respect. This, along with seeming veiled threats in another post, suggests to me that it's you who should be careful what you write sir. This is a public forum and as such, is subject to the laws of this country.
  2. Keith B


    Yes and add to that, trying to put the same team out twice ! Headache for managers.
  3. Keith B


    It must be a headache sorting out the fixture list as We Two say. Whilst you can't please every body, all the time, it does seem strange that any team should have only three home fixtures between New Year and the end of the season. I confess I don't know what method or system is used to arrange fixtures - are they just drawn out of the proverbial hat ?
  4. Correct. We are talking about the Cornwall Combination League here for goodness sake. When there are still teams in the Cornwall Premier League that don't comply with all the regulations, and I could name a few, why hound the lower divisions ?! If the higher divisions can't afford to carry out the required work, how can it be expected that the lower division clubs will cope with it. At the end of the day, if it's a question of health and safety issues, that has to be for the clubs to sort out themselves via their ground and third party/public insurance cover. Why make the lower division clubs suffer before a ball is kicked. If they are not careful they will force clubs in the lower divisions to fold up.
  5. Keith B

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Very helpful stevie .
  6. Keith B

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Ah - perhaps it's because, as one of the big clubs in as far as revenue generators go, like Man U - Liverpool - Man C - Arsenal - Chelsea, they get this preferential treatment you allege then. Not sure where you get the substance for your last paragraph but hey - like the others named, they pull in the crowds. As the new White Hart Lane is unfinished - where would you have them play then ?
  7. Keith B

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Please explain sir ?
  8. Well all I can say looking at the teams in that league is, the traveling to away games is very expensive and of course, time consuming. Best wishes to Truro for the season.
  9. I think this was a poor decision all round. Doubtless the club had their reasons, but I can't help feeling that they should have stayed in Cornwall. Surely the ground at Bodmin could have been upgraded or Newquay, both are decent enough grounds with good facilities.
  10. I agree older. Why couldn't they upgrade Priory Park if necessary and play there, or Newquay as you say.
  11. Keith B

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    Our newspaper said the problem was with the fire escape arrangements and ground clearance ?
  12. Keith B

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    Very true stevie. Best wishes to him anyway and Arsenal.
  13. Keith B

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    Well stevie - Emery has got a lot of work to do. The defence was a shambles - City should have scored more, yes and that's their problem I know. The Gunners looked better later in the game, but were still wide open at the back.
  14. Too many zeros and comma in the wrong place I think ?
  15. Keith B

    Hodgey resigns!

    Can't argue with that CTB. At the end of the day wages/salaries in the South West, are generally poor when compared with the rest of the country.