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  1. Themanhimself

    Trelawny League - Saturday Feb 16 2019

    Yes they have got a side together for todays fixture
  2. Themanhimself

    WCP Cup semi final draw

    I heard big al didn't go school because he didn't wanna pay the petrol money because it was too expensive.
  3. Knows nothing about Falmouth town. Nothing about Facebook ouch come on Alan get with the times pal!!
  4. Themanhimself

    Trelawny League - Saturday Feb 9 2019

    Penryn vs illogan OFF
  5. Unless I'm wrong, looking at the top goal scorer list, some players have had their goals removed from the west cornwall game, and some have kept the goals. Can someone shine a light on why this is or isn't the case please
  6. Correct harry penryn did get the 3 points and awarded a 0-0 win.
  7. Sad news another one bites the dust. What will happen to the goals scored against west cornwall and the points teams won against them. Will teams lose that then?
  8. Just noticed west cornwall have had all fixtures postponed for rest of the season. Have they pulled out or something? Sad news if they have
  9. Get well soon Kevin from everyone at Penryn afc
  10. The legend of the cornwall football forum ladies and gentlemen Mr Isaac Rosenberg
  11. A great game to watch. St austell very disappointing to be honest. Weakest link number 6 in middle for snozzle. Credit to Falmouth played exceptionally well and looked solid.
  12. Themanhimself

    TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday January 19 2019

    Need a big wagon keep me going mate
  13. Themanhimself

    TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday January 19 2019

    This is getting boring now. Nothing wrong with four lanes just a tough junior football team. Roll on this Saturday when another piece of 'controversy' happens and the forum will be full of dull pointless comments from people jumping on the band wagon. Dilly dilly
  14. Isaac best comment ever 'Glad to see the Rynners take out John Roberts'
  15. Themanhimself

    SWPL - Saturday 19 January 2019

    I've watched bodmin a couple of times this season and unfortunately a poor side. Money isn't everything now a days.