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  1. Paul I shook Tony's hand at the end of the game and said Thank you for giving us the opportunity to play but he could not look me in the eye and said that he would not do it again. I also spoke with a couple of the Gunnislake lads and they said after today there is no way we will play away if there is not a proper ref. It just leaves a bitter taste because it was a good game between two good sides and we felt cheated. I hope we don't agree to play in these circumstances again I would rather watch than play another game like yesterday's. Hope you are well Paul and see you soon, somewhere. Cheers Bill.
  2. Mr Bristow was certainly familiar with the players,management and spectators of Gunnislake and he was very popular with them.
  3. Gunny 3 Losty 1 An entertaining game on my first ever visit to Butts Meadow. A game full of interest and controversy and closer than the scoreline suggests. Gunny went 1 up early on when referee Martin Bristow ignored our lino from the half way line and awarded a goal without even consulting said lino. Mr Bristow then awarded us a rather soft (making amends type) penalty 1-1. Before half time Gunny went 2-1 up when Mr Martin Bristow chose to ignore our lino again and award another goal from a long way away. Martin Bristow is not the fittest ref around and certainly struggles to keep up with play but steadfastly seemed to think he was better placed and or qualified to judge offside decisions. Gunny scored the only goal of an end to end second half and most of the spectators seemed to enjoy the game and speaking to my old mate Ian Southcott he thought it was a great advert for Duchy Football. I have some questions for any league officials or any ref's that may read my report. 1. Is Martin Bristow a qualified referee? 2. Where does Martin Bristow Live? 3. Are there any other ref's who would award a goal when an assistant is flagging for offside when the assistant is obviously better placed without speaking a single word to the assistant. Thank you and good night.
  4. A great team mate and an even better friend. Malc was old school and a TOP Man. Condolences to his family at this truly sad time.
  5. I always enjoyed playing there and the great banter with the locals. I hope Pelynt are back in business soon.
  6. No. The goalies are short there. Subtle difference. See you soon Al.
  7. Thanks SF we are really looking forward to going, shame about missing some games though.Hopefully the Cornish rain will soften the ground for us old timers.
  8. Al you nearly ran me and my boy over earlier in your sporty convertible, you looked well though. No mate we are heading to Bangcok, Chang Mai, Ko Samuii, Ko Phangnan and back to Bangcok. We love Thai food Al so will probably put on a stone. Hope to see you soon mate.
  9. Yes Mark I think I am. If there were forward's around now like Steve Tabb I might have to hang em up but hopefully after a family break in Thailand I will come back fit and raring to go. Do you ever see Tabby now, it would be reat to hear how he is. Cheers Mate. Bill.
  10. I was 3 Mike and not allowed in the pub, shame.
  11. Mike it is the same John Elliot, my dad played in that game and I was there as a very young boy.Mid Cornwall won the Junior cup again in the early seventies beating Truro Hendra at Treyew Road.Cheers Bill.
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