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  1. You answer your own question, the person who scored the header did not receivethe ball directly from the corner but from a second phase of play. Offside under the current interpretation of the law was the correct decision.
  2. This was posted in November originally concerning a Trelawny League game. Someone has seen fit to quote it on St Piran forum.
  3. If that was The most westerly pitch when an experienced referree called the game off at 4 pm on Friday because there was no way it would have been playable and the home teams manager whinged to County FA who agreed to a second inspection next day. Guess what, the second inspection confirmed the pitch wasn't playable. Nice to see County FA knowing better than the person on the spot. 😀
  4. Playing up to 20 per side on Marazion Folly Field as a kid nearly every day and the game wasn't finished until it got too dark. You don't see youngsters doing that these days, straight home from school or college and on to their PS4. Remember being told to hit a ball against a wall and use both feet to keep the momentum going. Too much tactical coaching these days, bring back getting youngsters to enjoy playing. Rant over.
  5. I know a few that wouldn't with his reputation 😈😆
  6. Glen was a mean darts player in his day. AKA Beaker. Could handle a beer or seven at the Wreckers. 😆😂
  7. Ring me on 07990813876, my game is off. Grant.


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