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  1. True Darren and that's another issue that they need to look at - properly promoting women's football.
  2. 1913 - perhaps players had been called up, or volunteered for National Service ie, ''Your Country Needs You !'' ?
  3. I never met you Duncan - but I wish I had. Rest in peace sir.
  4. Very true sir. I think I'm right in saying, that Arsenal are the only team never to have been relegated from the top league - that is Premier or the old Division 1 ?
  5. Something needs to be done by the governing body. This was a case of lambs to the slaughter. England women all professionals and Latvia made up of one or two semi pros and the rest of their players from, where-ever. Not a fair contest. This was a World Cup qualifier yes but, Latvia spent the entire match in their own half and most of that in their own penalty area. Well done to them, they defended as best they could and never gave up, but a total mismatch in terms of skills and pure football quality. It has to be said that England squandered many chances too, with players wanting to get in on the goal fest. The Latvian goalkeeper saved a penalty too, well done her. Once again, sadly, not a great refereeing display. Where do they get the officials for these European games ?!
  6. Aye you have to be rich to buy a property in the New Forest. You always did actually, but worse than ever now. We lived on the eastern edge of Bournemouth, adjacent to the River Stour in those days - it was very nice but the New Forest is something special, that's why it's a National Park of course.
  7. Whilst you and I might not tell the outsider anything Town Man - you know how it is with some folk - it would depend on how much cash was on offer, sadly.
  8. Thank you for that. Yes a beautiful part of the country and unique in many ways. Wish I could afford a house there, but, you'd need the odd million or so now.
  9. Yes, you have to wonder how long the owners will give Solskjaer. Since he took over and maybe even before that, United have continued to slide. It must break Sir Alex's heart to watch them now. A good job for the right person, that's for sure.
  10. I believe they still are Monsoon - at least they were when I last visited about three years ago.
  11. Long trip home when you've had a hammering billy. Beautiful village Brockenhurst in the New Forest. I know it well and for two years I drove through Brockenhurst every day, travelling to Fawley Oil Refinery near Southampton where the company I worked for, were installing new plumbing and fire mains. Journey there and back home was very memorable, as were the hot fresh crusty cheese rolls on the way to work.
  12. Keith B

    Goal scorer

    Wouldn't mind betting RAPPO has ?
  13. Player withdrawn to even things up - happens in men's rugby We Two and, I've even seen a player swap teams during a game, especially where weight is a factor (for player safety). Happened a few weeks back at Okehampton in a Colts game.
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