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  1. A friend of mine is in hospital cause he sat on a hoover. I spoke to the doctor who assured me he's picking up well
  2. 2 lads were arrested today. 1 for eating batteries the other for eating fireworks 1 was charged the other was let off
  3. The rain will be a huge factor to cancel the games tomorrow anyway
  4. Alan and Andy are both very similar on the line both with complete and utter honesty and would give everything correct in a game of football and without linesman most of who I presume do not get anything for doing a thankless job that no one wants to do, we wouldn't have the game we all love on a saturday afternoon.
  5. Rules are rules I'm afraid. If you handball it as a keeper outside the box it's a yellow card..
  6. Andy was a very fair linesman today. Keeper 2 moments of madness including kicking the ball half way into Falmouth over the fence (accidentally I know) best of luck to perranwell for rest of the season. No way a bottom of the league side deserve to be further up the league.
  7. Penryn 4-0 perranwell Ryan reeve 2 Harry Roberts 1 and Jake Shaw 1 Well refereed by Jon Green fantastic ref and a special honesty to the perranwell linesman today who despite the grief he was getting from his own players, done a very honest job.
  8. Tired are ya dobbie hahah all down to personal opinions buddy and I just didn't agree with bringing in 5 1st team lads. 3 ex Bideford lads
  9. Shocking sounds about right mind. Kev a great referee.
  10. No mate the keeper got sin binned and Harry got the red.
  11. Also Tom only manager got sent for penryn no other player. 9 out of 9 arrys army
  12. Well penryn are trying to get hold of mullion but no luck as of yet to change to 7pm maybe someone from mullion can see this and message me so we can sort it
  13. Luke Shaw hasn't signed on loan for penryn. It is jake Shaw who plays and is a very talented player
  14. Well I don't understand how as an email was sent around asking teams to send in a report for the fella to put in the independent. Maybe a mistake or maybe no team could be arsed. Either way I feel it would be good to get back how it used to be and read about the local leagues again.
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