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  1. I think it goes on everywhere at times - does it really matter ? Mind you, 8 first team players is a bit much. I suppose the first team didn't have a match but hey - 8 that's a bit rich.
  2. Father bought a TV a week or so before the Queen's coronation. We had a day off school to watch that (can't remember if it was a Bank Holiday). About a year after that we had our first telephone. I remember dad making his first phone call - to mum's sister, just so she could ring us back to prove it was all working ! Ha ha. My word what advances we've seen since those days. Yes Darin and we were much fitter in those days, far more so than the kids are today. We walked everywhere as kids, and only went by bus if we were with mum and dad. Had my first bike at age 8 and got and rode a bigger one as a teenager, and rode that to my first job. Twelve miles to work on a building site and twelve back of course, in all weather. In my late teens, my first serious girlfriend lived twelve miles in the opposite direction from my home and, if I missed the last bus home (around 11pm) I walked and ran home - you know Indian fashion - walk a hundred, run a hundred. Blimey I was fit in those days. Not like now - I can drive my car in a strait line - but I can't walk one.
  3. I doubt that those days will ever return older. Some today might say that they were part of the '''bad old days''' but no, they were the good old days - days when most of what was done was very good. There was little to distract then, parents brought their children up to respect the law and to take a pride in ones self. To better yourself and to be good neighbours.
  4. Jumpers for goal posts that takes me back. 20 aside blimey, half the time we barely had eleven. Played many games with eight or nine - but thoroughly enjoyed every minute and went home filthy dirty - ha ha !
  5. You're spot on as usual older. It seems no body must be offended these days - which means that certain individuals can be offensive to decent society - by what they are, or the way they live but - we must not say so for fear of upsetting them. And of course moral values are not to be talked about - if you do, some individuals will quickly say - but what right have you got to try and force your values on others ? Sad times. Back to the football. Team games are healthy in my book - but then, some body will say we must not have such competitions because of the mental damage caused to a losing team or person. Utter tripe in my book. We were taught to be good losers and, to use that defeat to make you a better player/team next time.
  6. Probably break all records older. Agree with you - as a lad I had his picture on my bedroom wall. One of the true greats.
  7. I suppose ''bitching'' is all part of any forum, but it does get a bit much at times.
  8. St Just 5 - Perranwell 2 That's better Tinners, turned the corner now. Great win. Another hat trick for Jack Willis - wow well done Jack, well done St Just.
  9. Yes, but well said anyway sir.
  10. Agree Mark. Nice tribute to Steve too.
  11. Hope you're wrong older - but fear you may be right. Sad times Chris. You/we, are a breed not to be repeated it seems. It's been good whilst it has lasted though - lots of great memories. Best wishes.
  12. The answer to that one will be interesting Dave. Presumably players were keen when they registered but, what happened then, why didn't they play, or where did they go ? True - and sad also. Not sure what the answer is. Is it that those still coming week after week, just don't want to take on the responsibility ? Lack of any real club loyalty ie, happy to keep coming along, so long as others do all the behind the scenes work. Or something else ?? Interesting - but worrying too.
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