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  1. Alan and Andy are both very similar on the line both with complete and utter honesty and would give everything correct in a game of football and without linesman most of who I presume do not get anything for doing a thankless job that no one wants to do, we wouldn't have the game we all love on a saturday afternoon.
  2. If Mousehole lost yesterday Jake Ash was going to get sacked was the rumour I've recently heard. A real shame for Jake if true.
  3. Rules are rules I'm afraid. If you handball it as a keeper outside the box it's a yellow card..
  4. Andy was a very fair linesman today. Keeper 2 moments of madness including kicking the ball half way into Falmouth over the fence (accidentally I know) best of luck to perranwell for rest of the season. No way a bottom of the league side deserve to be further up the league.
  5. Penryn 4-0 perranwell Ryan reeve 2 Harry Roberts 1 and Jake Shaw 1 Well refereed by Jon Green fantastic ref and a special honesty to the perranwell linesman today who despite the grief he was getting from his own players, done a very honest job.
  6. As far as I'm aware I maybe wrong but it must be on the astro pitch. Falmouth sports HUB
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