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  1. Just give it up Andy mate. Result didn't go your way tonight. Hey ho but no one would call you a c u next Tuesday (work it out). But it still isn't OK to swear back. If ref heard it then you haven't really got a leg to stand on pal best luck rest of the season thanks for coming in after the game
  2. Can I please ask why Justin searle goals. Scored against West cornwall havent been taken off but nearly everyone else's goals have
  3. I know Tom and he would not intentionally injure anyone what so ever. Wish the lad all the best
  4. Heard the referee walked off the pitch at bickland Park tonight as he had enough..... Bring on the debate.
  5. Yeah div 2 has 7 teams in and div 1 5(it was 6 but one side pulled out).
  6. Most of the games have been played now. Only an occasional few but some are playing friendlies. County Cup semi final yesterday Penryn 2-4 bude St Agnes 1sts 2-2 Plymouth argyle Dev
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