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  1. " that clown Tomachevki' according to the late great Brian Clough.
  2. A last minute reminder that the funeral of W C Pearce, known to all of us oldies as Bill Pearce an outstanding referee and ambassador for cornish football takes place tomorrow 04/09/19 at Ludgvan Church 13.30. Hope to see a good turnout for the only person to have referred 2 Senior Cup finals.
  3. Glen was a mean darts player in his day. AKA Beaker. Could handle a beer or seven at the Wreckers. 😆😂
  4. Wait and see what the referree reports. Maybe he did the right thing to prevent further problems.
  5. Maybe your attitude is why the Seagulls are despised locally.
  6. 6 times, maybe it is time for "kids" to step up to the mark and put the same effort into local football that us oldies still do.
  7. Never knew you were a closet Newcastle fan Dave 😊
  8. Does that mean that Mr Gilbert will take the blame for Bodmins poor start. Not in Leeds mind 😂😉
  9. The Merlin centre is a Charity. Football clubs are not. People will pull out the stops for good causes but not to see their hard earned contributions spent on over rated prima donnas for 90 minutes once a week. I support a lot of charities and local football in my area, but I draw the line at helping to line someone else's pocket.
  10. Did you take up the hospitality after the game or not enough fag ash? 😂
  11. Yes the sin bin is only for dissent. If you were fully involved with football you would know that. Another person who knows better than the briefed match officials.
  12. Ring me on 07990813876, my game is off. Grant.


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