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  1. You have far too much time on your hands and like a true lefty you take everything as a personal attack and resort to name calling, but never mind I grew up in the real world with real people and learnt how to take things with a pinch of salt a long time ago....have a nice day 😂
  2. Unfortunately a PHD doesn’t account for common sense or your leftist biased views, or automatically mean your opinions are correct. As for being a Spurs fan it doesn’t make me a muppet, it does however mean I support my boyhood club which makes me an eternal optimist.
  3. Wow when did this football forum Become a political platform for uneducated leftist Biased propagander! Can we stick to discussing football and giving opinions On that topic, as for grassroots being suspended the FA has stated they will decide on what action to take once they have received the full details from the government. so in the interests of avoiding fake news headlines you may want to add a question mark to the headline.
  4. Premier Mawnan Smith 2 - 4 Fourlanes FC Great start to the season against a strong Mawnan side, a goalless first half with one talking point with Fourlanes being denies a stonewall penalty clearly inside the box but the ref gave a free kick outside. The game came to light in the second half with Mawnan getting an early goal 10 minutes in which spurred Fourlanes into action, Dani Claypitt scored a hat trick one being a penalty and Kyle Hocking chipped the on rushing keeper Making it 4-1 to complete Fourlanes comeback. Mawnan tried the best to reply with the likes of Luke Wort an
  5. Fourlanes FC newly promoted to the Premier Division have started pre-season training on Wednesday night at Clijah Croft, 6.30-7.30pm Looking to build on last season and would welcome new players that feel they could add to the squad and improve the team, we only have a first team this year so club will be focusing on them for what will be a very tough exciting season looking at the strength of the premier this year. Any players interested or want to chat about the club ring the Manager Spencer on 07764 567030 or just turn up to training.
  6. Fourlanes 1st team all looking for quality players to help strengthen their title challenge in the Championship, due to injuries we require defenders to help keep our push for the league. we are still in 2 cups and are aiming for a good run in both, if you think you can add to the current quality we have then please contact Spencer on 07764 567030.
  7. Fourlanes v Mullion Saturday 30th November looking for someone to ref tomorrow’s game, happy to have anyone who wants to give it a go and earn a few quid. contact Spencer on 07764567030
  8. Due to just being let down we require a ref tomorrow Saturday the 24th Fourlanes first v Falmouth 3rds in the championship to be played at Clijah. As we all know you don’t have to be qualified to do this, if anyone wants to earn a few quid please text/ring me on 07764567030 Spencer
  9. Have you sorted a game out this Saturday the 3rd, we at Fourlanes have been let down and could host?
  10. Fourlanes first team Due to another cancellation we are looking for a friendly this Saturday the 3rd of August we have a ref and pitch ready to go please contact Spencer on 07764567030
  11. Hi Tony We at Fourlanes have just been let down on Saturdays game, if your interested let me know Spencer 07764567030
  12. Fourlanes Fc require friendlies for Tuesday 23rd of July and Saturday 3rd of August can play both games at our place Clijah Croft, Redruth. Please contact Spencer on 07764567030 update: 23rd is now taken but we have been let down for the 27th, we have pitch and ref available also still have the 3rd of August.
  13. Fourlanes firsts playing in the Trelawny League Championship this season are looking for Friendlies on the following dates: Saturday 20/07 Tuesday 23/07 Saturday 27/07 Tuesday 30/07 Saturday 03/08 Can play home or away, any teams interested and refs that can officiate please contact Spencer Osborn on 07764 567030
  14. Nobody has approached Fourlanes to discuss a ref or stand in ref? I’m sure we would be fine to get the game played if a stand in ref was suggested, but as it stands the game has been cancelled without any discussion. I always thought you couldn’t postpone a game if no ref was appointed until 12 noon on the day of the match in case a red became available? Has the rules changed?
  15. Trevenson FC, we have a few players out injured and need to strengthen the team. Currently top of Premier and still in 3 cups, it's a long season and if last season is anything to go by a strong squad is required to keep competing. Any players that feel they can add to the team will be more than welcome
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