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  1. Keith B


    Correct Darren.
  2. Keith B


    Another one is ''there'' instead of their older. But hey, none of use are perfect are we. Just a case of some folk listening to teacher better than others did. Mind you, if some folk read more and I don't mean comics, it would help.
  3. Keith B

    11/11/18 results

    Thanks for this RAPPO, you obviously know the guy and I don't. Maybe I'll meet him one day. Thanks again.
  4. Keith B

    11/11/18 results

    Mmm - nothing wrong indeed in taking pleasure in your clubs achievements. I guess we all differ when it comes to views on humour. God has no side with the Devil.
  5. Keith B

    11/11/18 results

    What a lot of tripe - who is this twit ?
  6. Oh dear - and the rest ?
  7. Where are the results of women's football in Cornwall and the rest of the South West ?
  8. I thought one of the pylons had been blown over Dave. It's mighty dark here right now - come 3.30pm it could be darker still. Just a thought.
  9. If the floodlights at Launceston haven't been sorted - and this dark rainy day doesn't brighten up, I cant see their match against Dobwalls going ahead.
  10. A few seasons back the Tinner's keeper, then Andrew Curnow, kicked the ball out of hand up field over the halfway line and the wind carried the ball right back for him to catch again without moving.
  11. Yep and time can play tricks with your memory. Back in 1967/8 - I met a friend whilst in the Merchant Navy and our ship, the liner ss Oronsay, was in Los Angeles. She and I, along with another friend of hers, went on a day trip in her car and it broke down on a freeway about 60 miles out of LA. A Highway Patrol car soon arrived. The police officer couldn't do anything for the car so we left it there with a flashing police light front and rear, whilst the officer took us to a filling station to enable us to arrange for the car to be picked up and, for a cab to take me back to my ship. Exactly when this took place date wise, became the subject of debate between me and my friend recently whilst on the telephone, she living permanently in LA. I stated when this had occurred and she said I was wrong. I asserted that I was right and - she emailed me a photograph from her friends collection, taken on the day of me and my friend and there in the corner of the photo was the exact date and time the picture was taken. I was prepared to swear on my life that I was right and my friend wrong - egg all over the face as they say !! Time can play tricks on the memory. Sorry if I've just bored you to tears
  12. Nowt wrong with nostalgia anyway. Get to our age and there's plenty to remember aye older .
  13. Often a breeze too, which helps dry out the pitch. Maybe a sticky surface but the game should be on.
  14. St Just v Hayle should go ahead. Not many games postponed at Lafrowda Park.