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  1. According to the combo forms, I don’t think mawnan are on there to vote. Mousehole 3rds are
  2. Well done Paul for gatecrashing penryns congratulations post about them getting runners up
  3. Good luck to Steve and pottsey. 2 fantastic lads and great to see them in management. They will do well
  4. I would say they’ve just upgraded from communication via cup on a string
  5. The founder of Dulex paint was found frozen to death up the top of a mountain A police spokesman said ‘he could have done with another coat’
  6. A friend of mine is in hospital cause he sat on a hoover. I spoke to the doctor who assured me he's picking up well
  7. 2 lads were arrested today. 1 for eating batteries the other for eating fireworks 1 was charged the other was let off
  8. The rain will be a huge factor to cancel the games tomorrow anyway
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