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  1. Top man and " The Fat Referee " Dj. Meant Alan Keast.
  2. And people still can't understand why there's a shortage of referres. "Means Well"?
  3. Met Dave on many occasions and didn't realise it had been that long since his passing. One of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet. Have officiated at many of his memorial tournaments and felt honoured to be asked. Dave epitomised what football should be about, it's a great shame that a lot of today's players and management do not appreciate how great a game football is when played in the right spirit !!.
  4. I was referring to the fact that the taxman keeps an eye on this type of forum, as some clubs locally have found out to their cost 💯
  5. See tonight's peninsula league forum. Torpoint cancelled at Newquay tonight. Good luck for a double header on Saturday especially with the traffic.
  6. They have taken it upon themselves to appoint referees of "the appropriate level" to PSFs and to "cap fees" for all sanctioned friendlies to limit financial damage to clubs due to covid. Gone are the days when your local referees got the chance to be involved in prestige PSFs. Great retention strategy.
  7. Seems like the carrier pigeon has got lost. Noticeable lack of information from Combination League as to outcome.
  8. By post? What's wrong with an open AGM with social distancing or Zoom/MS Teams with secure access? Only gives Isaac more reason to moan if there is no open discussion about important matters. It ain't rocket science!
  9. His heart might be in the right place, it's just the other bits that don't coordinate.
  10. Am I getting confused. I thought that the boycott was aimed at reducing abuse in the game whether it be against participants,match officials or club officials. Why bring racism into your post? Are you saying racism is rife in Cornwall?
  11. Note. Spectators not permitted on college property.
  12. Lots of very interesting comments on this thread, one of the obvious ones is missing. "What if not enough referees wish to restart whilst there are still restrictions on the use of changing rooms and showers?"
  13. What are the Covid protocols for Combination League, if a Boxing Day game was postponed for Covid issues relating to one team would their next match (02/01/2021) be within the isolation period? Would players who showed symptoms need a negative test to allow participation?
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