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  1. Yeah so because ctb puts In West Cornwall goals In the top goalscorer, Jack Willis wins it from St just But as the official one is from the FT website, Penryns Ryan reeve should be the golden Boot winner
  2. Congratulations to Ryan reeve for winning the golden Boot in the combo with a staggering 43 goals
  3. Names for the new side mousezance, penhole or even mousepen......
  4. Kevin in that case I will retract my last comment as I know your an honest man.
  5. Wow bring on John roberts United comments. If you don't buy a ticket you won't win the raffle but In this case.........
  6. Finished Penryn 2-2 holmans after extra time Penryn won 5-4 on penalties
  7. It says that penryns game at culdrose Thursday is a 645 ko. Can anyone from culdrose confirm this please
  8. Penwith played penzance keeper Micky Flores. He wasn't even on the teamsheet......
  9. Teams put it up first Alan so why shouldn't Falmouth do it. I believe St austell put it up to £6 sooooo.......
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