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  1. That is a shame JC but thanks for the update and see you soon matey.
  2. To be fair Paul is usually pretty good at keeping everyone informed. As soon as there is some news it will be shared.
  3. A lot of time consuming work goes into getting your pitch looking like that Mr Colenzo!!
  4. If life gives you Melons you may be Dyslexic!!!!!
  5. The most difficult job i ever had was selling Doors, door to door. It was slightly harder than selling hearing aids door to door!!! I also had a job as a set designer but i got sacked on my first day. I left without making a scene. My current boss has stated that he is going to sack the person with the worst posture in the firm. I have a hunch it maybe me!!
  6. My parents used to make me walk the plank every day when i was a kid. We couldn't afford a dog!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Dave was a lovely man and a super keeper. One of life's gentle giants and he will be sadly missed. Sincere condolences to his family.
  8. I have caught The new "Peak a Boo" Virus. They have put me in ICU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I went out with a blind girl once and on our first night in bed she said "You have an amazingly large penis" I said "You're pulling my leg"!!!
  10. Well said Chris and I hope everyone has a fun filled festive period and stays safe and we are all able to plat football again soon. I look forward to seeing some of you in 2021. Cheers Bill.
  11. I went to school with Slade front man Noddy Holder. He would often snack in class and in the 5th year approaching Christmas he was up to his old tricks. The Teacher spotted him and asked him "Holder what are you eating?" To which he replied "It's CRISPS MISS!!!!!"
  12. Losty 1 AFC Bodmin 2 A disappointing result and performance from us as our hard working opponents recovered from 1 down to deservedly win a tight match 2- 1. Bodmin's work rate and spirit won the day against a Losty side that showed little cohesion and not much thought or fight. We will need to improve for next weeks game against Lanivet.
  13. Well said XB St Breward 1 Losty 1 After falling behind before i had touched the ball we responded well and equalised soon after. The rest of the game was a good advert for Duchy League football with good football played by both sides and plenty of hard work and effort from all concerned. Thanks to ref Chris Nicholls and it was great to see my old mate Steve Kay in the club after the match. It was great to be back playing again and i look forward to seeing Wayne and his good young team in the return fixture at ours.
  14. Fenman, I went to the Doctors again today and he told me I am a hypochondriac. That hurt!!! People have been moaning about Christmas Presents being out too early in supermarkets but my Birthday is in December and they had Birthday Cakes in Asda in March!!! I accidentally swallowed a pot of invisible ink this morning. I am now in hospital waiting to be seen!!!
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