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  1. Penryn athletic are seeking a referee for this coming Saturday for our trelawny league fixture vs mousehole reserves. Looking at a 230 kick off. Anyone who is willing to assist get in contact with myself as a dm or can leave a number and i will get back to you
  2. St ives 1-3 penryn. Shaw, og and Williams with the goals. When is the draw for the next round?
  3. Themanhimself


    Rappo is a great player and a great guy Always has a smile on his face. Always enjoyed watching him at Penryn when i was a kid #legend
  4. Themanhimself

    Jordan Annear signs for Parkway

    Jordan is a brilliant striker and will be a huge asset to Parkway. Falmouth will be gutted to lose him but I’m sure will go out and find someone to fill his boots. The lad lorenz from liskeard banging in the goals. Or even constantines own Liam prynn????
  5. Themanhimself

    3G Falmouth School pitch officially opened

    No one cares about your opinion Alan
  6. Themanhimself

    The FA ruining non league football

    So much gets drilled into players at such a young age. To much pressure put on them. Parents are the worse. Also youngesters in all sports gets their hopes up by coaches telling them they can go far. When they find out they aren’t good enough, players give up so clubs in all sports struggle for solids sides each season so struggle behind the scenes to keep going
  7. Game off tonight unfortunately due to waterlogged pitch and horrendous weather warning for rain and wind forecast during the game.
  8. He wants everyone and anyone to play into his stupid games. He is a keyboard helmet who has fun talking rubbish. he will get bored eventually
  9. Themanhimself

    Bodmin 0 Falmouth 1

    Yeah but your opinion comes across aggressive and is way of the mark with exactly what you attempt to say
  10. Themanhimself

    Bodmin 0 Falmouth 1

    Hobbs a very dangerous threat on the pitch Bowker, just as well have leedsunited on the pitch who would of done a much better job
  11. Themanhimself

    Bodmin 0 Falmouth 1

    Big Al where were you pal. Both myself and older was waiting with a nice cuppa and a bacon sarnie by the tea hut. No show????
  12. Themanhimself

    Bodmin vs Falmouth

    I will buy you it shock or no the offer is there
  13. Themanhimself

    Bodmin vs Falmouth

    I will buy you a nice cuppa tea after your long day at work alan
  14. Lets all point and laugh at leeedsunited.....???????????